For many, the holiday season is a beneficial time, with sales rocketing thanks to seasonal buyers. However, when the hustle and bustle of peak shopping days are over, how can keep the momentum up? If you want to make the most out of this selling season, then it’s time to think beyond the holiday calendar and plan for the slower cycles. 

After all, seasonal shoppers come with very specific intent – to buy items at the best price for a very specific date or event. So, to keep them coming back and becoming your loyal customers, you need to have a customer retention plan ready. 

What is customer retention? 

Customer retention is the range of activities that a business uses to increase the number of repeat customers and maximize revenue from each existing customer. 

If you haven’t thought about customer retention before, you are not alone. Most businesses focus on acquiring new customers while only 18% focus on retaining customers. But when you crunch the below numbers, you may realize how customer retention is a lot more profitable than customer acquisition:

  • It costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. 
  • Current customers spend an average of 31% more than new customers. 
  • Increasing your retention rate by 5% can increase your profits by 25% to 95%. 

Convinced it’s time to start turning your holiday shoppers into loyal customers? Let’s drive in the next part below. 

5 customer retention ideas to create year-round customers

Rather than a way of increasing sales, a holiday customer retention strategy should be considered as a solution to capitalize on holiday customers and turn them into loyal fans of the brand. That way, it will keep the momentum up and let the holiday season be your launchpad for long-term growth. Ready to roll?

Do not stop your promotions too early

Although people may be in “save-mode” soon after the holidays – the end of a holiday season doesn’t signal the end of people’s buying mood. So, if you were offering a discount promotion during the festive season, you might want to keep it running even after Christmas as well. 

Post holiday sales

Many online stores make the mistake of immediately returning to normal prices as soon as the holiday season is gone, and they forget that consumers will always welcome a great bargain even after peak shopping days. 

However, to avoid overdoing promotions that may affect your bottom line, you don’t have to offer deals on bestseller items during the holiday season. Just reducing the price on slow-moving items can be a great way to appeal to post-holiday deal hunters while making room for new inventory. 

Run cross-sell and up-sell offers 

The easiest way to motivate customers to repeat purchases after holidays have come and gone is offering special offers. Don’t let January pass through with downgrading sales and traffic, you can bring them back into the store by irresistible bundle deals.

After the booming sales season, you will get an insightful purchase history database from your customers. Using this data you can identify the customer preferences to create smart and high conversion bundles in your store. 

The simplest way to get started is to combine your top-selling products together. Or else, you also can consider bundling popular products with high-margin products that don’t sell as well to move more inventory at higher profits. Let Product Bundle Volume Discount help you mix different bundles & discounts to get the perfect pack. 

With this app, you can create unlimited bundles with various discount rules like buy 1 get 1 free, set percentage off, fixed discount amount, or fixed total price. Easy to track sales performance generated from your bundles in the Analytics report. 

Engage customers with email marketing

Right after the holidays, you should have awesomeness just waiting for you. It‘s customers’ email addresses. Different from other forms of inbound marketing, email marketing gives you the power to contact directly to your customers and build long-term relationships. 

Customer retention email

Some people are going to forget that they purchased from you. While their memories of holiday purchases still remain, you can start sending emails that highlight new sales and discounts or promote items that make sense for customers based on their buying history. Don’t forget to make it look exciting and personalized with their names. 

Not only discounts or special offers, you can nurture loyalty and build long-term relationships with your customers by sending recurring newsletters. By this way, brand awareness will rise and it will be easier to win repeat purchases. 

Keep up on social media

23% of US Christmas shoppers rely on social media to help them select the right presents. They are not only influenced by famous bloggers but also by their friends and family. Use these connections to prolong your holiday sales and promote specific products. 

Make use of your social media platforms to connect with your audience on a more personal level. Although this will not result in an immediate conversion, you can increase customer loyalty, and a loyal customer will return to your brand whether it’s before or after the holidays.

Social post for customer retention

You can approach customers via multiple social media or just several key channels. However, don’t forget to feed them new and fresh content about your brand. Keep them informed of new product releases, special discounts, tips and tricks, and so on. The frequency of your posts and the values they convey will be an indirect way to build brand loyalty and retain customers.

Win back sales from abandoned carts

During the shopping season, customers typically visit many websites to hunt for good deals and may leave their carts abandoned. And the post-holiday will be the best time to re-approach and recover from these missing sales. 

By launching retargeting and remarketing campaigns, you can connect with these “almost-conversions.” Use retargeting ads to re-engage people who have previously interacted with your website. While those who engage with these ad campaigns tend to have mixed reactions, you can mitigate negative reactions by optimizing your message and refining the target audiences. 

Win back sales

Concurrently, launch remarketing campaigns aimed at people who have previously purchased from your brand. This method increases brand awareness and loyalty by promoting complementary or showcasing new items that your customers may be interested in.

Ready to retain customers and drive post holiday sales? 

The holiday shopping season is over but you can still drive continued sales from the seasonal shoppers. The key is to retain them with good deals, keep long-term relationships via emails, social media, and so on. Remember to make use of the valuable data from your customers to best understand them and provide relevant approaches. 

That’s an end for the Holiday Campaign Preparedness Guideline by AllFetch. Thank you for spending time reading it. We hope that you find anything helpful and can apply it to your store.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via live chat or send an email to [email protected] 

Happy selling!

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