how to create a shopify staff account
How to create a Shopify staff account [Latest version 2022]

If you are a store owner, it would be overloaded for only you to manage the whole business without support from other people. But at Shopify, you can easily hire staff to do many tasks for you. Because you are

how to delete orders on Shopify
How to delete orders on Shopify in 1 minute

Many online businesses find it difficult to manage enormous amounts of orders from all around the world. When dealing with large amounts of data, it may be necessary to delete a few archived or canceled orders from your purchase history

How to customize checkout page Shopify - AllFetch
How to customize checkout page in Shopify [Guideline 2022]

Customizing a checkout page matching with business themes is the desire of many online store owners. With a few clicks you can easily change the style of your checkout page from simple default design to a more attractive and unique

Shopify theme customization guidelines
Shopify theme customization guidelines 2022

Creating a well-known brand is not an easy task for any brand manager nowadays. With the fierce competition out there, there is just a single method to get to know clients – being interesting and taking the necessary steps to

How to set up Google Analytics on Shopify – Simple guideline

One difficult thing when running an online store is to figure out customer’s behavior and how they think about your website. To win a sale, you need to deeply understand the customer’s insight to provide suitable products/ services.  Google Analytics

Optimize store design for holiday seasons
How to Optimize Your Shopify Store Design for Holiday Season?

There’s a lot happening in the world – a lot of uncertainty and unique challenges – but one thing we can count on is that the holidays are not canceled. People are getting ready to search the webs for gifts

Shopify Coming Soon page
Shopify Coming Soon Page: Definition, Benefits and How-tos

You have already created your Shopify account and you are working hard to get your store ready for launch. Yet until you learn how to create a Shopify coming soon page, you are missing out on a great opportunity to

Shopify order status page
7 Tips Optimize your Shopify Order Status Page to Additional sales

An online customer comes to your eCommerce store, adds a product to their cart, and completes a purchase. Then with the Shopify order status page, you thank them for shopping and finish the selling process. However, do you know that

Shopify Tutorial: How to connect Shopify to Facebook Shops
Shopify Tutorial: How to connect Shopify to Facebook Shops?

At the end of this May, Facebook has announced the launch of Facebook Shops, a way for businesses to set up free shoppable storefronts on Facebook. Facebook is designing it to turn the social network into a top-tier shopping destination,

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