Selecting a Shopify theme, like any other business type, is the first step in building a single product online store from scratch. You don’t have the second chance to make the first impression. And honestly, the first impression is crucial as it can make or break your sale. With a nice and suitable theme, it is more likely that the first point of contact when customers browse your website is great. 

Aiming to help merchants to build and customize their online store to their liking, Shopify offers a lot of themes available that fit any budget and industry. You can easily access the Shopify Theme store, try the theme on your store, and just need to pay the fee if your store is live. But it may make you feel lost and time-consuming to test among various options. In this post, we will put you at ease with the top 8 best single product Shopify themes in 2022.

Top 8 best single product Shopify theme


Narrative is a free theme that is ideal for stores with a single product, or a small number of products. Its design is intuitive and best for visual storytelling. You can easily showcase the finer details of your product with customizable image blocks, quote slides, and more. Besides, this theme offers a fixed navigation menu so your customers can have the best browsing experience. 

Narrative - single product Shopify theme

Highlight features

  • Easy to set up
  • Fixed navigation
  • Autoplay, fullscreen video at the top of the home page
  • Vertical slideshow and wide layout 

Price: Free

Theme Style: Earthy, Warm, Light Cold 

What users say about this theme

“This theme is by far one of the best free themes for startups with single products or small catalogs. It is simple, modern, and really highlights your product.” On Track 


Simple is a clean and minimal theme, perfect for displaying your single product. With this theme, you can give customers a closer look and extra product details when they hover over an image. One of the most necessary things for one product store is to show product images from various angles. And Simple really comes in handy as it makes the photos more attractive with a sleek and transition effect.

Simple theme

Highlight features

  • Easy to set up
  • Sidebar menu
  • Product recommendations
  • Product image zoom & image animation 

Price: Free

Theme Style: Light, Beauty, Toy 

What users say about this theme

“This is the best theme I ever used. The loading time is very short, which will increase conversion“Cakra EDC Gadgets


Launch enables users to highlight the technical specifications and product details on product pages and the homepage. The theme is suitable for single-line product stores in the fitness, home, sports, and recreation industry. Plus, you can easily promote your brand and products by sharing videos and testimonials. 

Launch - single product Shopify theme

Highlight features

  • Quick setup
  • Feature Youtube or Vimeo video
  • Fast loading speed
  • Customizable color schemes

Price: $220

Theme Style: Cool, Fresh, Bold

What users say about this theme

“Awesome theme, clean, nice and easy to customize. Great support team, special thanks to Corey for quick help.”DO-YU Accessories


Maker is not a bad choice for single-product stores. It is mostly used for art, entertainment, clothing, and health businesses. With Maker, you can engage audiences with editorial-based layouts, bold typography, and stand-out hero sections. The layout is suitable to showcase big, bold imagery and support for visual storytelling. 


Highlight features

  • Easy to customize
  • Various promotion features
  • Editorial blogging features
  • Long-form text sections

Theme Style: Bloom, Fashion, Luna

Price: $250

What users say about this theme

“Quick supper from the team. The theme is easy to navigate, Yet if the way to show pictures on each product page is updated, that can be better. Currently, it is displayed by sequences. Instead, if the function is sliding from pics to pics, it will give a better experience for customers. In general, I am happy with the theme” SYF


Debut is a simple but high applicable theme for one product business. The design and layout are intuitive which is easy for customers to understand what products you are selling. What makes Debut stand out is that you can use it to engage local shoppers by showing where items are available for pickup — right from the product page.

Debut theme

Highlight features

  • Homepage video
  • Pick up availability feature
  • Product filtering &
  • Promotional banner 

Price: Free

Theme Style: Light, Default

What users say about this theme

“Don’t let the name fool you. This is one of a kind theme. Lots of customization options if you fully explore it. Definitely good for the Jewelry & accessories stores out there. Especially at the start when you are building your catalogs. I switched from boundless to debut and saw an improvement in my conversion rates.”


Startup is a perfect theme for Direct-to-Consumer focused brands with small catalogs. Its design is modern and appropriate to shine your single product in the spotlight of the website. In addition, you can showcase the key features and benefits of your product on both the homepage and product page. Also, it is simple to highlight your customer review with the highly customizable testimonials section. 

Startup - single product Shopify theme

Highlight features 

  • Quick Setup
  • Customizable customer review section
  • FAQ page 
  • Modular-style home page

Price: $220

Theme Style: Tech, Travel, Cloth, Home

What users say about this theme

“I chose the startup theme because of its ease of use and speed with which I could get my website up and running. I love the OS 2.0 upgrade which makes all pages as customizable as the home page. It’s literally drag-and-drop and changes take minutes. Customer service is responsive and gives you the exact solution you need. Thank you Corey for giving me the CSS tips to modify the look of my site!”Forshelli


As its name suggests, Motion is a theme that brings your brand to life with animation and video. Every part of your store can smoothly animate into view, capturing customers’ attention and conveying a premium look and feel. There are more than 20 premade sections available for you to select and design your website. 

Motion - single product Shopify theme

Highlight features 

  • 20+ sections for customization 
  • Various image, text and page transition animation 
  • Fast loading speed
  • Beautiful and flexible collection collage options

Price: $320

Theme Style: Classic, Elegant, Minimal

What users say about this theme

“Motion is a beautiful theme that keeps improving with every update. So easy to use, support documents really clear to enable customisation. I had to email support after a recent update and they were so quick and helpful. Great value for money, especially with such a responsive support team, I couldn’t be more pleased.”Undo Candles


Brooklyn is a basic theme with a focus on brand imagery. You can showcase your single product or brand images at the top of your home page. Plus, it is also easy to tell your story by featuring a YouTube or Vimeo video front and center. And this theme is totally free but rest assured that it still works with the latest Shopify features. 

Brooklyn theme

Highlight features

  • Easy to customize
  • Eye-catching header slideshow
  • Feature Youtube or Vimeo video on homepage
  • Slide-out cart
  • Dynamic product grid 

Price: Free

Theme Style: Classic, Playful 

What users say about this theme: 

“A GREAT THEME! It was a really good starting point to create a nice looking store, that can be tweaked and upgraded with coding if you need to down the line. We have developed this theme somewhat to what it is now”FITSIX

In conclusion 

Above are our 8 suggestions for the best single product Shopify theme. Hopefully, you can save your time and money in choosing the perfect theme for your one product store from this list. Don’t hesitate to share the list with your friends or partners who wish. 

If you have any questions or need assistance in selecting the theme and customizing it for your online store, feel free to contact us now via live chat or send an email to [email protected]. Our team is happy to help! 

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