Optimize store design for holiday seasons
How to Optimize Your Shopify Store Design for Holiday Season?

There’s a lot happening in the world – a lot of uncertainty and unique challenges – but one thing we can count on is that the holidays are not canceled. People are getting ready to search the webs for gifts

holiday marketing ideas
5 Clever Holiday Marketing Ideas to Rocket Your Sales (2022)

Already got the holiday shopping fever? Well, even if you haven’t, your customers sure have. This year, the selling season is expected to kick off earlier and last longer. This means that if you want to ramp up your holiday

holiday shopping seasons insights
2021 Holiday Retail Forecasts and Customer Insights

2020 brought a holiday shopping season, unlike anything we’ve seen before. Most businesses shut down from the pandemic, and shoppers stayed home and shopped on the web, resulting in a 32.2% growth in online sales compared to 2019. This year,

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