What is the best Google Shopping app for Shopify 2020
What is the best Google Shopping app for Shopify 2020?

As we mentioned in the previous blog: What is Google Shopping? How to set up Google Merchant Center for Shopify?, we’ve discussed Google Shopping benefits and how to have a correct Google Merchant – Shopify setup. And the next move

Top 5 shopify gift card apps 2020
Top 5 Shopify gift card apps – Best way to gift on Holiday 2020

As we mentioned in the previous blog: How to sell gift cards on Shopify? Best way to Start a Gift Store, we’ve known about the definition of gift cards on Shopify, why they are important, and how to sell them

What is Google Shopping How to set up Google Merchant Center for Shopify
What is Google Shopping? How to set up Google Merchant Center Shopify?

From April 21st, 2020, Google officially announced that its users are able to list and sell products on Google Shopping for free. The main reason for this decision is that Google wants to support many store owners around the world

Shopify Coming Soon page
Shopify Coming Soon Page: Definition, Benefits and How-tos

You have already created your Shopify account and you are working hard to get your store ready for launch. Yet until you learn how to create a Shopify coming soon page, you are missing out on a great opportunity to

Impressive shopify store name ideas
How to have Best Shopify store name ideas for your business?

Your name is the first impression for customers to recognize your brand. The best products, perfect services, and engaging marketing will go a long way in building brand loyalty⁠ – however, it won’t be enough if your customers can’t remember

Xero Shopify Integration App
5 Best Shopify Xero Integration apps to make Accounting Easier

Running an online store may not be an easy process. Whether you are selling your products through Shopify or any other e-commerce platform, you are going to need a stable system to manage your finances. This is where Xero comes

shopify themes customization
Shopify theme customization guidelines 2020

Creating a well-known brand is not an easy task for any brand manager nowadays. With the fierce competition out there, there is just a single method to get to know clients – being interesting and taking the necessary steps to

account software
Top 5 Most powerful accounting software for small businesses in the US

Are you scared about losing track of your business’s finances? Fortunately, these best accounting software for small businesses can help you organize expenses, bill clients, and keep an eye on your bottom line. The tip is finding accounting software with

shopify facebook shops connect
Shopify Tips: Combine the power of Shopify on Facebook to boost your sales

Shopify is now a large eCommerce platform that has a huge amount of merchants. They also powered the Facebook Shop and Facebook Marketplace channel by integrating it with Facebook features, so Shopify merchants stand to have an easier time maintaining

best Shopify email marketing app 2019 2020
7 Best Shopify Email Marketing apps for Ecommerce 2019 – 2020

Are you looking for the best Shopify email marketing app 2020? Or perhaps, you want to take your email marketing to the next level and use automation to increase the sales of your online store? Whatever the situation might be,

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