As its name suggested, our Native Mobile App Builder app supports many Shopify stores from different countries to convert their Shopify store into mobile apps. So, we comprehend the growth of international business and our customers’ need of getting mobile store app multilingual 

And today, we are excited to announce our new partnership with LangShop – a reliable and intuitive translation app that helps you translate content, add language and currency switcher to your Shopify store. 

By combining forces, we will ensure that customers can create multilingual mobile apps in a simple and effective manner. 

About LangShop

LangShop is an ideal tool to help you expand your business and grow sales by translating and localizing content into multiple languages. With this powerful app, you can make your online store available for different foreign markets and customers. 

Below are 3 great features that make LangShop stand out from other apps:

Translate ALL types of content

Select one or more languages, run auto-translate, and get translated Shopify store in minutes. Every word and media of your website from collections, products, pages, navigation, images, or even 3rd party apps content will be translated. No matter what language you choose, there are no limits to translated characters. 

Translate professionally

Get multi-language content of the highest quality with agency translation feature. Your content will be translated into the preferred language by professional translators manually. 

Multilingual SEO optimized

Fast translate your Shopify store into different languages and at the same tine make it friendly for search engines. Your website is indexed and your content is searchable in various languages. 

How can you benefit from the app integration?

Recent research shows that mobile devices accounted for 70% of online store traffic and 55% of revenue. Mobile use for e-commerce is expected to grow rapidly year over year. To get success in a highly competitive market, as a business owner, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. 

Understanding your concerns, AllFetch and LangShop have now joined hands to help thousands of merchants expand their business globally. 

Specifically, the integration will support you to create a multilingual mobile app for your Shopify store. Your customers will see your mobile app content in the preferred language. 

Here are highlighted benefits you will get from this integration:

  • Expand the customer base
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase international sales
  • Establish a competitive advantage
  • International search engine optimization
  • Build strong brand image

How to enable Native Mobile App Builder x LangShop integration?

Step 1: Install Native Mobile App Builder app and LangShop Translate & Currency Translate app in your Shopify store

Please noted that you can quickly find and install the LangShop app from the Native Mobile App Builder app admin > Popular apps by our partners section 

LangShop on Native Mobile App Builder dashboard

Step 2: Open LangShop Translate & Currency and start translating your website content with LangShop in minutes

Step 3: Open the Native Mobile App app and start turning your website into a mobile app

Our dedicated support team is always available to help you create and launch your mobile app step-by-step. Don’t hesitate to contact us via email or the live chat system if you have any questions.

You‘ve done! Now, your mobile app gets multilingual! Start reaching out to international customers and expand your business globally with your high-quality mobile app. 


Sharing the same mission of helping online businesses grow, we believe that this partnership between AllFetch and LangShop promisingly brings more benefits to our beloved customers. 

With the integration of Native Mobile App Builder and LangShop, you can offer a multi-language mobile shopping experience that supports you to do cross-border eCommerce well. 

Feel free to leave your comments below if need further help or just want to discuss more with us! We would love to hear from you!

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