Choosing the best Shopify fashion theme is a very important step in the success of an online store. The most suitable theme will provide your customers with a great shopping experience and good brand impression. Therefore, the conversion rate increases and generates more sales for business owners.

However, not every merchant knows how to choose the best theme for their online stores. That’s why we came up with the list of top 10 best Shopify fashion themes for merchants to start a fashion business on Shopify, and also some tips to find the best theme for you.

Let’s get straight to it immediately.

Shopify fashion themes: 5 essential criterias

Shopify fashion themes 5 essential criterias

Choosing the right theme will bring you not only a good outlook for your online store, but also the best customer’s experiences. A good layout of your website will affect your customers and make a good impact on how they feel and think about your brand.

There are several important aspects to consider when selecting a theme for your fashion store.Therefore Let’s look at some of the features offered by the best Shopify fashion themes.

Product findability

Catalog is very important since it can help merchants to improve the customer’s experience. Rather than making buyers scroll through hundreds of items (which they properly won’t), make sure your theme allows them to filter products by size, color, or other factors.

Rather than making buyers scroll through hundreds of items (which they properly won’t), make sure your theme allows them to filter products by size, color, or other factors.

Featured collections

Featured collections

Displaying and rotating featured collections of products is one of the most important elements for fashion brands. The collections you wish to show will vary depending on the season, the deals you’re having, and other reasons. So it’s very crucial for merchants to find a theme which can update and accommodate immediately.

Beautiful imagery

As a fashion brand, merchants can not go without a beautiful image. Merchants need to choose a theme that provides them with displaying large images on collections, and can change product image depending on variants that customer selected.

Optimized for mobile devices

Mobile e-commerce isn’t the next big thing. It is a phenomenon that’s already happening. Your mobile customers should have the feeling as wonderful as those who browse on computers. So, your theme should be optimized for mobile devices and smaller screens.

Full customization options

Most Shopify themes are very flexible and merchants can customize their shop willingly. However, if there a special features that your brand needs, make sure that your selected theme can be freely modified for your brand

TOP 10 Shopify fashion themes in 2022

DAWN – Shopify fashion theme

We’re getting our list of the best Shopify fashion themes started with Dawn. This leading free fashion Shopify theme comes with an adaptable layout, sitewide-cross selling sections, and optimized media.

Dawn Shopify fashion theme

Highlight features: 

  • Chic and minimalist design: Allow your items to take center stage with huge pictures, clean lines, and simple typefaces that keep customer attention on what matters.
  • Media-forward product page: Large amounts of media can enable your customers to see what your items appear like and get a sense of how they feel.
  • Advanced customization options: Flexible design and customization choices allow you to obtain your desired vision without changing any code..

Pricing: Free.

SPARK – Shopify fashion theme

Designed by Fluorescent Design Inc, Spark is the minimal and elegant Shopify fashion themes. Thus, merchants can develop a sophisticated style to match any niche online store.

Spark Shopify fashion theme

Highlight features: 

  • Beautiful outlook: A stunning visual style. All of the templates, sections, and alternative header styles you’ll need to build confidence and close the deal.
  • Designed for mobile: With a simplified navigation, currency and language choices, and quick page load times, this app is designed to take mobile commerce worldwide.
  • Merchant-friendly: Developed in close collaboration with retailers . With all of the features preferred by experienced Shopify development firms.

Pricing: $250

BE YOURS – Shopify fashion theme

Designed by RoarTheme, Be Yours creates super fast responsive websites with an amazing user experience. This theme provides merchants with many features that make up an elegant online fashion store.

Be yours  Shopify fashion theme

Highlight features: 

  • Provided with more features: 30+ sections are available everywhere, together with product sales points, different landing, product, and collection layouts, etc.
  • Customer-oriented: Be Yours has been recognized for its one-of-a-kind design, which was created with precision and an emphasis on a straightforward user experience.
  • One-product stores: Our customizable sections and different product template support for one-product stores maintain the look consistent with your brand.

Pricing: $180.

DROP – Shopify fashion theme

Produced to focus on optimizing audience anticipation and hype, Drop has within it a countdown timer optimized for new releases, flash sales, and buyer urgency. This theme focuses on improving the customer’s experience and maximizing the conversion rate.

Drop Shopify fashion theme

Highlight features: 

  • Countdown timer: Notifying your clients when your items will be ready may also assist your business develop, increase enthusiasm and excitement among your customers.
  • Numerous functions: Back-in-stock notifications, product badges, and product views are all built in. Moreover, there are several page options available, including FAQ, blog, contact form, and more…

Pricing: $280

ENVY – Shopify fashion theme

Envy is a fully responsive Shopify theme that lets you create a professional-looking online business. This theme has a clean ideal style and high-quality theme. Thus, merchants can use this theme to conduct regular promotions and have best-selling products.

Envy Shopify fashion theme

Highlight features:

  • Unlimited possibilities: 4 pre-designed presets enable you to make up the best theme for your online stores.
  • Highlight your product offers: In addition to the “Shop the Look” feature, you can increase AOV, bundle products without using an app, and improve product discovery.
  • Prominent product options: Provide clients with the information they require on the home page and in collections.

Pricing: $350

EMERGE – Shopify fashion theme

Emerge has a spacious design and is jam-packed with features to work best on many multiple channels. This theme is built to level up your fashion brands and impress new customers.

Emerge Shopify fashion theme

Highlight features:

  • Fashionable and refined: Give your store a contemporary edge which is spacious, uncluttered layouts, large immersive image
  • Effective promotion features: Increase discoverability and conversion rates, promote sales, discounts, and highlighted products across several collection pages.
  • Ready to expand: Loaded with tools that help you establish, develop, and expand your business – while also looking attractive.

Pricing: $250.

AVENUE – Shopify fashion theme

Avenue allows your customers to quickly find the product they want by using filters by brand, type, and other options, right on the homepage. Display custom collection tiles and breadcrumbs within another collection and many more…

Avenue Shopify fashion theme

Highlight features:

  • Advanced Filtering: Skip the applications and add multi-dropdown dynamic filters on your homepage. Save and reuse the same configuration for collection page filters.
  • Sub Collections: A single configuration may be used for collection page menus, breadcrumbs, sliders, and product page sub collection breadcrumbs!
  • Speed does matter: Remove applications to speed up your site and save money each month. On the other hand, Avenue includes Swatches, Filters, Background Video, Pop Ups, and more features.

Pricing: $250.

AVATAR – Shopify fashion theme

Developed and introduced by Skup, Avatar is described as a modern, clean theme for merchants and it’s used to increase your average order value. This theme also supports many catalog size stores and allows merchants to tell your message virtually.

Avatar Shopify fashion theme

Highlight features: 

  • Visual storytelling: Avatar has several features and functionalities. Avatar is most suited to you if you have a huge, high-resolution product image with great themes.
  • Easy buying: A sticky cart, a slide-out cart, and rapid buy capabilities are among the cart features.

Pricing: $220

MOBILIA – Shopify fashion theme

Mobilia allows merchants to tell your shop’s story with custom content. This theme also provides merchants with a modular and an easily configurable homepage. In addition, In the latest upgrade of Mobilia, a menu feature and FAQ template was added.

Mobilia Shopify fashion theme

Highlight features:

  • Home page menu lists: Display menu lists on your store’s front page to make it easier for customers to explore large catalogs.
  • Custom promotion tiles: Merchants can use special promotional tiles to promote promotions, discounts, and highlighted items.
  • Related products: Customers can continue shopping if you display items from the same collection on your product pages.
  • Built for medium-sized catalogs: Best suitable for medium-sized catalog shop.
  • Quick-buy feature: Allow consumers to rapidly add products to their shopping cart without leaving the page they are currently visiting.
  • FAQ page: Customers can find product or brand FAQs on a dedicated FAQ page.

Pricing: $180.

BEYOND – Shopify fashion theme

Built by Troop themes which made the Emerge theme we have mentioned above. Beyond theme is claimed as the most suitable for ethical brands envisioning a more sustainable future.

Beyond Shopify fashion theme

Highlight features: 

  • Designed for impact: Express brand values and ethos via a story-driven design that connects and inspires customers while elevating brand impact.
  • Features make the difference: Packed with tools that improve loyalty, customer retention, and audience growth.
  • Dedicated support: Support that is quick and responsive, devoted to assisting sustainable companies in making a long-term impact.

Pricing: $250.


Hopefully, you can choose one out of 10 best Shopify fashion themes we have listed to start a new fashion business on Shopify.

If you have any problems with starting your fashion brand on Shopify, feel free to contact us. Our team is very pleased to help you with designing fashionable themes and create marketing strategies for your brand.

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