Today, we are so pleased to announce the collaboration between AllFetch and 2B I/O. With this partnership, we hope to contribute more value to Shopify online merchants and help them scale their business faster. 

Meet 2B I/O 

2B I/O is a reliable e-commerce solution provider on Shopify. Its mission is to bring clients the most effective and user-friendly solutions which ease their work processes in online trading. The 2B I/O team is committed to always providing high-quality products and services, and is continuously improving to meet clients’ satisfaction.

Super Effects ‑ BFCM Boost

Super Effects is a useful tool by 2B I/O helping merchants to decorate their store with a variety of interactive effects. It is obvious that the stunning design of an online store makes it stand out from other competitors and keep them staying longer on that site. Bringing a new look to the store also gives your customers a better shopping experience and lets them in the mood of purchasing. 

Super Effects ‑ BFCM Boost

With this app, you can search for your favorite effects by tags, set up effect duration, and make it appear exactly on the special time you set. Rest assured that the effects are compatible with your store’s interface, regardless of whether your customers use computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Moreover, if you look for a trustworthy website to learn more about Shopify, Business online, Marketing online and Programming. We highly recommend huratips website created by 2B I/O.

What to look forward to in this partnership?

Supporting online businesses to boost sales and grow faster is the main goal of the partnership between AllFetch and 2B I/O. Shopify apps by AllFetch offer a variety of tools that are necessary for a successful store, such as a mobile app, product bundles, Xero integration, WhatsApp chat, and so on. And 2B I/O will be the best solution for boosting sales with abundant interactive effects, watermarks and managing export data. 

Looking forward to new partnership programs

We believe that partnering is an efficient way to connect with a large number of great Shopify partners all over the world. From that, our merchants have a better chance to experience useful Shopify apps that will help them optimize their online stores and increase their conversion rates. We intend to implement more collaboration activities that will benefit our customers! Keep an eye out for it!

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave them in the comments section below or contact us via the live chat portal! Our customer support team will assist you as soon as possible. 

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