Have you ever shopped on your smartphone or tablet? And imagine how disturbing it will be if the online store is not responsive on your mobile devices. The store presence looks messy and you find it hard to process the checkout for items you want. 

With mobile customers accounting for more than half of all e-commerce traffic, having a mobile-friendly website is a must for the success of online stores. To make sure your store is responsive on mobile devices and delivers the best shopping experiences, you need to find an appropriate theme for it. Don’t drown in the sea of plentiful beautiful Shopify themes, here are the top 10 best Shopify themes for mobile that you can try on in 2022. 

What is the Shopify theme? 

Simply put, Shopify theme is a type of template that influences how your online store displays and feels to visitors. It decides essential parts of the website, including navigation, layout, color schemes, search tools, and so on. Themes come in a variety of designs and layouts and thereby provide unique user experiences.

Your choice of theme is crucial to the business’s success because it affects how you attract, engage, and convert customers. When choosing a Shopify theme, make sure it not only looks great, but also fits your business category, is user-friendly, and works well on both desktop and mobile devices.

Why does your online store need a mobile responsive Shopify theme?

Potential of mobile shopping 

In fact, mobile eCommerce shopping has been on the rise in recent years. In 2021, it is estimated that mobile commerce will cover 72.9% of total eCommerce sales. One-third of consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by product research on their cell phones. Around 77% of American customers use their mobile while shopping in stores to compare prices.

Mobile eCommerce statistics

There is no doubt that the number of people who browse products, read product reviews, and shop online on their phones is massively increasing. Cell phone buying is preferred over other channels due to its simplicity, convenience, and even additional incentives.

In today’s mobile shopping shift, businesses need to adapt to the trend and ensure that customers have exceptional store experiences on their mobile devices. If you want to get more sales and minimize bounce rates, you should prioritize having a mobile-friendly Shopify theme for your online store. 

Deliver smooth buying experience & drive conversions

When it comes to mobile shopping, the unoptimized website on their phones frustrates customers the most and drives them away quickly. Your customers may browse your online stores on smartphones or tablets in different screen sizes. But if you want to convert more mobile shoppers, your site needs to include easy-to-click buttons, a simplified check-out flow, and photos that display great even on a small mobile screen. 

Smooth mobile experience

A mobile responsive theme rest assured that customers have a seamless buying experience on their phones or on desktops. And if they are satisfied with the experience, they’re likely to keep coming back and be loyal to your brand. 

Makes your website ranking higher 

Regarding the search platform, it is reported that 48% of consumers use their smartphones to start a search engine. And let’s guess where people search most when they intend to buy something. It’s absolutely Google. With a higher ranking on Google search results, you can get more organic traffic and engage with more potential customers. 

Google switched to mobile-first indexing in 2020, which means its crawlers scan all websites as all mobile devices. With mobile-first indexing, Google Search primarily uses a page’s mobile content for creating its search index and ranking. As a result, choosing a mobile-friendly Shopify theme will help your ecommerce business be indexed faster and rank higher on Google.

Top 10 best Shopify theme for mobile 

If you are running a Shopify store, it is easy to visit theme.shopify.com to look around attractive themes. But sometimes, you may be drowning in too many options and can’t decide which one matches your brand characteristics but is still responsive on both desktop and mobile devices. Don’t worry, below are top 8 best Shopify theme suggestions you can take into account for your online store. 

Symmetry – Shopify mobile theme

When it comes to the top Shopify theme for mobile, Symmetry deserves to be nominated on that list because of its modern and user-friendly design. This theme is great for fashion, beauty, fitness and creation business. 

The signature comes from its large image size and powerful filtering tool. If your products have many variants, this theme is the best of choice. Four responsive styles of Symmetry theme including Chantilly, Salt Yard, Beatnik and Duke are both perfectly fit for your mobile store.

Symmetry Shopify theme for mobile
Mobile view
Symmetry website
Web view

Highlight features

  • Responsive on all device
  • Powerful collection filtering tool 
  • Multiple page templates
  • Various design options

Price: $300 USD

What users say about this theme

“We purchased this theme in 2015, and had it heavily customized to suit our needs. It is an absolutely brilliant theme. Almost 7 years on, we’re ready to use the most recent and updated version, as it has had some great features included over time. One thing that went beyond my expectations, was the customer support. Absolutely exceptional.” – Iron Tanks 

Venue – Mobile optimized Shopify theme

Venue is an easy-to-use and flexible theme for businesses in many different categories. The competency of this theme is that it supports the sale of age-restricted products such as lottery tickets, alcohol, and tobacco. In addition, it offers 4 neutral styles consisting of Morning, Evening, Twilight, and Weekend. The buying experience in Venue theme store on smartphones is pretty smooth and get no burdens.

Venue - Shopify theme for mobile
Mobile view
Venue website
Web view

Highlight features

  • Dedicated customer support
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Provide 21 superb sections 
  • Powerful product page blocks 

Price: $280

What users say about this theme

“I really like the Venue theme! It allowed me to make a major upgrade to my store from my previous theme. Love the edge-to-edge slideshow, zoom animations of photos, border animations, scrolling testimonials, the many format options for integrating text with photos, and all the customization capabilities available to create custom page templates. And the developer has really great customer service!” – SnapHouse

Highlight – Best mobile Shopify theme

Highlight is a great theme for online stores that pursue creativity and profession in their website. It is often fit for art, entertainment, health and beauty businesses. Especially, the layout of Highlight enables users to show visual brand storytelling and grab visitors’ attention with longer-form text sections. 

What makes the theme stand out is its parallax vertical slider and asymmetrical Product Grid. This turns your website to be an aesthetic and unique gallery. When viewing this theme on mobile phones, all products are easy to click and check out.

Highlight - Shopify theme for mobile
Mobile view
Highlight website
Web view

Highlight features

  • Quick setup 
  • Support editorial content and visual storytelling
  • Enriched product description
  • Creative slider and product grid

Price: $250

What users say about this theme

“Highlight is absolutely fantastic and versatile theme. Minimal yet functional. The smart and sleek design make the options unlimited to showcase the products and the brand concept. Special thanks to Adi and the team for always being there to help.”– EdWonder


Crave is a super eye-catching theme that is best appropriate for food and drink business. The strong point of this theme is its vibrant and playful design. You can easily customize your store with bold colors and distinct shadows that attract attention from visitors while showcasing the personality of your brand. With optimized mobile layouts, Crave can make your mobile shoppers satisfied from the very first time browsing the store. 

Crave - Shopify theme for mobile
Mobile view
Crave website
Web view

Highlight feature

  • Flexible design and customization options
  • Designed to showcase images to support visual brand storytelling
  • Responsive on desktop and mobile devices
  • Support any catalog size

Price: Free

What users say about this theme

“I believe this theme might be it for me. I love it! It is fantastic, clean, professional looking, and it is worth it! I am so impressed w/the 2.0 themes.” – Shop On In

Providence – Mobile friendly Shopify theme

Providence is a clean, no-distraction theme and focused on conversions. It is most suitable for electronics, fitness, business equipment and supplies. The layout of Providence is simple and classic but effective to showcase your products and drive sales. This theme is not only user-friendly but also responsive on any device.

Providence Shopify theme for mobile
Mobile view
Providence website
Web view

Highlight features 

  • Easy to setup and customize
  • Fit for any catalog size
  • Dedicated customer support

Price: $200

What users say about this theme

“We could not be happier with this theme’s developer, Skup. Their support and developer teams are phenomenal! They always go above and beyond to handle our requests in a timely fashion. They are quick to respond and very pleasant to talk to. Paul, Tina, and the developer team at Skup were amazing! A big shout out and thank you to the teams at Skup!”– YES HIM Education

Reach – Mobile first Shopify theme

Reach is a mobile-first theme that helps you expand your reach. It is designed specifically for smaller devices and mobile commerce so you can rest assured that mobile shoppers have the best buying experience. This theme enables you to tailor animations and icon styles to create a more playful experience. In addition, you can feature product images in customer testimonials, and link directly to the product page.

Reach - Shopify theme for mobile
Mobile view
Reach website
Web view

Highlight features

  • Mobile first design 
  • Image, icon, and animation effects
  • Product focused testimonials 
  • Collage style layout
  • Social sharing options 

Price: $180 

What users say about this theme: 

“Reach is a gorgeous, trending theme with many options for tweaking the design. I especially appreciated the tech support from Pixel Union. They were quick and responsive and even expedited my requested. I’d recommend working with any of Pixel Union themes!” – Lavish Picnics Kamloops


Testament describes itself as a conversion-focused and mobile-optimized theme for fast online shopping. It is the best to fit for clothing, accessories, health & beauty, home and garden businesses. The strength of this theme is that your customers can quick view and add products into carts right on the homepage. Furthermore, the product recommendations on the product page help you increase the average cart total and thereby leverage your revenue. 

Testament - Shopify theme for mobile
Mobile view
Testament website
Web view

Highlight features

  • Quick view feature
  • Product recommendations on product page
  • Convenient to showcase large catalogs
  • Smooth loading speed

Price: $240 

What users say about this theme

“I just requested help with customizing some code for a home page section. Technically not their responsibility to provide something that’s not part of their package, but they gave me a workaround and it was quick response and it works fantastically.” – Fair Indigo

Story – Mobile optimized Shopify theme

Story is a storytelling theme that is optimized for mobile commerce. It gives you the tools you need to organize your catalog with collection nativa and the new filtering tools from Online Store 2.0. Moreover, the layout and function of this theme are designed to deliver the best mobile experience to your customers. 

Story mobile
Mobile view
Story website
Web view

Highlight features

  • Fixed navigation menu
  • Subcollections & filtering tool
  • Mobile first design 
  • Diverse sections and templates

Price: $250

What users say about this theme

“I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve looked at all the paid theme numerous times. I’ve tried a few of them without publishing but found they didn’t have exactly what I was looking for. This theme is so good! Beautiful, professional looking with tons of features. It is a theme that I can grow with. Very easy to customize. A bonus being if you have a logo it puts it front and center and big!” – Cat & Oak Soap Den LLC


Spark is a good theme choice for direct-to-consumer brands, drop-shippers and first-time merchants. It offers you more than 20 sections, alternative header and navigation styles to customize your unique website. With the mobile only image uploads, you can easily fine tune your photos for the smallest screen. Especially, the insanely fast loading speed of Spark makes everybody say wow. 

Spark Shopify theme for mobile
Mobile view
Spark website
Web view

Highlight features

  • Fully responsive and search engine optimized
  • Drop down currency converter & Language picker 
  • 20+ drag-and-drop feature sections 
  • Collection filters, recommended products, quick buy options
  • Fast loading speed

Price: $250 

What users say about this theme

“It looks great and it’s well written. I’m a developer who’s been hired to modify this theme for a client. It’s been easy to work on because it’s very organized, has a lot of flexibility, and is not overly complicated. I really appreciate the attention to detail.” – Hattie & George


Pipeline provides users with a smart design optimized for mobile commerce. It allows you to customize the website with various eye-catching sections. Besides, Pipeline gives you the tools you need to organize your catalog with subcollections and the smart filtering tools let customers easily select the items they want. The upsell widget showing on both product page and mini cart help you increase the average order value effortlessly. 

Pipeline mobile
Mobile view
Pipeline website
Web view

Highlight features

  • Various eye-catching sections
  • Smart filtering tool
  • Cart upsell feature
  • Mobile responsive layout

Price: $280

What users say about this theme

“Brilliant Theme & outstanding support. Customising this theme for my client was extremely easy, plenty of flexible and intuitive design options. Really impressive marketing opportunities. But what I’m most impressed with is the support offered by Groupthought. Quick response times, happy to help with custom requests, and really thorough support documentation to help you use the theme.” – Pearl Beauty Cosmetics

Final words

With more and more people shopping on their smartphones, your online store should have a mobile responsive theme that delivers the best experiences to customers. So hope that the top 10 Shopify themes for mobile above are helpful for you and fit your needs and your budget. 

If you have any questions or need help in setting up your store from scratch, feel free to contact us via live chat or send an email to [email protected]. Our team is happy to help you!  

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