When it comes to making business decisions to move your business in the right direction, accurate store data is crucial. There are no exceptions for online businesses. Whether you sell products on Shopify or any e-commerce platform, you are going to need a reliable system to manage your finances. This is where Xero comes into play! 

OneSaaS is a connector app trusted by many Xero users looking for automatic accounting for their Shopify store. 

However, with the recent acquisition of OneSaaS by Intuit QuickBooks, this app (is now called OneSaas by Quickbooks) no longer works for Xero users anymore. The customers who are using OneSaaS to integrate Shopify store data into Xero are now forced to look for alternative solutions! 

We can help!

Jump into the below section to discover how Xero Integration by AllFetch is a proper alternative solution for OneSaaS!

Why Xero Integration by AllFetch is a great OneSaaS alternative?

Among many Xero connector apps available, what makes Xero Integration by AllFetch outstanding is that it is tailored for your Shopify store. Deeply understanding of Shopify e-commerce platform, every app feature is specialized for correctly integrating your e-commerce financials data with Xero. 

Seamlessly and accurately sync store data to Xero

Proudly being a Xero official partner, our app supports syncing different information from your Shopify store to Xero correctly. So, you can streamline your back office and focus more on growing your e-commerce business. 

Each order you sync from Shopify to Xero automatically includes product line item, customer information, shipping, discounts, and taxes. If you are using Shopify Payments, the transaction fee is also recorded accurately on Xero. 

With Xero Integration by AllFetch, you can assign payment accounts to multiple payment processors and sync them separately to Xero. 

Eliminate headaches when switching from OneSaaS

One of the biggest questions when choosing an alternative app for OneSaaS is whether it negatively affects your data or not. With our app, you no need to worry about it anymore. 

Rest assured that whatever the Xero connector app, like OneSaaS, you’ve used in the past, your data will not be affected at all when you switch to our app. Xero Integration by AllFetch will power you to sync both historical and current sales accurately.

Just simply set the date range and start the synchronization process. All your previous Shopify sales data will be reconciled to Xero without any extra work.

One-time setup & easy configuration

Enjoy seamless data synchronization with just a few steps below. The setup process couldn’t be easier!

  • Connect Xero Integration by AllFetch app with your Xero account. 
  • Map your Shopify accounts to Xero in General settings.
  • Select the Automatically Sync option

You are done! Your data will be accurately synchronized to Xero. You no longer have to waste time on manual data entry. Our app automates this process & accomplishes what normally took hours in a few seconds.

You can also choose to do it manually at your convenience if you prefer. All you need to do is select the date range, click the sync button, and see all your synchronized data in Xero. 

Try Xero Integration By AllFetch For Free

Ready to get started with the reliable, simple, and affordable Xero connector app by AllFetch? 

If you are still confused about duplicated data synchronization when transiting over to a new Xero connector app, we carefully prepare best practices that you should follow to seamlessly migrate your data from OneSaas to AllFetch Xero Integration app.

Explore this app today with a free plan available! Forget about time-consuming accounting tasks and stay focused on growing your Shopify store! 

Our dedicated customer support team is here to help you have a clear picture of the data synchronization process. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

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