Building a pre-launch landing page is a good start for your subscription business. With an attractive pre-launch landing page, you can get a number of leads and grow your email list effectively. Besides, it is also an amazing marketing tool to drive traffic and increase the conversion rate for your upcoming subscription boxes. 

In this article, we will share with you 5 tips to build a successful pre-launch landing page subscription business. Hope that with these tips, you can run an effective launch teaser campaign. 

What is a pre launch landing page?

A pre-launch landing page is a one-pager on your website that includes appealing photos, videos and copy to give a quick overview of what your product is all about. In other words, it is a page providing just enough information to pique potential buyers’ interest in your upcoming product. 

pre-launch landing page subscription business

Moreover, the purpose of a pre-launch landing page is to draw people in and convert their interest into a form submission or sales transaction. Thus, it is a place to show off your product, demonstrate the value, build hype and encourage sign-ups.

Why do need to build a pre launch landing page?

You won’t surely want users to come to your site, leave it out and forget you because your product hasn’t yet been released. This is why it’s critical to include a call-to-action on your landing page encouraging users to sign up to stay up to date on all your latest announcements and be first in line when you launch.

Before you launch your product to the general public, you must first compile a list of people who are interested in it. After all, no one wants to take off to the sound of crickets. And, with so much noise in the E-commerce world, you’ll be pleased to have a mailing list to communicate with directly.

Building a mailing list will not only help you succeed with your launch, but it will also help you build loyalty, make announcements, and drive sales in the future. Furthermore, seeing people sign up before your product is even released is a great way to validate your concept, determine how popular your product is, and boost your own sense of security.

Key elements in a pre-launch landing page 

Below are a few key elements that you should include in your pre-launch landing page to attract more sign-ups. 

The logo is the representation of your brand and speaks out about your brand’s characteristics. So don’t forget to put your logo in an easily noticeable position to increase brand awareness. 


Include a catchy tagline that reflects what your subscription box is about. For example, the tagline of Birchbox – a famous subscription business is “The best beauty box”. 

Short description of the subscription offerings

This brief content describes key features of your subscription box that will benefit customers. In other words, it should persuade why people should subscribe to your service

Call to action button

Call to action is a powerful button to urge people what they should do next on your landing page. This helps you to get more sign-ups and engage with your potential customers better.

Call to action button in pre-launch landing page subscription business

Attractive incentives

If someone is on the fence about providing their email address, a compelling offer is generally enough to persuade them to do so! The lifelong subscription gimmick worked incredibly nicely. 

5 tips to build a successful pre launch landing page 


Visual is one of the most crucial factors to attract people’s attention at very first sight. Therefore, you should put high-quality media such as images, logos, videos, etc on your pre-launch landing page. These things will reflect the professionalism and legitimacy of your brand. Besides, a clear and good-looking landing page retains people on your site longer and reduces bounce rate.


The content on your pre-launch landing page should be concise and enticing to lead to call to action buttons. Keep in mind that the landing page concentrate on only a single marketing goal, you need to determine a certain action you want the customers to take. 

tips to build successful pre-launch landing page

Make sure your title is specific and includes an emotional appeal. The headline should be the largest text on the page and should showcase your offer’s major value proposition. A catchy tagline and persuasive description of your subscription box will help to spark excitement in your visitors to explore products and sign up for release. Good content must resonate with your target customers’ demands and solve a particular problem.

A strong CTA 

A CTA should be clear enough to convert your visitors into an actual lead. When users take the requested action, they need to know exactly what they will obtain (signing up to your list or making the purchase). Make it clear what you’re offering: a discount, useful information about the future launch, a pre-sale purchase, etc. And the button and the call to action should convey this information clearly and stand out.

Trust badges

Trust badges, reviews, and testimonials are great ways to increase subscription box worth to your potential customers by showing feedback of previous subscribers. Trust badges help increase your brand’s integrity and credibility a lot. And it also affects the buying decision of many people. 

Responsive mobile version

Don’t forget to check the mobile version of your landing page because it directly affects your conversion rates. More and more people prefer browsing your store on mobile. It is recorded that the number of website traffic coming from mobile devices covered 60%. This proves the importance of mobile optimization when building a pre-launch landing page subscription business. If your landing page on mobile is not responsive, it may increase the bounce rate and decrease your potential leads. 

In conclusion

Above are 5 tips to build pre-launch landing page subscription business we would like to share with you. Hope that with these tips, you can create a high converting pre-launch landing page for your subscription business. 

Don’t forget to visit our page to check out the next post about How to decrease subscription churn rates. If you have further questions, please contact us via live chat. Our support team is more than happy to help you! 

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