Create buy one get one free on Shopify is a famous promotional method to encourage customers to insert extra products into their carts and increase the average order values. Many online merchants apply buy one get one free discounts to boost sales for their new collections or for some special events such as Black Friday, Anniversary of the store opening, etc. 

Most customers enjoy this kind of discount because they feel like they’re getting a good deal with something extra that encourages them to buy more.In this article, we will show you how to create buy one get one free on Shopify in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Log in Shopify store

Firstly, you log in your Shopify store. And then go to Discounts section on the sidebar.

log in Shopify, go to Discounts section

Step 2: Create Discount Code 

Next, you click on the green Create Discount Code button.

click on Create Discount Code button to create buy one get on free

Step 3: Fill in your customized discount code

You just need to type the name of the discount code in your own way. You can tailor discount code according to a specific promotion campaign. For example, make a discount code SPRINGSALE for your new spring collection. Customers will enter this discount code at checkout.

Fill in your customized discount code to create buy one get on free

Step 4: Select Buy X get Y

From the Types section, just select Buy X get Y because you are making a buy one get one free discount.

Select Buy X get Y to create buy one get on free

Step 5: Edit Customer buys section

From the Customer buys section, you can edit conditions for applying the discounts.

You select the minimum quantity of items, type 1 in Quanitity section. After that, you can set up Quantity, Items/Collections that customers can apply discounts and easily browse those items/collections.  

For example, to create buy 1 get 1 free discount for specific collections, you must select Specific collections, and then click on Browse > pick the Collection you want.

Edit Customer buys section

Step 6: Edit Customer gets section

From the Customer gets section, you can edit benefits when applying the discount code.

You first type 1 in Quantity section. After that, you set up conditions for that 1 product in Any items from section. It can be from specific products or specific collections. Remember that this part is compulsory and must be added for Customer gets.

For example, to set up 1 product free customers get in specific collections, you select Specific collections, click on Browse and pick the one you want.

At a discounted value, you choose Free mode to match with Buy 1 get 1 free discount. 

Edit Customer gets section

Besides, you can limit the maximum number of uses per order by ticking into the checkbox and then type a specific number.

Step 7: Set up Customer eligibility

Customer Eligibility refers to specific customers, groups of people, or a single person that can use this discount. 

Set up Customer eligibility

Step 8: Set up Usage limits

You can limit the amount of times a coupon can be used in Shopify, and you can also limit it to a single customer. You might, for example, allow your consumers to utilize this voucher for ten times by a large number of people.

Set up Usage limits

Step 9: Set up Active dates 

You can easily set up the active period of time for the discount code you create. If you don’t edit this part, that discount code will never expire. 

Set up Active dates

Step 10: Click on Save discount code

Click on Save discount code to create buy one get on free

After complete the whole process, you can check all information about the discount again in Summary section on the right side.

check to create buy one get on free discount in Summary section

Besides, you can get the shareable link of that discount by clicking on Promote > Get a shareable link.

Promote > Get a shareable link


Creating a buy one get one free discount is not difficult but brings out lots of benefits for the store owners. This promotion method works well in boosting sales, increasing traffic, and stimulate customers’ interest in the short term. 

Hope you can easily create a buy one get one free discount on your Shopify store. If you need help, please contact us via live chat support or leave comments below.

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