If you are a store owner, it would be overloaded for only you to manage the whole business without support from other people. But at Shopify, you can easily hire staff to do many tasks for you. Because you are the store owner so only you can create and delete staffs accounts

Staff accounts allow your staff to complete basic admin tasks while restricting their access to sensitive information. Besides, staff accounts let you see updates and changes made by each staff member in your store’s timeline. In this article, we will give you a detailed guideline about how to create a Shopify staff account with a few clicks.

Step 1: Log in your Shopify account and locate Settings 

From your Shopify dashboard, go to the Settings section at the bottom of the page.

Log in your Shopify account and locate Settings

Step 2: Click on Users and permissions

Please click on Users and permissions section and press Add staff.

Click on Users and permissions

Step 3: Add staff account

You just fill in all information about the staff including First name, Last name, Email address. After that, you tick on sections that you allow your staff to access and edit. If you want to give full permissions, click on Select all button. 

Add staff account

And then click on the Send Invite button.

Step 4: Check out invitation email 

Now, your staff will receive an invitation email from Shopify. Just check out that email in the inbox and hit on Create staff account button.

hit on Create staff account button

Step 5: Create a staff account

Afterwards, you create a Shopify account to access the store invited or use the existing one.

Create a staff account

You will receive a notification as shown in the below photo. Just click on Accept invite.

click on Accept invite

Step 6: Check Shopify staff account in your store

After creating a staff account in your store, you can access staff account information by clicking on the staff name.

click on Accept invite

This is where you can see the details, change the permissions, see the recent login history of your staff or delete that account from your store.

details about staff account


A staff account is necessary for your employees to access your store and assist you with certain duties. You can set permissions for your staff account in a range of aspects that do not affect secure data. We hope that this post has answered your question about How to create a Shopify staff account. If you have any queries, please contact us via live chat or comment below.

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