It’s difficult to get noticed in the Internet age, but it could be even more difficult for your company if you ignore how people can find and share information about what you’re doing. You should be concerned about your Shopify store URL, particularly your domain name, because it reveals a lot about who visits your site.

The first basic step in increasing brand awareness and professionalizing your Shopify store site is to change the URL. By default, your URL or domain appears on the browser address bar would be “your store”.  However, you can change your domain and customize it with your unique brand name.  

Changing Shopify domain name is as easy as pie, you just need a few clicks. Below I’ll show step by step instructions for both how to change Shopify store URL through the mobile app and changing on the website admin panel. 

Why you need to change your Shopify store URL?

You’ll have to deal with multiple URLs in your Shopify business, but your principal domain is the most important. This URL will appear on all of your pages. There are 2 main reasons why you need to change your Shopify store URL.

Shopify store URL

Firstly, your store name should reflect the brand ideology and be easy to remember because it affects brand identity and bounce rate. 

For example, a customer sees your ads, taps on the URL, and then joins your store. In the address bar, we can immediately see your major domain (business name), as well as the product/service/contact, or whatever else you advertised in your advertisement. Your domain name says a lot about who is using your site. Of course, professional-looking domains with clear contact details will attract more potential customers than flashy animated sites without any useful content. 

Secondly, you should make your domain stand out from other competitors by a unique brand name. If your business name is similar to others, it is absolutely not beneficial for your searching results on the Internet and hard to reach out to more potential customers. 

How to change the Shopify store domain on your admin dashboard

Step 1: Log into your Shopify store 

Log in Shopify

Step 2: Clicking Online Store in Sales Channels section.

click online store

Step 3: Click on Domains section in the drop down menu.

click on domains section

Note: Before setting a new primary domain, make sure that you buy a domain through Shopify. You can follow the below steps to do that. In case you got a new domain, please ignore step 4 and step 5.

Step 4: Click on Buy new domain 

click on buy new domain

Step 5: Choose your favorite domain in the suggested list and click Buy

Enter the domain you want to buy into the domain search box and see the domains available.

choose your favorite domain and buy

After clicking the Buy button for your favorite domain, your site will display like the picture below, you just need to click on Add payment method and fill in all necessary information to complete buying your preferred domain. 

add payment method

Here is the outlook of the payment method form that you need to fill in for buying a new domain.

payment method form

Step 6: Hit the Change primary domain link on the top right of screen.

After buying your favourite domain, you come back to Domains section and select Change primary domain. 

change primary domain

Step 7: Select your new domain from the list and click Save button. 

save button

Congratulations! You have made a big change with your store. Now you can take advantage of good domain, such as the ability to rank higher in search engines and get more sales on mobile devices.

How to change the Shopify store domain on Mobile app

Step 1: Open up your Shopify mobile app and click on the Store button on the bottom navigation bar. 

open shopify mobile app

Step 2: Under Sales channel section, tap to Online store 

tap to Online store

Step 3: Press Domains button on sidebar menu 

domains button

Step 4: Click on the Change primary domain link 

change primary domain

Select 5:  Select your new domain from the list to save it. 

select new domain

At this step, we assume that you have a new domain for your Shopify store. If you don’t know how to do that, please follow the steps that we mentioned in the above section.

Congrats, You have changed your primary domain of Shopify store successfully


That’s all steps you need to follow to change Shopify store URL successfully. Hope you can modify a professional looking URL which helps attract more customers and better your online business. If you have any questions, please leave your comments below.

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