Product type is a category that is used to organize and filter products in your Shopify store. If you are offering diverse kinds of products, it will be necessary to use product type for creating automatic collections. When you add a new product labeled with a specific product type, it will automatically be included in the collection labeled with that product type. 

Besides, adding product type for your products will make it simple for customers to locate their desired ones. If you are searching for how to add product type to your Shopify, you are in the right place. Let this post help you find out the answer. 

Step 1: Log in your Shopify and click on Products section

From your Shopify admin account, please enter Products section > click on All Products > press Add product button

Log in your Shopify and click on Products section

Step 2: Add product type 

Filling in all details about your product including title, description, product media, pricing, inventory, etc 

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fill in product details

From the Organization section in the right-hand side panel, simply enter the Product Type name which will be kept for future use.

To use an existing Product Type, select it from the drop-down menu by clicking on its name.

enter the Product Type name

Step 3: Click on Save button

To complete the process and save all changes, remember to click on Save button.

click on save button to complete add product type


By adding product type, you can save time grouping products into collections and manage them more effectively. Besides, customers can easily filter and sort the product they want in the search bar. 

Have you cleared up how to add product type to your Shopify? Let’s share your feelings about this tutorial with us in the comment box below. 

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