Shopping through a mobile app has become increasingly popular in recent years. In 2021, mobile accounted for 72.9 percent of total eCommerce sales worldwide. It proves how important it is to build a mobile-friendly app for your business and serve customers with the best-class shopping experience. 

Ready to see your online business go mobile? 

Here we will review the top 5 best Shopify mobile app builders which help you turn your store into a native Android & IOS mobile app at ease. Let’s take a deeper dive now and select the most suitable one for your eCommerce store. 

Why Should You Build A Mobile App For Your Shopify Store? 

The mobile app builder is a mobile development tool that enables you to build the mobile version of your store in the shortest period of time without any coding or tech-savviness.

It typically takes many weeks to finish the app development process including brainstorming, wireframing, designing, coding, testing, and so on. But now, a mobile app builder makes it easy for you to get your app ready. You just need to set up some important information about your app with pre-built and user-friendly features. 

Let’s check out more benefits that you can get from a mobile app. 

Improve shopping experience

With a mobile app, you can deliver a seamless shopping experience from browsing the mobile site, adding items to cart, checking out with online payment gateways. Almost every section of your website will be reflected on the mobile app at a smooth and responsive level. With one tap on the mobile app, customers can shop anytime and anywhere on their smartphones. 

Boost conversion and customer loyalty 

Mobile apps allow you to send out push notifications which is a good way to engage with your customers and boost sales. Sending push notifications also reminds your customers about their abandoned carts, prompting them to complete the purchase. Therefore, you can win sales back and maximize your revenue.

In addition, the push notification feature also keeps customers updated with special deals, discounts, and new arrivals in your store. Thereby, they will not miss out on any important information from your brand. 

By offering customers a smooth and convenient mobile shopping experience, you can win their hearts and motivate them to come back for their next purchases. It is a good way to cultivate customer loyalty and build a profitable relationship with them. 

Potential growth of mobile commerce 

The fact is customer buying behavior has dramatically changed under the impact of coronaviruses. People switch to shop online via their mobile phone or tablet device due to its convenience and effortlessness. According to Statista, mobile commerce sales are forecasted to reach out to more than 10% of all US retail sales by 2025. It means that to serve a large number of mobile shoppers which is more and more increasing, your brand should quickly adapt to the trend and release your mobile app. 

5 best Shopify mobile app builders for your business 

The mobile app builder is designed for non-technical users who don’t know about coding so all features are user-friendly and easy to use. You just need to go through some basic settings of the app such as the app type, name, description, logo and so on. If you want to change the layout, various design elements are also available for you to modify. 

Compared to hiring an expert to develop your mobile app, it is much more affordable to use the mobile app builder and save you a lot of money. If you don’t have many complicated requirements for customizing your app, a mobile app builder is really a method of choice. 

Below are the top 5 best Shopify mobile app builders that you can take into consideration.

AllFetch – Mobile App Builder 

native mobile app builder

Native Mobile App Builder is one of the most affordable apps compared to others. It lets you create your own mobile app for your existing online store in a simple and effective manner. You can effectively engage with your customers via unlimited push notifications. This feature keeps your customers updated with the latest news from your brand and increases the conversion rate significantly. 

The key competency of this app is app integration. Everything in your existing store will be automatically reflected on your mobile app. Besides, it is also easy to preview how your mobile app looks in real-time before launching. Rest assured that any changes from our website are also updated automatically on the mobile app. It creates a seamless shopping experience for your customers and makes your brand look professional. 

Highlight features:

  • Design mobile app without coding
  • Preview app before launching
  • Integrate with various Shopify apps
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Launch IOS and Android apps quickly
  • Automatically update with any changes you make on your website  
  • Livechat support

Pricing plan

  • Starter plan ($19.99/month), 14 days free trial

Tapcart ‑ Mobile App

tapcart - mobile app

Tapcart – Mobile App Builder is a good choice for anyone who would like to customize the mobile version with a simple drag & drop editor. With only a few clicks you can easily change the layout of store pages on your mobile app, no coding required. As you can sync your Shopify store’s backend to the mobile app, every section will be up to date in real-time. 

Like other mobile app builder tools, Tapcart allows you to create and schedule push notifications which is a great way to engage with customers and drive conversions. With push notifications, it is easy to notify your customers about new collections, sales, promo codes, back-in-stock items, and much more. Besides, you can also integrate with many Shopify apps without retooling your stack. 

Highlight features: 

  • Customize the layout with drag & drop editor
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Integrate with most Shopify plugins 
  • Sync with Shopify store’s backend
  • Customer support via live chat, phone, email 

Pricing plan: Tapcart core plan ($250/month), Tapcart ultimate, ($550/month), Tapcart enterprise ($1,200/month) 

Appmaker – Mobile App Builder


Appmaker is a Shopify mobile app builder that allows you to create beautiful native Android and iOS Shopify apps without having to know how to code. We offer cutting-edge features that will make your app stand out from the crowd.

Appmaker, like other mobile app builder tools, lets you generate and schedule push notifications, which is a wonderful method to keep customers engaged and increase conversions. It’s simple to update your store as Appmaker offers real-time synchronization with your eCommerce app with zero time delay. 

Highlight features

  • Engaging push notifications
  • Simple drag & drop editor
  • Real-time sync
  • Insightful app analytics

Pricing plan: Basic Plan: $99/month,Growth Plan: $249/month, Scale Plan: $999/month

Shopney ‑ Mobile App

shopney - mobile app

Shopney is a reliable mobile app builder that helps you turn your Shopify store into a mobile app with ease. It enables you to design the app with an easy-to-use drag & drop tool and select from various pre-built themes. Rich push notifications are helpful in boosting mobile sales and decreasing abandoned cart rates. Also, Shopney makes it easy for you to communicate with customers in real-time and convert sales with in-app messaging. 

Especially, the automatic inventory synchronization between your Shopify site and the mobile app ensures a smooth procedure. Various app integration are available including product reviews, advanced search, loyalty-reward programs, etc

Highlight features

  • User-friendly and easy to use control panel
  • Simple drag & drop editor
  • Theme options
  • Promote new products and discounts with push notifications
  • Create FOMO with flash sales and countdown timer
  • Integrate with various Shopify plugins

Pricing plan: Silver plan ($99/month), gold plan ($199/month), platinum plan ($499/month)

Taply – Mobile App Builder 


When it comes to mobile app builders, Taply is also considered a good tool that meets the basic requirements of a mobile app. Without coding needed, you can take it easy to set up and design your mobile app in your own way. Plus, it seamlessly syncs with your Shopify store to guarantee brand consistency in every sales channel.

To reduce the abandoned cart rate and re-targeting customers better, you should not ignore the push notifications feature. Not only customize but you can also automatically send notifications to your customers. 

Highlight features 

  • Easy to set up and customize
  • Sync seamlessly with your Shopify store 
  • Provide push notification & messaging feature
  • Offer mobile app templates available 
  • Easy to preview app 

Pricing plan: Free 


Building a mobile app may bring out lots of benefits for your Shopify store including boosting mobile sales, delivering a better shopping experience, getting more loyal customers and so on. With a Shopify mobile app builder, you can set up and launch your own mobile app at ease in the shortest period of time. Hardly an app can fit all businesses, just take your budget and requirements into account to select the most suitable choice. Hope that the top 5 best Shopify mobile app builders above are helpful to you.

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact us via live chat or send an email to [email protected] 

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