best Shopify affiliate apps
Top 7 best Shopify affiliate apps for your business in 2021

Affiliate marketing is a prominent way for promoting your brand and increasing revenue. Since we live in a digital era, the majority of customer buying decisions are largely influenced by key opinion leaders (KOLs) or Internet influencers. Many online shops

best shopify booking apps
5 best Shopify booking apps in 2021

Best Shopify booking apps are necessary tool if you run a service-based business on Shopify. It saves you time and effort in managing customers coming into your store, as well as making the booking process easier for customers. On the

Top 6 best Shopify newsletter apps to grow your subscribers in 2021

A popular marketing practice that helps to better engage potential customers is sending a newsletter. Most companies now use newsletters to communicate with their customers about new products, special offers, and other items. But how can you know if your

top 5 best shopify wholesale apps
Top 5 best Shopify wholesale apps that you should know

It is clear that wholesale orders bring out lots of profits for business. However, serving both retail and wholesale customers in a store is very complicated and challenging. So that’s why many Shopify wholesale apps were born to help you

6 best shopify crm platforms
6 best Shopify CRM platforms to increase your sales

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a unique tool that allows you to effectively manage customer data and increase revenue. The more your store grows, the more customer-related tasks you’ll have to handle. As a result, integrating a CRM software into

5 best shopify shipping apps
5 best Shopify shipping apps for better customer experience

Shopify shipping apps are what many online merchants looking for to better customer experience. Shipping hasn’t ever been an easy task and demands much effort. You’ll need to consider how you deliver products to your customers, how to manage shipping

Top 5 best Shopify live chat apps
Top 5 best Shopify live chat apps in 2021

It will be good news for you if your online store gets a high volume of traffic. It shows that a large number of people are visiting your store and maybe potential customers. However, with great power comes great responsibility,

6 best loyalty program apps
6 best Shopify loyalty program apps for your business

Shopify loyalty program apps are a great tactic to increase customer satisfaction, raise company revenues, and ensure loyal customers return your store. There are various activities in loyalty programs that you can apply in your store such as providing loyalty

top 7 best shopify popup apps
Top 7 best Shopify popup apps with free plan available

As a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, a great number of enterprises have converted to eCommerce businesses. This increases the potential and competitiveness of doing business on the internet. To stand out from the crowd, you need to adapt apps

top 5 best shopify apps for dropshipping
Top 5 best Shopify apps for dropshipping in 2021

Shopify is the greatest choice for your own online store if you want to run a dropshipping business because of its low cost and “everything in one place” layout. You’ll get access to attractive design tools, thousands of applications, and

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