Are you looking for the best Shopify email marketing app 2022? Or perhaps, you want to take your email marketing to the next level and use automation to increase the sales of your online store? Whatever the situation might be, you are in the right place!

In this article, we will be looking at 7 best email marketing for Shopify, give you an idea of their pros & cons, and let you choose the best Shopify marketing app for your online store.

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1. Omnisend

best Shopify email marketing app omnisend

Omnisend was tailored for eCommerce from day one. Hence, it is a great choice for Shopify store owners. More than just a Shopify email marketing app, Ominsend connects your eCommerce stores to potential and existing customers across different channels: email. SMS, Google, Facebook, and others.


  • Pre-build automation workflow: Using pre-built workflows or creating your own automation to get more sales with personalized, omnichannel messages.
  • Robust segmentation tools: Send targeted campaigns based on the shopping behavior of your subscribers, their email activity, profile data, or your subscriber’s list.
  • Sync for Google and Facebook ads: Automatically retarget your customers with seamless synchronization with Facebook Custom Audiences and Google Customer Match.
  • Mobile friendly and customizable sign-up form: Turning your website visitors into subscribers via using suitable forms. 
  • 24/7 support: Getting stellar support and useful advice whenever you need it.


Long learning curve
It takes a bit of time to learn the system.

Few email template
Few available email templates to choose from. 


A free plan is available. 
Paid plans starting from $16/month, based on your list size and needs. 

best Shopify email marketing app omnisend pricing

Rating and reviews

4.7/5 with 3678 reviews

2. Privy 

Shopify email marketing app privy

Whether your eCommerce business is small or large, you can use Privy to enhance your website conversion, grow your email list, and get more sales. This Shopify email marketing app allows you to set up your accounts with just a few clicks and get your first campaign run right away, without coding or technical skills needed. 


A wide array of display options
Select from hundreds of high-converting templates or fully customize the campaign designs with ease.

Split test campaign
Run automated A/B split tests to see how small changes impact your store conversion rates. 

Different campaigns trigger
Decide when to show your offer to visitors based on one or more triggers, including Time on page, Scroll percentage, When they intend to leave your site or Frequency of visits. 

Real-time reporting
See how exactly your campaigns are performing with a number of key metrics.

Fully integration
Fully integrated with many other email marketing software such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Bronto,,, and Retention Rocket.


Limited features on free plan
Newsletters, abandoned cart emails after sign-up messaging are only available on paid plans. 

No live chat support
A little confused at first and live chat support is not available. However, you can get many emails from Privy, which introduces you to how to use the app easily. 


Free plan is available. Your price is based on your website traffic.
15-day free trial

Shopfy email marketing Privy pricing

Rating and reviews

4.6/5 with 24274 reviews

3. Seguno

Seguno Shopify email marketing app

If you are looking for an email marketing app that solely focused on Shopify, Seguno is your right choice. With this Shopify email marketing app, you can create, manage, and track your email marketing right inside the Shopify admin. It is built for small and less-staff companies to create high-converting campaigns and save time when marketing through Shopify stores.


Feel at home inside Shopify
Your email marketing campaign is natively integrated with the Shopify admin, mobile app, and marketing section. You can edit your emails right inside of Shopify.

Pre-built library of automated touchpoint
Different automated touchpoints to help you engage subscribers based on their activities. You can enable the automation with just one-click. 

Unique discount code
Including any unique code in your email to better personalize your marketing and protect your profits. 

Insightful report
Seguno – Shopify marketing app is well integrated with all Shopify marketing reports. Hence, it is convenient for you to know conversion details right on orders and in a detailed report for each automation and newsletters. 


Few customized automation
There are few available triggers to select.

Limited advanced features
Remailing to non-openers and premium sections/automation is only supported on the paid plan.


Free plan is available. 

Seguno email marketing app pricing

Rating and reviews

4.8/5 with 578 reviews

4. SmartrMail

Smartrmail Shopify email marketing

Another best email marketing app for Shopify is SmartrMail Email Marketing, which promises to bring you a quicker way to send emails delighting your customers and getting more sales. With its seamless Shopify integration and world-class support team, you can do better email marketing in no time.


Fastly write beautiful emails
The product lookup feature of Shopify email marketing app automatically fills your emails with product images and descriptions. Hence, you can spend less time on uploading images and copy-pasting text, and more time on the important stuff. 

Smart segmentation
The smart segmentation supports you to segment based on product-specific purchase activity and on-site behavior.

Mobile responsive emails
The emails created with SmartrMail are completely responsive for mobile devices.

Integrated with your favorite eCommerce tools
It is an effective way to get more email subscribers with the best lead collection tools for Shopify, such as Justuno, WisePOS, Sumo, etc. 


Limited customization features
This Shopify email marketing app does not support you to add long text, more fields, more design options on the pop-up message. 

No drag-and-drop editor
To move your email elements, you need to click on arrows to move them up and down. 


Free plan is available, 15-day free trial.
Pricing is based on your number of subscribers. 

Smartrmail Shopify email marketing app pricing

Rating and reviews

4.8/5 with 276 reviews

5. Klaviyo

Email marketing app for Shopify Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a really effective email marketing and automation tool that provides a 360-degree view of customers and amazing features. This email marketing app for Shopify allows you to segment and analyze your customers, enhance your personalization, automate certain messages, and increase your ROI.


Predictive analytics and growth-centric reporting
The centralized customer profiles help you know a unified view of your customer’s actions, preferences, behaviors, and history. So, you can use this information to deliver more relevant messages and get more sales. 

Extensive pre-built automation and flow
Using pre-built email flows, including abandoned cart and win-back emails to recapture the lost sales.

Powerful integrations
Variety of integrations ranging from shipping solutions to rewards programs, such as Facebook, Yotpo, Privy, ShipStation, and more. 

Best-in-class segmentation
The striking feature of Klaviyo is the ability to target customers based on any event, profile, metric, and even date or location. You can use segmentation to build important customer groups like VIPs and engaged profiles.


A little confusing pricing structure
The pricing depends on the number of contacts. You can estimate your price for email by entering the number of your contacts and clicking on the Calculate button. 

A quite expensive pricing
The price is quite expensive, but the customer support is not as perfect as it should be. 


Free to install
Free up to 500 contacts
Pricing depends on the contact quantity.

Klaviyo Shopify email marketing app pricing

Rating and reviews

4.3/5 with 1001 reviews

6. Jilt email marketing

Jilt email marketing app for Shopify

Jilt is a Shopify email marketing app built to grow sales for your Shopify store. The developers claim that other big brands like Omega Juicers and Tastemade trust Jilt to power their email marketing automation.


Effective email campaigns
You can send newsletters, abandoned cart reminders, win-backs, receipts, shipping notifications, and other automated emails. In addition, it is easy for you to recover more abandoned carts and increase sales with early email capture.

Kind and responsive support
Getting help and guidance from a real global team of eCommerce marketing specialists, who are ready to help your store grow.

Multiple shops and members
One amazing feature of this Shopify email marketing app is allowing you to easily manage multiple Shopify stores from a single Jilt account. More interestingly, you can add your team member (like a developer) to help effectively manage your account. 

Send with your own domain
Jilt allows you to use your own domain to send emails, which increases deliverability and improves conversions of your store.


Lack of A/B testing 
No option to export the contacts


Free plan is available.
Pricing of growth plan based on the total number of contacts. 

Jilt Shopify marketing app pricing

Rating and reviews

4.7/5 with 654 reviews

7. OrderlyEmails

OrderlyEmail email marketing for Shopify 2020

OrderlyEmails is a design tool which supports you to effortlessly customize the emails supported by Shopify. This email marketing app for Shopify does not send any emails itself but instead makes your store’s boring default Shopify email notifications more professional and effective.


Professional email templates
All email templates built solely for Shopify stores, so they include things like multi-currency, product options, and more. You can freely customize the design and wording of each email. 

No subscription fees
Purchasing amazing design templates with a one-time payment, including free updates forever.

Product recommendations and discount codes
All email designs support you to include automated product recommendations and discount code, incentivizing customers to come back and bye from you again automatically. 

Conversion and engagement tracking
One award-winning feature of OrderlyEmails is the ability to show all traffic and sales generated by each email in your Shopify admin’s marketing and conversion reports automatically. 


Limited types of email templated
This email marketing app for Shopify only supports email notifications that Shopify is sending for your store. 

Not support multiple stores
You can only use the email template for the Shopify store that you purchased it for.


Free to install 
Free to try, customize, and test before purchase.
$49 (one-time payment) per theme.

Rating and reviews

4.8/5 with 506 reviews

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Final words

Above is the list of 7 best email marketing for Shopify stores. Not all of them have them have the same features, but using one of them can help you grow a mailing list and send campaigns that will increase your business’s revenue.

Have any questions related to the best email marketing app for Shopify? Which app do you select? Let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear from you!

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