One of the first thoughts you can come up with when customizing your Shopify store is “What theme should I choose?”. Among the most important factors you are considering about a theme such as Product & catalog size, Built-in SEO features, Support from the developers, the theme loading speed is also very important that needs your consideration.

So, if you still wonder how to choose a fast theme for your online store, we are here with you. We have listed the top 5 fastest Shopify themes in 2022 to explain why Shopify store speed matters and how to choose the fastest and perfect themes. Let’s find out!

Why does Shopify page speed matter?

Why does Shopify page speed matter

Time is gold! The less time a customer spends to wait for your site, the more money and revenue you can earn. Your online store’s speed makes a huge impact on the customer’s shopping experience, your conversion rate, and your store’s discoverability.

Customer experience and conversion

79% of customers who are dissatisfied with a website’s performance are less likely to buy from them again. Every second your site loads, you will lose 7%+ on the conversion rate. Faster site means you have more chances to make your customers happy and increase your sales at the same time. 

Site discoverability

Slow-loading sites also negatively affect your searchability. With paid search, for example, slow landing pages lower your Google AdWords Quality Score, resulting in a higher cost-per-click. Search engine optimization (SEO) experts will also tell you that slow pages hinder organic rankings across all devices.

The better page loading speed, the higher rank you get in the search results page. That’s how to get more traffic and reach out to more potential customers. 

How to improve your site speed with a fast Shopify theme?

There are several factors impacting your online store speed. One of the critical factors that you can control is your store theme.

You can make Shopify stores quicker by using the optimized theme.The less weight your actual file is, the faster your Shopify theme proceeds. Smaller size means less information needed to download and it also means that the speed of rending is much faster.

That is, your Shopify theme has the capacity to reduce browser loading speed by utilizing less javascript and displaying web pages in less time.

So, with these factors in mind, let’s talk about how you improve your website performance with the list of top 5 fastest Shopify themes in more details  

The top 5 fastest Shopify themes

Turbo – Fastest Shopify themes

TURBO - Fastest Shopify themes

The Out of the Sandbox team’s Turbo theme is one of the preferred choices among users. This theme focuses on maximizing the speed performance of your Shopify site, as you could have guessed from the name. Your eCommerce site will be super-fast thanks to the browser’s incredible loading speed and caching features, resulting in satisfied visitors and even happier prospective customers!

Turbo has a lot of features that other themes don’t. Functional sidebar filters, product sorting, and color swatches placed under the product thumbnails are among them. On your collection pages, Turbo additionally provides you with full-width banners.

Highlight features:

  • Super fast navigation: Turbo will attempt to predict which website a user will visit next in order to begin loading that page in the background. As a consequence, when the user clicks the link, the page will load partially or completely.
  • Ludicrous or Sport: Choose one of two performance modes: Ludicrous or Sport. Each choice is designed to keep your site running as quickly as possible while also ensuring that it performs as smoothly as possible.
  • Mega-menu with multi-column submenus: To organize collections, create up to five complex mega menu layouts, each with up to five columns of customized information.
  • CSS customization: Make changes to section designs directly in the Theme Editor to better customize your site.
  • Upgrade product’s layouts: Include tabs, create special sections, add videos, and place a part or all of your product description below the fold or behind the product image.
  • Search prediction: Enable Predictive Search, which allows clients to auto-complete and see search results as they input the information.
  • Built-in newsletter popup: The helpful Popup feature may be used to motivate clients to join up for your newsletter, to educate them about new products or campaigns, or to offer deals and discounts.

Pricing: $400

Shella – Fastest Shopify themes

Shella - Fastest Shopify themes

Shella is a Shopify multipurpose theme that is fast and responsive, as well as offering some additional features at a reasonable price. This is a theme designed mostly for fashion websites, such as clothing, shoes, and accessories, but it may be used for other types of eCommerce. Four new skins have been added to the newest version that are suitable for food stores,  furniture cosmetic stores,…

Highlight features: 

  • RTL support: Shella supports Arabic, Herbrew, Persian and Urdu. These languages will help merchants to expand their business to the world.
  • Layout and display: Shella is used to showcase your products by designing layouts with full-screen sliders and video players. You may customize individual product pages and product category pages by using one of the numerous eCommerce themes available.
  • Page customization: Using the builder tool, you may create your own designs. You may create one-of-a-kind banners, personalized slideshows, and your own color schemes to differentiate your company from the competitors.
  • Latest trend: This theme is continuously updated to follow the latest trends and style.

Pricing: $79

Fastor – Fastest Shopify themes

FASTOR - Fastest Shopify themes

Fastor is also considered one of the best and fastest Shopify themes. This theme provides merchants with high-quality, speed-optimized user experience and 87 pre-designed templates. Fastor provides your visitors and customers with a lightning-fast loading experience. It develops a clean, compressed code that makes the site load as fast as possible. 

Highlight features:

  • Built-in popup: To keep users interested and increase the conversion rates, deploy the notification function. You may use the popups function to alert users to new items and special offers.
  • Live-search option: It has an auto-complete feature to assist users in entering the essential information so that they can find certain items on your website.
  • Themes: This theme provides you with the flexibility and adaptability you need to personalize the design of your own site. It also provides the chance to experiment with the pre-built samples.
  • Mobile optimized: Redesigned mobile menu provides merchants with more space and more options on the phone screen

Pricing: $56

Shoptimized – Fastest Shopify themes

SHOPTIMIZED - Fastest Shopify themes

Shoptimized is another recommended fastest Shopify theme. This theme provides merchants with not only fast loading site’s speed, but also help merchants to improve the conversion and engagement. 

This theme contains outstanding checkout, homepage, search, and product lists. It is mobile device optimized, making it user-friendly and incredibly functional. Anyone, regardless of industry or company size, may use Shoptimized and get the benefits that this theme provides.

Highlight features: 

  • Sales conversion timer: Merchants may attach a tag to any product for which they wish to show a countdown timer. Starting by entering a number of days or hours and wait for it to come near to zero, the statistics will show. When clients interest in products that is accessible for a limited time visit your sites, this function will keep their attention.
  • Stock scarcity: When you put it into practice, it has two effects on your clients. To begin with, it creates a sense of urgency by implying that if supplies run out, visitors would be unable to obtain the goods they desire. Second, it has a social proof function, which shows that other people have previously purchased the item.
  • Video included: The majority of the themes include the products videos in their descriptions. Shoptimized, on the other hand, allows retailers to include a video with a photograph of their items.

Pricing: $167

Flex – Fastest Shopify themes

FLEX - Fastest Shopify themes

The Flex is a game changer. This theme provides merchants with the flexibility, multiple layouts, good control over settings, and powerful CSS to allow them to customize the theme in different ways. Flex was built on the very successful principles of the Turbo theme.

Highlight features:

  • Advanced CSS: Flex’s CSS features enable you to add custom CSS elements to various sections of your site directly from the theme editor. Styles can also be applied to elements within a section without leaving the current page.
  • Multiple layouts: Flex’s limitless customization options allow you to be as creative as you want with your Shopify site. You may design your own homepage or use one of the six pre-built example shop layouts – either way, everything is designed to be as simple and adaptable as possible!
  • Header and footer options: Choose between Classic, Centered, Search Focus, and Vertical headers, as well as a variety of other options such as alignment. You may also write your own CSS. Use content blocks to build alternative footer layouts.

Getting Shopify speed optimization help

So, this is where we end this list on the fastest Shopify themes. All the above Shopify themes are super-fast and come with valuable features, functions and the optimization options essential for setting up and managing an ecommerce business successfully.

If you’re looking for more help with your Shopify speed or have any trouble in choosing your suitable theme, feel free to contact us. Our team of Shopify Speed Optimization experts can help you speed up your website over and above what a fast theme will do.

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