There’s a lot happening in the world – a lot of uncertainty and unique challenges – but one thing we can count on is that the holidays are not canceled. People are getting ready to search the webs for gifts to give their beloved ones and themselves, although, because of COVID-19, they are more conscious of what they’re spending. 

Just as brick and mortar stores revamp outlets, you‘ll want to make sure your e-commerce store gets into the holiday spirit and performs at its best during peak shopping days.

If you are unsure where to start or need inspiration, check out the step-by-step guide to decorate and get your online store ready for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and beyond.

Give your website a checkup

You want to do everything you can to drive sales for your business in the most beneficial time of year. But you may wear a lot of hats and there’s only so much time in a day. Among all the things you can do, below are important ones you should be thinking about to give your customers the best holiday shopping experience.

Prepare for holiday shopping traffic

During the holidays and the few weeks leading up to them, you can expect to get more website visitors. This is great, but if your online store isn’t ready to handle the increased traffic, it can easily frustrate your customers and send them to your competitors. 
To check your website performance and identify room for improvement, you can use the optimization tools, such as Google Page Speed Insights. Just enter your store URL and click the Analyze button. Then you will get your website performance score and suggestions to help your page load faster.

prepare for holiday shopping traffic

Help customers find what they need

Along with high traffic surges, customers’ attention levels and tolerance to unhappy experiences are also a matter of concern during the peak shopping season. Holiday shoppers are in a hurry to get what they are looking for with as little friction as possible. 

To prepare well in advance for the holiday shopping season, you should proactively check the shopping experience for ease of browsing and navigation. From creating a header navigation menu, having a fine-tuned search bar to displaying top-selling products on your homepage, you can help customers get to the items faster. 

create better website navigation

Have a clear return policy

The holidays are a time when you should provide convenience and flexibility for your customers when it comes to returns. Wrong sizes are ordered, a product is faulty, etc. The important thing for you to do is build credibility by making sure your return policy is fair and fully transparent. 

A straightforward FAQs page that answers common questions about a return, shipping time, etc can make shoppers feel more confident about buying from your online store.

Add a festive touch to your website

Creating a festive atmosphere and providing shoppers with a positive store browsing experience by giving your website a holiday look. We are not suggesting redesigning your entire website. Just a few festive additions here and there are more than enough to make your site visitors feel that the holiday season is, indeed, upon us.

Tweak your store logo & create holiday-style product images

Your business logo is an important part of your website design, which appears on every store page. That is why you need to find your way to add holiday elements to your logo, like adding bells, Santa’s hat, wrapped boxes, holly leaves, or anything related to the holiday. 

You can also add holiday flair to any of your products with updated images. Even if you already have great product photos, consider reshooting them with winter props and festive backgrounds. 

For example, if most of your products are displayed outdoors during the summer, this is a good time to change those for a different winter background. Heart-warming pictures of your candles on a holiday table, a family sitting around a tree on Christmas, etc are perfect for the holidays. You can also position your product in a glittery gift box, or attach a bow and gift tag. 

Not sure about creating or finding festive holiday images? The good news is that there are plenty of easy-to-use tools and resources for holiday decorating quickly and affordably – or even freely.


source for holiday images


find holiday image for shopify store


add festive decorations for images

Welcome your visitors with warm wishes

What better surprise for your website visitors than to welcome them with festive graphics, accompanied by wishes to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year. Just go to your Shopify store theme editor and play around with the Image with text overlay element. 

Welcome site visitors with warm wishes

Write holiday-themed content

Decorating your online store for the holidays isn’t limited to tinkering with graphics or visuals. If your site has a blog, you should make it a point to post something in the spirit of the season.

It could be a very thankful post, a fun Christmas story, or something that reminds us of the holidays and what it means to us. You can also help your customers out with holiday shopping by having holiday gift guides or products guides. 

Write holiday-themed content

Use social media to your online store

When it comes to optimizing your Shopify store for the holiday season, don’t forget your social media! It is a good time to make greater use of your social media to increase connections with your followers, have more website traffic, and boost your sales. 

Decorate your social media for the holidays

What makes the holiday season seem so special? It‘s decorating. And these days, we’re interacting on social media more than ever, so you’ll want to bring the holiday spirit to your social presence as well. 

Freshen up your social profile

The holiday-themed images used on your website should be also added as your profile image or cover photo. In this way, you can add a little holiday decorating without losing your brand. Keep your social media and website consistent and tell the same message that you are ready for the holiday season.  

Make your posts holiday-centric

While each social media platform has its own requirements, keep in mind that there are several things you can do to get your posts into the holiday spirit. 

Decorate social media for the holidays

Use holiday imagery

Once you start posting for the holiday, make sure your posts actually contain holiday images and stick with them. For example, through November, you should have several Black Friday – themed images. Then switch over to Christmas-themed posts throughout the month of December, and so on. 

Include holiday-themed emojis

In addition to the text and what it states, you can use emojis to convey your messages in a warm and fun way. Mix and match all your favorite emojis to suit your preferences and needs, but note that using too many emojis can bury the message. 

Write like it’s a holiday

When writing content for your social post, let’s play with tongue twisters and rhyme

Keep your store updated with your social content

Now, you may know how to spruce up your online presence in a way that reflects holiday shopping by decorating your website and social media. In this section, we will show you how to bring the holiday spirit to your Shopify store with minimal effort.

Don’t forget social links on your website

The first solution you should think about is integrating your social media buttons on your Shopify store. The setting process is quite easy but brings out lots of benefits for your business, from increasing visibility for your social media accounts to getting more fans/followers.

add social links on your website

Bring your social content to your store

If you have spent the time to put out some holiday-themed visuals to your social accounts, why not bring them to your website as well?

Here’s a great example of how an embed Instagram feed shown appealing on your storefront:

It can even feature links to and quick buy buttons of the products tagged by you!

If your business has an Instagram profile that you are constantly updating, don’t forget to add the Instagram feed to the storefront. The setup process is pretty much effortless while adding value to your website.

Stay updated with our Holiday Campaign Preparedness Guide

Alright! Now you know how to optimize your Shopify store for the peak shopping season and bring the holiday spirit to your website. How are you revamping your e-commerce website? Feel free to drop out a comment below and share your experience with us. We would love to hear from you.

In the next article, we will be providing you with recommended tools, best practices, and strategies to reach more customers, drive conversions and boost your holiday sales. Don’t miss out!

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