Best Shopify booking apps are necessary tool if you run a service-based business on Shopify. It saves you time and effort in managing customers coming into your store, as well as making the booking process easier for customers.

There are plenty of booking apps listed on Shopify app store and it is not easy to decide which app is best for your business. So, let’s check out this post to see if any of the 5 best Shopify booking apps in 2022 meet your needs.

Sesami: Appointment Booking

Sesami: Appointment Booking shopify booking app

Sesami is a booking app that allows you to sell appointments for your business and maximize revenue while also optimizing team efficiency. Your customers will have a more personalized experience, which will lead to positive feedback and repeat purchases. Besides, they can use this app to book their own appointments on your website and checkout directly on your website or through the Shopify POS.

This app can be used online or by your staff to assist customers in-store or at the office. As a result, the app offers a great deal of flexibility. Moreover, Sesami supports global time zones and multiple languages.

Highlight features

  • Offer an omnichannel booking solution including booking online or in-store (POS). 
  • Provide physical locations or virtual meeting links fully attached into confirmation emails, for tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, etc.
  • Allow to add team members & manage their calendar with ease
  • Easy to manage all your booking from one calendar view
  • Dedicated support for custom onboarding and setup
  • Integrate with Google Calendar, Calendar.íc file

Easy Appointment Booking

Easy Appointment Booking

If you are looking to grow your services quickly, Easy Appointment Booking might be the right fit. This Shopify App Challenge winner seamlessly integrates with your theme and has automatic email and text reminders for a great customer experience.

Their features give you peace of mind. With calendar integrations, custom fields, and self-service rescheduling, it has what you need to grow your services while saving you time.

Highlight features

  • Top notch customer service based on reviews
  • Google Calendar for syncing bookings, blocking personal appointments, and writing to team calendars
  • Automatic email and text reminders
  • Custom questions to capture customer information before they meet with you
  • Customer cancellation and rescheduling supported
  • Book Now button that markets your services on any page on your site

Tipo Appointment Booking

Tipo Appointment Booking

This powerful tool enables you to create a smooth booking experience in your store by using fast loading, and a beautiful design that will impress visitors. The app is very useful in a variety of settings, including educational settings, doctor surgeries, professional services, and more. 

Tipo Appointment Booking app allows for synchronization between your app and Google Calendar or Apple Calendar, ensuring that customers never miss an appointment they’ve scheduled. You can also keep track of all appointments, including the status, date/time, customer, employee, and location. There are numerous filtering options available.

Regardless of the color scheme used, your booking system can seamlessly integrate into the design of your website. At the same time, you can customize the font and background image to your liking.

Highlight features

  • Keep track appointments with detailed booking information such as status, date and time, customer, employee, and location with many filter options 
  • Sync with Google Calendar and Apple Calendar 
  • Customize the design of booking section that match your store
  • Automatically send out email notifications to customers and staffs


BookThatApp shopify booking app

This is a useful and versatile app that simplifies bookings for your customers. They can book your products, equipment, rooms, and other services from their desktop or mobile device. As a result, you don’t lose out on potential sales.

You can also make the availability of products/rooms/staff visible to your customers in real time. As a result, if someone is browsing your site and another customer takes the time, the option will be removed immediately for other customers, particularly those who are currently browsing. This prevents customers from becoming irritated when they discover their preferred time is no longer available halfway through the checkout process.

From the administration section, you can manage your bookings and keep track of what reservations have been made for the day, week, and month. This insightful information assist you in more precisely planning your staffing and supply requirements.

Highlight features

  • Features real-time availability by showing the dates and times so customers can book immediately 
  • User-friendly interface and mobile responsive, adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions
  • Easy to customize booking rules 
  • Automatically send emails and SMS notifications for every event schedule
  • Manage booking data effectively

Appointment Booking ‑ Appointo

Appointment Booking ‑ Appointo

Appointment Booking ‑ Appointo is a useful tool helping you save time, accelerate appointment sales, and improve service quality. With this app, you can manage booking data and customer information more effectively. Besides, it is also easy to customize booking rules, group appointments and sync to calendar automatically

If you want to export all your bookings in the form of CSV, this app also offers that feature. The language is automatically translated to the store language with 18 languages available. 

Highlight features

  • Integrate with Calendly, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Zoom
  • Send out automated emails reminder and notifications to your customers
  • Set up booking rules with many variables
  • Seamlessly connect with Outlook and Google Calendar
  • Free plan available
  • 24/7 customer support


Most of the booking apps above offer a free plan so you can try them to select the best one for your store. We hope that this post about 5 best Shopify booking apps in 2022 is helpful to you. If you have any questions, please contact us through live chat. We’ll respond to you as soon as possible! 


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