Drop down menu is a necessary element in the website. It helps to minimize the menu, makes websites look more professional and enhance user experience. Visitors can easily navigate to any pages they want by hovering the menu bar.  

In this article, we will show you how to create drop down menu in Shopify with only 5 simple steps. Let’s started. 

What is the drop down menu?

Drop-down menus make it easier for customers to explore your online business by grouping products, collections, or pages together in labels. It is made of top level menu items and nested menu items. Top menu items appear in the main navigation menu and nested menu items appear in the drop down menu when you hover on. 

drop down menu

If you have a lot of products, for example, you may prefer to group them into collections and then organize them using a drop-down menu from the main menu. This can assist a consumer in locating the things they’re looking for.

How to create a drop down menu in Shopify 

The header navigation menu is the first thing that visitors notice when they come to your website, it plays a significant role in highlighting main sections. A well-designed drop down menu with clear and informative sections is a must-have for any online retailer. 

Follow these steps to create a drop down menu in Shopify easily:

Step 1: Sign in your Shopify store, go to Online store and then click on Navigation

go to online store and click on navigation

Step 2: Create top-level menu item

The top level menu is the main menu. It includes menu items that are organized horizontally or vertically on a menu bar. Each menu item may or may not contain a list of submenu items. A top-level menu is always visible on the header of your website. 

To create top-level menu item, you select Main menu > Add menu item

create top level menu item

Step 3: Create menu items that you want to put in the drop down menu. 

Type a name for each link you want to add, then click Add button (e.g. you can link to specific collections, all products, or pages etc.)

create menu item in drop down menu

Step 4: Create nested menu items 

Drag and drop the sections, pages related to same topic under one label 

For example, Sofa, Table, Bookshelf and Lighting are related to Furniture. Therefore, they are placed under the label of Furniture collection.

create nested menu item

Step 5: Click on Save button to save all changes

click on save button to save all changes


A drop-down menu can provide visitors with a clear and obvious navigation for limited amounts of data. It is easy to make a drop down menu in Shopify without technical knowledge. Hope that this tutorial is helpful and easy to follow for you. If you need help or have any questions, please leave a comment below. 

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