International Women’s day is a special event to honor the beauty, achievements, and values of women all around the world. Celebrated worldwide on March 8th, this occasion is not only when people shine the spotlight on women and girls, but also speak up for gender equality and women empowerment. 

Even if not being a women-owned business or selling female-oriented products, you can still take this chance to shout out for the contributions of women and advocate a gender parity society. To prepare for the upcoming International Women’s day, your brand should kick off an early start with new marketing activities to stimulate seasonal sales. Here are 5 Women’s day promotion ideas you can try on for your business. 

What does Women’s Day hold for brands?

In fact, women are now the target customers of many eCommerce businesses. Taking up half of the population, they make around 70 – 80% of the purchase decisions. When it comes to shopping online, 94% of women at the age of 15-35 spend more than an hour per day on it. According to Nielsen statistics, 85% of women say that if they love a brand, they will remain loyal to it. 

International Women’s Day is nearing and people flock to buy presents for beloved women around them. At this special event, warm wishes and gifts are sent to mother, wife, girlfriend, daughter, female coworker, and many other women at a very diverse range of age. Therefore, your brand can take advantage of this opportunity to boost sales for relevant products and help customers bring joy to the women they love. 

5 Women’s day promotion ideas for your brand 

Promote on social media 

Social media is the most convenient medium to raise your brand’s voice and engage customers with customized content about International Women’s Day. You might wonder what to say on social media about this day. 

Don’t make your brand fade in the crowd with a post that simply says, “Happy International Women’s Day! and leave it at that. The key is expressing how your brand values women and your points of view about empowering them, supporting gender equality, and striking a better balance. That’s how a sincere message grabs customers’ attention and reminds them of your brand longer on their minds. Remember to add some related hashtags such as #womensday, #internationalwomensday, #womenempowement, and so on to reach out to more audiences. 

Women's day social post

To broaden the spirit of International Women’s day and approach more new customers, you can organize a photo contest and appeal to a female audience to post their photos on social media. 

Photo Contest Women's day promotion ideas

Or else, hosting giveaways is also an effective method to connect with your followers and encourage them to share their opinions about a specific topic relating to women. 

Give Away Women's day promotion ideas

Want something new? International Women’s day is the most appropriate occasion to honor the great contributions of female employees in your business. You can post photos or write a blog to introduce these wonderful women who were involved in the development of your brand. Take advantage of this chance to promote how your company values and supports women in the workplace.

Promote Women's day

Bring a seasonal look for your website 

Like other seasons, you also need to revamp your store presence to reflect the vibe of International Women’s day. If you are about to run any special campaigns or give promo codes for this day, don’t forget to feature it on your homepage so customers can keep updated. 

Besides, you can change the hero banner to a new one that displays specific products you will promote this Women’s day and include a meaningful message or wishes right on the homepage. By showing you respect and appreciate women, our customers will remember how you value women and gradually love your brand. 

Don’t forget to keep your website updated with social media content. You can add your Instagram feed on any store page, so your website visitors can see your latest Instagram posts. Furthermore, you can also tag products on every photo so customers can shop directly on the feed. The beautiful Instagram feed not only makes your store more stunning but also turns your visitors into followers and customers. 

Instagram feed

Create women-centric promotional offers

International Women’s day is a great cause to boost sales with relevant products in your store. You can take this chance to release new arrivals or create a special Women’s day collection from existing products. This is one of the most common Women’s day promotion ideas used by many brands.

Customers love discounts and good deals. By creating bundle offers, ranging from BUY 1 GET 1 FREE, Mix & Match bundle, Volume Discount to Get 20% OFF bundles, you can entice customers to buy more at a discounted price. 

Women-Centric Promotional Offers

Engage your customers with email marketing 

You can send email marketing campaigns with personalized content and exclusive promotion offers to customers and female employees. 

To make your newsletter email outstanding, don’t forget to modify the email format to match the spirit of International Women’s Day. Keep the email content brief and show a CTA button so customers can easily visit your website to shop for this special day. Below are some examples of subject lines you apply for your email campaigns.

  • Get FREE SHIPPING for International Women’s Day, 3 days left!
  • Celebrate #InternationalWomensDay with Free Gift!
  • It’s International Women’s Day. We’re giving you 30% off! 
  • Check out Special Gift for #IWD
  • 10% OFF Storewide – One Day Only; #IWD
  • New arrivals for International Women’s Day
  • Treat yourself on #IWD – Get 40% off 
Email Marketing Women's day promotion ideas

Be a brand that cares 

You can celebrate International Women’s day by fundraising and donating to female-focused charities. Donate to a registered charity or nonprofit that works for the advancement of women and girls to help forge women’s equality. This way, you can help to alleviate inequality while also supporting their important work. 

Donate to female focused charities

Don’t hesitate to talk about your donation activities on social media to inspire other people and portray corporate social responsibility in a good light. Some female-focused charities groups you can take into account are the World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts, Catalyst, Equality Now, etc. 

Final words 

International Women’s day can be a good cause for businesses to show respect to women and boost sales for relevant products. Via marketing activities, you can take it easier to spread your brand’s care to women and their rights. Also, it’s a chance to increase your brand awareness and promote special female-oriented products or collections. Hope that 5 Women’s day promotion ideas above are helpful for you to leverage seasonal sales.

If you have any questions or need help in turning the above promotion ideas into action, feel free to contact us via live chat or send an email to [email protected]. Our marketing experts are happy to help! 

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