AllFetch Google Shopping Feed 2.0 has arrived!!!

We’ve been back to announce the latest AllFetch Google Shopping Feed 2.0 with many new updates that you should not miss out on. In this release, our main goal focuses on improving the user experience and delivering the best solutions to save your time and efforts. 

Can’t wait to share with you what’s new in AllFetch Google Shopping Feed 2.0! Now, let’s explore everything in detail… 

Optimized Layout

Everybody loves simple and easy-to-use things. That’s why we bring out a new user-friendly, intuitive setting layout in real-time. Starting from creating the feed to pushing products to Google Merchant, only in 4 steps. 

Plus, we strive to make things look consistent and well-organized on the same standard, thereby reducing the loading speed significantly. Just enjoy the smooth process and no longer meantime. 

optimized layout

Feed URL generator

In this version 2.0, we are so proud to bring in a great solution keeping your Google Shopping feed always up to date. 

After syncing products from Shopify, your feed will generate a feed URL. By adding this feed URL to the Google Merchant, you can set up a recurring time loop to update products automatically. Just one-time set-up and relax the product feed looks fresh all the time. 

feed url generator

Export product feed file in .xml and .tsv

You’ve got thousands of products and hate waiting for them to be pushed to Google Merchant in hours?? 

AllFetch Google Shopping Feed 2.0 is here to get rid of your worries.

It is now possible to export all products or every single product of the feed in xml and tsv files. With the product feed file, you can freely edit and upload it directly to the Google Merchant. 

This cool feature surely saves you more time compared to the old version. 

Export product feed file in .xml and .tsv

Promotion Feed

Want to make your ads stand out and win more sales on Google? Let’s offer special deals with the new Promotion Feed function.  

In this updated version 2.0, you can experience the Promotion Feed feature – a great way to drive more clicks, conversion rate and ultimately more revenue. After creating this, you can adopt promotion methods for all products or specific ones. It is so easy to schedule the promotion display dates and control its status. 

promotion feed AllFetch Google Shopping Feed 2.0

Smarter filters

As mentioned above, user experience is our top priority for improvements in this app update. Thus, more filters were born to help you filter and select the products based on attributes, operation and value. 

Besides, you can Add Filter and customize it in your own way. This function is necessary for online merchants who have a variety of products. 

Smarter filters

New Pricing Update

To keep the best service quality with more updated features, AllFetch Google Shopping Feed 2.0 comes with some changes in pricing plans starting from November 18, 2021.

This would let us move to more powerful servers and get more resources for investigating new features. Rest assured that you can have more plan options with different amounts of products pushed to Google and product feeds but enjoy all other amazing features.

pricing plan

Important note for current customers  

The release of AllFetch Google Shopping Feed 2.0 may make your current feeds temporarily disabled. So please go to the app and click on the enable button. No worries about this change may affect your existing products on Google Shopping. 

Rocket your sales with AllFetch Google Shopping Feed now!

AllFetch Google Shopping Feed version 2.0 has been ready to help you make remarkable moves in selling on Google. Let’s be the first to try and be the first

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via live chat or send email to [email protected]. Our dedicated customer service will reply to you as soon as possible.

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