Retailers typically invest a significant amount of money, time, and other valuable resources only to drive new customers to their Shopify store. However, the work does not simply end there; here is where selling art comes in. So, how to sell the most products to those customers, and how can you increase revenue without having to acquire new customers?

The answer is to bundle products together. When two or more products are related, they could be bundled together. Bundled products are frequently sold at a discounted rate in an attempt to induce website visitors to spend more money.

Looking for the best Shopify apps to help you grow your business? 

Based on hundreds of recommendations, here are the 10 best Shopify bundle apps you should use, both free or paid. Let’s get the ball rolling!

What are Product Bundles?

What are Product Bundles

Product bundles are a collection of individual goods or services that are sold to customers as a single combined package. Product bundles, sometimes known as “package deals” are often made up of complimentary or, less commonly, similar products.

A beach package that contains sunblock, sand toys, flip flop sandals, and towels as one saleable item are examples of product bundles.

Typically, this is done as a promotional activity. A bundle is any scenario in which you must group items, for any purpose, in order to represent them by a single product.

Why You Should Use Shopify Bundles Apps?

The answer behind why product bundling works so successfully is a psychological mechanism referred to as consumer value perception

  • Generally, customers choose products that they believe are useful or worthwhile to purchase. 
  • When it comes to product bundles, they believe they could save money when buying a combined item at a lower price rather than buying them separately. 

Furthermore, bundled items have a significant impact on your shoppers’ subconscious judgment

  • Instead of going through the hassle of looking at the various products or going back and forth on different product pages, offering your customer a bundled item at a discounted price can expedite their buying decision. 
  • As a result, your customers will feel as if they got a very good deal on multiple items at a bargain.

Top 10 Best Shopify Bundles Apps

App 1. Product Bundles & Discounts +

Best Shopify bundle apps: Product Bundles & Discounts +
Product Bundles & Discounts +

AllFetch’s Product Bundles is one of the best Shopify bundle apps, which were created to assist merchants in increasing revenues from each store visit by producing and selling goods with the bundle. This app will incentivize customers to purchase numerous items by giving bundles with massive discounts, as more product bundles mean more sales.

You may set up a combination of various goods and advertise them to buyers at a predetermined discount in only a few clicks. 

Regardless of your business type, Product Bundles allows you to create an endless number of bundles – in your own rule – to satisfy your unique demands and entice customers to buy more.

Highlight Features:

  • Set an unlimited number of product bundles and combine different bundles and discounts to create the ideal pack
  • For each bundle, set a percentage off, a specific discount amount, or a preset total price
  • No coding required to create product bundles
  • Fully personalize how your bundles look and appear on your product page
  • Use our specialized editors, you may change the design and layout of suggested bundles, the notification bar, and the cart subtotal.
  • Display a quick preview to make necessary modifications.
  • Get the insights you need with a sophisticated analytic report to optimize the performance of your bundle.

Pricing: FREE

According to user reviews, the Allfetch bundle app is by far the most appealing and versatile in the realm of Free App. They are even willing to pay if Allfetch offers a better upgrading plan.

App 2: Bold Bundles ‑ Product Bundles

Best Shopify bundle apps: Bold Bundle
Bold Bundle

Bold bundles – Product bundles by BOLD is a brilliant app for you to increase your sales by offering product bundles for the customers to buy. This app helps you match the related items with each other, hence, you will sell more than one product with an order. 

Furthermore, it will automatically show the clients how much money they save when buying the bundles that suit their needs. 

A cool feature of this app, which was recently released, offers a NEW item bundle type (similar to buy one get one offer). You will choose which things to include in the bundle and how much of each item to include. Then you proceed to set a free bundle.

Highlight Features:

  • Offer bundles to customers: Bundle by Product, Bundle by Collection (Mix and Match)
  • Offer flexible bundles discount (make the bundle a set price or by a set percentage)
  • Display Buy One Get One Any % (BOGO) bundles on the product page
  • AI for recommendations on smart bundles

Pricing: From $19.99/month (Basic) and $29.99/month (premium). Both with a 14-day free trial.

App 3: Bundles (by Gazebo)

Bundles, which is developed by Gazebo, is one of the most utility apps to provide you with the remarkable features to sell more products by bundling them. 

The reason many users choose to install Bundles instead of other competitors is that it makes the bundling process super simple. Template or liquid file won’t be needed since the whole process is automatic. Install this app now to have more great experiences.

Highlight Features:

  • Modern stock: When selling item bundles, units, or sets, keep your inventory up to date
  • Simple stock adjusting: The easiest method for synchronizing stock for groups, sets, or multipacks
  • Increase your sales with packs and multipacks
  • Conveniently set tiered pricing for multipacks

Pricing: 4 plans starting from $14/month to $199/month with a 10-day free trial.

App 4: Bundler – Product Bundles (Goldendev | Nice)

Best Shopify bundle apps: Bundler - Product Bundles
Bundler – Product Bundles

Bundler – Product Bundles is a market disruptor since it provides bundling functionality to Shopify customers at very affordable prices, allowing you to increase your sales and average order value by applying discounts on goods purchased in bundles.

Highlight Features:

  • Improve the average order value
  • Bundle discounts applied at checked out help boost your sales (Percentage and Fixed amount discount)
  • Create bundles at the product or variant level
  • Sell popular items with less popular items
  • Display bundle funnel popups with the current user’s cart’s total bundle savings.
  • Recently updated to be compatible with subscriptions


  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan: $6.99/month with advanced functión such as Mix & Match, Free shipping, Funnels, etc

App 5: Tier (Linq Commerce)

Tier is a powerfully simple tool that allows you to create easy-to-shop and swap bundles with gamified price incentives. It is highly recommended due to the conveniences in install and use and the excellence in support.

Highlight Features:

  • Variants Support – Allow applying multiple levels of variants on products with your bundle
  • Swappable products – A terrific custom kit builder. Choose items from which customers can swap. More personalization plus improved customer satisfaction
  • Save time with easy-to-implement and responsive design. The flexible design works with all phone and device configurations
  • Custom CSS offers total control over the look and feel of Tier across the business.
  • Internationally-friendly – Translate language and currency to match the demographic of your shop
  • Automatic Inventory Management – Real-time inventory updates


  • Essential: $15/month (10 bundles)
  • Pro: $29/month (Unlimited bundles)
  • Plus: $59/month (For Shopify Plus stores)

App 6: UFE CrossSell & Upsell Bundle (Upsell Funnel Engine)

Best Shopify bundle apps: UFE CrossSell & Upsell Bundle
UFE CrossSell & Upsell Bundle

The Upsell Funnel Engine app has everything a merchant needs to improve and maximize the income of their e-commerce store.

It is a simple yet effective sales funnel application that maximizes store income by providing irresistible offers such as discounted upsells, sweet upsell bundles or quantity breaks without requiring customers to leave their product purchase flow.

Highlight Features:

  • Create an upsell funnel and increase your AOV by using Product Wide Bundle Products Upsell, Discounted Upsell, Quantity Breaks, and Frequently Bought Together
  • Lightning Fast Bundle Upsells: Ultra-lightweight script for quick loading. There is no coding required, no theme modification


  • Free to install
  • $0/month until 50 store orders/month

App 7: Bundle Products | PickyStory

PickyStory increases revenues by 32% on average for Shopify merchants and generates new purchases within the first 14 days of the trial. PickyStory helps you to create upsell journeys and ensure that you optimize the number of times you offer an upsell to each shopper in your business by offering different types of deals.

Highlight Features:

  • Auto & Manual Bundles: Using machine learning to produce bundles or manually creating deals. Drag and drop bundles onto any page in your store to upsell or cross-sell
  • Create kits that provide volume discounts and tiered pricing. Encourage customers to purchase larger packs in order to receive higher discounts
  • Shop the Look: Sets sold at a discounted price
  • Increase revenue from each customer by providing complimentary items


  • Start: $19.50/month
  • Pro: $34.50/month
  • Expert: $99.50/month

App 8: Bundle Bear (Conversion Bear)

Up to now, Bundle Bear made more than $50,000,000 for their customers by making it easier for them to create effective tiered discounts and product bundles.

No developers are required to update any theme code because the app works instantaneously with any shop with a single click. Furthermore, with their intuitive “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” settings panel, you may customize the app without any technical skills.

Highlight Features:

  • X+Y bundles, free shipping, and free gift
  • Mix and match discounts
  • Tiered pricing and discounts can be applied to particular products, collections, or all items in bulk
  • Customers can take advantage of several bundle discounts
  • Dedicated support staffs with rapid response and eagerness to fix any problem

Pricing: $19.99/month (unlimited bundles with a 7-day free trial)

App 9: Bundle Products and Discounts (Thimatic)

Best Shopify bundle apps: Bundle Products and Discounts (Thimatic)
Bundle Products and Discounts (Thimatic)

Thimatic’s Bundle Products and Discounts is designed with newly added powerful features to double store sales and sell many more products with a product bundling feature. It has helped Shopify businesses increase their revenues by $100 million.

The bundling feature will assist to multiply profits, promote flat shop items, highlight discounts, and build long-term customer relationships.

Highlight Features:

  • There are two ways to apply the Bundle Discount. 1) Draft Order 2) Discount Code 
  • Make a Quantity Bundle
  • Display several bundles anywhere in your site by simply inserting a single div into a certain page template
  • Several layout options have been provided to present product bundles in a distinctive way
  • Display bundles in any language and highlight bundles with a brief description

Pricing: $7.49/month with a 14-day trial.

App 10: Unlimited Bundles & Discounts (Revy Apps)

Since 2018, 7,264 retailers have trusted Unlimited Bundles & Discounts as their go-to bundle’s app. Their loyal supporters have sold a total of 810,814 bundles (and counting)! Surprisingly, on average, each customer increases their monthly sales by $1,656 using the app!

Highlight Features:

  • Bundles should be scheduled for BFCM Season (Black Friday & Cyber Monday)
  • Cart is matched with several bundles
  • Cart is matched several times for the same bundle
  • Design a bundle page that includes all of your bundles
  • Insert Bundle into any page (HomePage, Shopify Page, Collection, etc)


  • Basic Plan: $17.99 each month
  • Shopify or the Professional Plan: $27.99 each month
  • Advanced or Unlimited Plan: $37.99 each month
  • Shopify Plus or Enterprise Plan: $47.99

Product Bundles Best Practices

Creating an effective product bundle might be intimidating and overwhelming at first. Online retailers would not only have to worry about identifying their customers’ wants and needs, but they will also have to think about their profitability, inventory, and entire supply chain management.

Product Bundles Best Practices
Product Bundles Best Practices

Here are some useful hints for designing product bundles:

Emphasize savings – Cost savings for your customers are critical for the success of your product bundles. Customers must believe that the bundle is worthwhile. The cost savings, however, do not have to be huge, but they must be noticeable. So play with the customer’s perception of value yet again.

Analyze your inventory – Before creating your bundles, determine whether you will be able to meet the potential surge in demand. If one item in a bundle runs out, the entire product bundle will be ruined.

Keep your profit margins in mind – you want to be profitable with your bundled offerings. If you want to avoid significant price cuts, consider incorporating a really alluring free product with a high margin.

Test and measure your performance – Keep track of the performance of your bundled product. Keep a close eye on whether or not the product bundle is gaining good traction. Examine whether there is a negative impact on other products.

Wrapping Up

If you want to increase order values on your website, consider product bundles. Other eCommerce giants are using them to boost sales and order values.

The 10 Best Shopify bundle apps listed above are the best on the Shopify app store, and you should start considering any of them to help you grow and scale your business. You can quickly start upselling for free and without any technical knowledge with advanced apps like AllFetch Product Bundles.

Also, before implementing product bundles, make sure you’ve done your research and created a detailed plan to ensure both consumer pleasure and profitability.

Good luck!

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