One difficult thing when running an online store is to figure out customer’s behavior and how they think about your website. To win a sale, you need to deeply understand the customer’s insight to provide suitable products/ services. 

Google Analytics is considered as a smart solution helping you collect information about how customers use your store. In this post, we will show you how to set up Google Analytics on Shopify within 5 minutes. 

How Google Analytics benefit your online store

Analytics refers to statistics or data showing customers’ behavior in your store. With this data, you can know where your traffic comes from, how long visitors stay on your site, what products they like, etc. 

The goal of integrating Google Analytics with your Shopify business is to track as much user interaction as possible. The more you track, the better you will be able to comprehend your own website. Understanding Shopify analytics can help you a lot to improve your store, enhance customer experience and make more sales.

Google Analytics allows you to get closer to your clients and learn about their demands. This is all about growing your store based on what your consumers want, not what you believe they want.

How to set up Google Analytics on Shopify 

Step 1: Create your Google Analytics account

Account setup

The first thing you need to do is go to and click on Start measuring. And then set up an account by adding your business Account name.

account setup in Google Analytics

Property setup

After that, you press Next button at the bottom and move to Property Setup. Write down the Property name to create a Google Analytics 4 property to measure your web and/or app data. Remember to select the appropriate time zone and currency for your location.

property setup in google analytics

Business information

After finishing Property setup, you click on Next button and fill in all information about your business.

business information in google analytics

You will need to clarify some details consisting of Industry category, Business size, How do you intend to use Google Analytics with your business? To complete the process, click Create

Your screen then appears a popup about terms of service agreement. Change the setting to your country or region, tick both two checkboxes and click on I Accept

google analytics terms of service agreement

Since then, you have created an account and property for your online store successfully. You will receive a notification like the image below, just press Save to move on the next step. 

my email communications

Step 2: Create a data stream 

In the updated version of Google Analytics, it requires you to create a data stream to start collecting data. Data stream is useful for recording data behaviors on your Shopify store.

So now, you click on Web to activate record information mode on your website. 

create data stream

To set up data stream, you need to paste your store URL, add your stream name (your business name) and click on Create stream.

create stream

Then here is the most important action to add Google Analytics to your Shopify store. Completing the set up data stream, a tab called Web stream details will appear on your screen. You click on Global site tags and copy the code below.

web stream details

Step 3: Paste Google Analytics code into your Shopify store

Next, you open your Shopify account and install that piece of code into your website for integrating Google Analytics. Please go to Online Stores > Themes > Actions > Edit Code > Theme.liquid

Now what you need to do is to inject the Google Analytics code below <head>. To do that, you have to make at least 3 blank rows below <head>

Step 4: Check Shopify and Google Analytics

Google Analytics has been inserted into your Shopify store. But to check whether it works well or not, you need to open your store as a way to send data to Google Analytics to make sure the connection is good. 

Finally, you head back to the Google Analytics dashboard to check if data has been recorded. Just go to your Google Analytics account, click on Report. 

check shopify and google analytics

Because you just visit your store which generates traffic, Google Analytics will absolutely record it. If you see the change in statistics on your store reported by Google Analytics, this means Google Analytics works well on your website. 


Running an eCommerce business is not an easy thing. You need to track your store’s data frequently, analyze it and improve your store for better growth. You can start with Google Analytics to get an updated record about your store traffic, bounce rate, number of returning customers and much more. 

We hope that this tutorial has helped you set up Google Analytics on Shopify easily. If you have further questions, please comment below or chat with us via live chat support. 

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