The best free Shopify apps are a wonderful resource for you if you are trying to find a way to increase your sales and notch up eCommerce success, which we know you are all the time.

You may find it difficult to navigate the massive app store and test thousands of Shopify apps to discover the best ones for your online store, which is why we’ve sorted the gold from the dross to uncover the top 10 free Shopify apps for you. They are your cost-effective options for increasing leads or conversions without spending a dime.

Here is a selection of the 10 best free Shopify apps that will keep your store operating and thriving and once again, at no cost.

Top 10 Best Free Shopify Apps for Your eCommerce Store 

#1 Shoppable Instagram Feed

Best Free Shopify Apps: Shoppable Instagram Feed
Shoppable Instagram Feed

What it is? An effective Shopify app to create an interactive and high-converting Instagram feed that boosts your store sales.

Why you should use it?

Even if you are not technically savvy, you can quickly build a flawless Instagram feed on your online business with the Shoppable Instagram Gallery app

By displaying a stunning Instagram feed on the homepage and product page, it is easy to convert your website visitors into followers and buyers. Moreover, you can build seamless shopping experiences using Instagram product tags since consumers can buy directly from the shoppable Instagram gallery.

It also has a variety of options to make your Instagram feed stand out while remaining compatible with the overall look of your online store.

Turning your Instagram feed into a selling point is no longer difficult. Aside from its mobile responsiveness, instant content updates, and ease of use, what makes this app stand out is the ability to track the performance of your Instagram feed; you don’t have to ask anybody if the app works; it will inform you on its own.

#2 PageFly Landing Page Builder

Best Free Shopify Apps: PageFly Landing Page Builder
PageFly Landing Page Builder

What it is? The page builder app for developing professional-looking product sites, blogs, FAQs, and many types of landing pages

Why you should use it?

A website is the foundation of any online business. PageFly makes this start far easier than you could have imagined! There are several reasons why PageFly is the number one option for over thousands satisfied clients globally. One of them must be the extreme simplicity to use. You may make landing pages by drag-and-drop needed content.

There are over 50 high-converting templates for a variety of business niches and page types and  40+ page elements for eye-catching headlines and compelling CTAs. Because PageFly has a responsive design by default, you won’t have to worry about your business looking poor on mobile. All of the necessary elements will be present and well-structured. 

#3 Product Reviews

Best free Shopify apps: Product Reviews Product Reviews

What it is? The products review app to add customers’ reviews to products.

Why you should use it? is a reviews app that allows you to gather and show product and site reviews with images, videos, and Q&A that will increase sales and leverage user-generated content. allows you to schedule an unlimited number of review request emails to gather more verified reviews in the form of text, images, and videos. For you to showcase your reviews and create trust with potential consumers, the app includes widgets such as Review Widget, Reviews Carousel, Preview Badge, All Reviews Page, and so on.

Using this will optimize your conversion rate, organic traffic, and buyer engagement. Furthermore, you may distribute your reviews in Google Search (rich snippets), Google Shopping, Twitter, Facebook, and other sites, allowing you to show off your social proof to people who are looking for it.

#4 AllFetch Google Shopping Feed

Best free Shopify apps: AllFetch Google Shopping Feed
AllFetch Google Shopping Feed

What it is? A free and effective Shopify app to connect to Google Merchant accounts and manage multiple Google Shopping feeds

Why you should use it?

Google Shopping enables customers to search for, compare, and purchase items from a variety of vendors. The program also allows you to launch reliable Google Shopping ads across borders at the same time, leading to increased worldwide sales.

The AllFetch Google Shopping app connects to many Google Merchant accounts and allows you to manage as many Google Shopping feeds with varied regions, languages, and catalogs as you want from a single dashboard. Any feed may be modified, activated, or disabled at any time.

One outstanding feature is the ease to synchronize your products from your Shopify store to Google Merchant Center using Google Content API for Shopping, allowing you to change inventory prices and other product information more quickly and accurately than ever before. 

And in case of account issues and data errors, don’t worry because the Merchant Center will send the admin notifications to ensure seamless data synchronization.

#5 Translate & Currency LangShop

What it is? Translation app to create a multilingual Shopify store

Why you should use it?

Adding new languages to your store can attract more buyers and boost conversion rates,  therefore increase your revenues internationally. 

Unlike other Shopify apps (Translation Lab, GTranslate, Weglot, ETranslate, Panda, Transcy, HeliumThe), LangShop offers no character limits regardless of the language you choose! There is no code and no hoops required, just by a few clicks to translate.

The installation is fast and easy with a mix of automated and human translation for high-quality content. Translate & Currency Langshop has followed google’s best practices in Multilingual SEO. Shops using the app will be indexed, with multi-language searchable content.

#6 Vimeo Create ‑ Video Maker

Best free Shopify apps: Vimeo Create ‑ Video Maker
Vimeo Create ‑ Video Maker

What it is? Videos creation app to customize and showcase Vimeo videos in the product feed.

Why you should use it?

Vimeo Create converts your current product photos and text into beautiful videos automatically. You now can publish your product videos to your Shopify storefront with ease, or post attractive video advertising on social media to reach your target audience for seasonal events all year long.

Vimeo’s guided templates simplify guided production for the most common eCommerce use cases, such as product introduction, new product arrivals, highlighting a special promotion, and product testimonials.

#7 Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Best free Shopify apps: Smile: Rewards & Loyalty
Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

What it is? A loyalty app.

Why you should use it?

It is vitally important to show your consumers how much you appreciate them. Smile is a popular Shopify application for rewarding customers by granting them points. They may use those points to get special deals like coupons, free products, or free shipping.

In business, it is far more inexpensive to remarket to someone already familiar with the brand than it is to attract the attention of new customers, which makes this app much more enticing. 

You may even surprise your consumers with unique deals on their birthday, making their special day even more memorable while keeping your brand at the forefront of their minds.

#8 Seguno: Email Marketing

What it is? Email marketing app.

Why you should use it? 

Seguno is an excellent tool for implementing internet marketing and converting new customers into repeat consumers. It also makes it easy to send welcome emails to new customers.

The program also creates thank-you emails and promotes customer trust. This is especially beneficial in the long term since it ensures purchasers remember your brand.

Seguno is ideal for those who don’t want to irritate their customers with long-form sales content and instead only want to thank them for completing a purchase.

#9 Printful: Print on Demand

Best free Shopify apps: Printful: Print on Demand
Printful: Print on Demand

What it is? Print on Demand app for dropshipping method.

Why you should use it? 

Printful is one of the most favorite free Shopify apps for a variety of reasons. 

It provides one of the simplest methods for business owners to create a Shopify site that is ideal for selling custom-designed items. So the app is perfectly matched if you want to open a print-on-demand store.

With this app, you may sell everything from personalized cups and t-shirts to pet accessories and so much more. Additionally, one of the things that makes this one of the top Shopify applications is that when an order is placed on your Shopify store, it automatically and instantly sends to Printful. The Printful staff will then print what you need and ship it to your customers on your behalf.

If you want a Shopify shop but don’t want to bother about product inventory and fulfillment, this print-on-demand design option could be exactly what you’re looking for. You may get started right now for free! All you have to pay for is the cost of the products you wish to sell as well as delivery.

#10 Free Shipping Bar

Best free Shopify apps: Free Shipping Bar
Free Shipping Bar

What it is? Shipping details app.

Why you should use it? 

When it comes to online shopping, shoppers want to know how much delivery will cost. If you provide free delivery, you might mention that your free shipping is available on all purchases.

By making it clear that your shop has a free shipping threshold, you may help increase the average order value. Customers can quickly view the shipping details if the bar is placed on your website, which will effectively ease them into a purchase.

The bar is visible and clear, enabling browsers to get shipping information without having to go through the checkout process. This certainly benefits in lowering abandoned carts as well.

Considerations before Installing any Free Shopify App

Shopify apps are an excellent way to boost your eCommerce business and automate processes so you can dedicate more resources to other activities. However, as you start to use additional apps, you may have certain problems. These are some examples:

Reduced website speed

The applications that are used on your website must load each time your website loads. Depending on how many applications you have installed and how taxing they might be on your website, your site speed may degrade. Before installing an app, consider if you actually need it and whether you can uninstall an older one instead.

Compatibility issues

Sometimes one app does not play well with another. It is unfortunate, but it is possible. Check to see whether other Shopify customers have tried the two applications, or contact the app developers before installation to prevent problems. Installing applications without first ensuring compatibility might result in a loss of revenues, conversions, and traffic, therefore it is necessary to look into it.

Increased site noise

Apps are terrific for small companies and dropshippers, but we may get carried away and install far too many on our websites. We soon discover that we have three popup apps, two live chat apps, and one app that is no longer applicable to the site. Before installing an app, be sure that none of the apps you already have installed can deliver the functionality you’re searching for.

Depreciated apps

Apps serve a function, and like with anything else in technology, the solution they provide may become obsolete and no longer required after a while. Check your apps frequently to ensure they are all up to date and supported so that nothing adversely impacts your website needlessly.

Wrapping up

There are other best free Shopify apps available based on different strategies, so the list above just scrapes the surface. After you’ve set up your Shopify store, browse the Shopify App Store to discover more about what’s free and available. Investigate the different categories and develop a list of the features you want within your website.

With such a diverse range of applications accessible, the sky’s the limit for your eCommerce shop. Summary: The 10 Best Free Shopify Apps You Should Install.

1. Shoppable Instagram Feed

2. PageFly Landing Page Builder

3. Product Reviews

4. AllFetch Google Shopping Feed

5. Translate & Currency LangShop

6. Vimeo Create ‑ Video Maker

7. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

8. Seguno: Email Marketing

9. Printful: Print on Demand

10. Free Shipping Bar

We recommend browsing the whole Shopify App Store, these are just a few of the most useful free Shopify Apps. Shopify businesses of all sizes may benefit from these apps; as long as you utilize and implement them appropriately, they will get your business up and running and flourishing. 

What’s stopping you from installing the applications right now when you can spend $0 and immediately increase your sales?

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