Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a unique tool that allows you to effectively manage customer data and increase revenue. The more your store grows, the more customer-related tasks you’ll have to handle. As a result, integrating a CRM software into your Shopify store will save you time and effort significantly. In this article, we’ll go through the top 6 best Shopify CRM platforms to increase your sales.

What is a CRM platform?

A CRM, or customer relationship management system, is a tool that helps you manage your company’s customer interactions and communications. The main purpose of it is to help you spend less time and money talking to your customers while still providing timely service and assistance with their own concerns.

Regarding CRM platforms, it often includes tools for managing contacts, providing technical help, enhancing marketing, automating procedures, organizing your support team, and increasing sales. The best aspect is that most high-quality CRMs don’t require any technical skills to implement. Because they either supply a straight Shopify app for one-click connection, just provide a small code or integration steps for the combination. 

3 criteria to select the right Shopify CRM platforms

  • User-friendliness: Your CRM system doesn’t have to be extremely complicated to be effective. Choose an easy-to-understand approach that doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel. 
  • Integration capabilities: You should look for a CRM that works with a variety of eCommerce and business tools that you use to sell online. Customer data and other vital information will be shared across your CRM and other business platforms, enabling you to be more organized and productive.
  • Workflow automations: The ability to automate recurrent activities and workflows cuts down on time spent on mundane operations, lowers the risk of human mistake, and makes it easier to engage customers.

6 best Shopify CRM platforms


Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM platforms for integration with Shopify stores. You can utilize more than 400 Salesforce and Shopify integrations to improve the way your business operates. Besides, you may add your Shopify customers as contacts in Salesforce to keep track of them and discover more about their buying behavior.

salesforce crm platform

Salesforce allows you to create sales forecast reports and evaluate your leads based on certain criteria. This CRM may be used by both large and small businesses, and it can even be used on the go with an Android or iOS device.

Salesforce also offers an ideal training platform for learning how to use the CRM. It features a community where you can ask questions about the CRM and get answers from those who have used it. 

Agile CRM

AgileCRM is a low-cost option for people who are just getting their firm off the ground. It has practically all of the best features available in higher-priced choices, but for a fraction of the price.

agile crm

This platform enables you to measure sales, manage contacts, and automate marketing duties. Moreover, it also offers a helpdesk service as part of its ‘Regular’ plan. You can get a ticketing tool that helps to identify and address any issues your team is having straight away.

Agile CRM also makes it easy to create Event Triggers for Shopify. When a certain event occurs, these triggers are activated.For example, it works when a new customer signs up or an order is completed. From here, you can easily get customers on meetings or calls to address problems or upsell using fantastic Google Calendar integrations.

Agile CRM also includes a cart abandonment solution that allows you to engage a customer who has left their cart abandoned right away. You can remind them of their unfinished purchase or even give them special offers and discounts to entice them to finish it.


HubSpot works well in creating workflow pipelines based on your Shopify orders. This is especially beneficial for online stores selling customized items.


It has a number of ecommerce solutions that provide extensive customer insights. Therefore, you can segment your consumers based on numerous criteria once you’ve synchronized their order information with their profiles. Besides, this feature also allows you to categorize clients as either revenue-generating or non-generating. After that, you may rank these customers and tailor your marketing strategy to each segment.

It is so simple to send targeted offers, deals, and coupons to specific segments of your customer base and track when a customer opens your emails.


Metrilo is a platform that connects ecommerce analytics, customer relationship management, and email marketing. The app is simple to set up and integrate with Shopify.

metrilo best shopify crm platform

Metrilo syncs all of your customer data and displays important statistics like revenue generated, on-site behavior, orders placed, etc. This data allows you to determine which consumers generate revenue and which are simply surfing. To keep your consumers, you can segment them and build focused marketing efforts.

Metrilo features a Retention Analysis tool that will help you figure out which revenue channels or campaigns are profitable for your company. It also includes email marketing and automation solutions that allow you to communicate directly with your customers.

ActiveCampaign Sales CRM

ActiveCampaign Sales CRM has limitless integrations and expandability. Many people assume it as an email automation tool, but it’s much more than that. It’s now a fantastic lead scoring Shopify integration that lets you manage your contacts and can be considered a true sales Shopify CRM.

ActiveCampaign Sales CRM

It is useful for both digital marketers and anyone who wants to track their customer behavior and manage campaigns. In addition, email marketing also aids in the design of emails for your consumers, the development of a contact list, and the analysis of campaign results.

Other great marketing features include reporting, lead segmentation, tracking, and social integration, among others. It can connect to customer management software and assist in the sales process by offering management capabilities. Some of the other CRM features consist of contact management, pipeline management, drag-and-drop tracking, and lead scoring.


Nimble is primarily concerned with contact management and focuses on the generation of leads by engaging, tracking, and developing contacts. It has been successful in attracting customers through a variety of social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The dashboard is likely to display the majority of its contents. And this platform will send you contact information and other details so that you can create a customer profile. The tool is so simple to use and may be used in conjunction with sites such as LinkedIn.

nimble best shopify crm platform

Nimble provides common features such as a calendar, mailing system, and other advantages. The best aspect of this platform is that clients will get mail as an individual receiver rather than as part of a broadcast.


Nowadays, there are many available CRM platforms that help you engage with your customers better and rocket your sales. We hope this post about 6 best Shopify CRM platforms is helpful to you. Feel free to contact us via AllFetch live chat if you have any queries. 

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