When it comes to starting a furniture business, there are some big questions that you may be asking yourself:

  • Is starting a furniture business beneficial to you?
  • What are the first steps in building your online furniture store?
  • How do you promote your business?
  • How to get the first sales?
    and so much more!

This article will show you a fully comprehensive guide on how to start a furniture business. With 5 simple steps, you will be ready to run your own furniture business successfully! Let’s dive into it!

Furniture industry: What should we know about it?

Can we earn profit from the furniture business?

The answer is an absolute yes. This industry is so globally popular because of the higher demand in the way of living, especially in America. Obviously, making furniture requires that much energy and labor. More specifically, they need resources to make tables, chairs, etc. which takes days to complete a product.

However, thanks to the invention of technology, the furniture-making process is much simpler and faster. As result, you can reduce the cost and gain more profit.

start a furniture business and get benefits
How to start a furniture business and gain more profit

What factors determine the profit of the furniture business?

This question is important for those who are planning to start a furniture business. Below are some critical factors that will affect significantly your business profit.

  • The size of the store: Of course, when you own a brick-and-mortar store, the size is greatly important because furniture needs places to be displayed. Moreover, customers tend to make their decision while wandering around your store and use their senses to feel their needs. For example, they will buy a sofa if they feel comfortable when sitting on it, thus, there should be a sample for them to have a try. 
  • Location: Obviously, people will prefer the store near their neighborhood so that they can easily come to visit. However, as the advent of the Internet, some furniture stores turn their business to the online platform, so customers can go shopping without moving so much. 
  • The styles of furniture stores: People buy furniture due to their demand and interest as well. They will pay more attention to the design of the household items that they will buy. 
  • Marketing strategies: As the market becomes more competitive, suitable marketing strategies in the right time will work. To attract more potential customers, online ads and marketing are good options because more people are shopping online nowadays. In fact, there are some strategies on social media and eCommerce platforms that will increase your earnings.

How to start a furniture business with 5 steps

Knowing some basic steps to start a furniture business is greatly important because it will save you more time and reduce some risks while joining a new market that you do not really understand clearly it.

Step 1: Find your niche

As a business owner, you should have a firm knowledge foundation about your market and the product that you provide. Despite the fact that furniture is not that easy, it is a trendy industry nowadays. There are many types of furniture, some related to household, some will serve decorative purposes. So, understanding your business objectives means helping you find a suitable niche market. 

No doubt that niche markets will reduce the competitiveness in the market because there are not many competitors, or even you are the only player. However, it will be more difficult to find your potential customers, so being well-prepared and careful research will work. 

To find your niche, you should understand your passions and skills to choose the suitable niche that will work for you. More importantly, there should be a market for your niche, this means there should be customers so that you can sell your furniture and earn profit. Whenever you join any market, make sure whether you are the only player or there are other competitors to have suitable strategies. Finally, test your niche to have a better understanding of it and make a detailed plan for further actions.

Step 2: Find your suppliers

In case you are the furniture maker, it is good to go but you still need to have at least a material supplier. However, when you play a role as a middle man to sell the product, you will need to find the suppliers. 

This step will help you prepare better when you want to start a furniture business.

You can start a furniture business by finding relationships with some wholesalers because sometimes you might need a large inventory for your business. Shipping carriers can also be found widely. Nowadays, there are many ways that you can find your suppliers, such as asking someone for help, visiting and raising questions in some trustworthy online forums, etc. Obviously, choosing the right suppliers will make your orders flow smoothly, thus making your customers more satisfied.

find your suppliers for furniture business
How to start a furniture business: find suppliers

Step 3: Find a selling platform

Choosing location

In case you want to build a brick-and-mortar store, you will need a suitable location to set up everything. We need spacious places for a furniture store, where most of the furniture can be displayed for customers. 

Creating website

However, with the growth of eCommerce, many people with less money can start their furniture business on online platforms. There are some ways to start, for example, they can create a totally new website or put their virtual stores on third-party websites, e.g. Amazon, etc. 

Normally, there are 2 types of selling platforms on the market, including eCommerce online stores and online marketplaces. People recently turned to online platforms because of many benefits, including the chances of expanding the market and full control of the business.

Online business owners can also save a lot of money because they can reduce the cost of renting and hiring, this is especially necessary for the furniture business. Refer to the best platforms to sell online for a better understanding of these platforms.

Step 4: Drive traffic to your online store

Online market is so competitive because almost all the industries turn to the Internet and eCommerce as an effective and potential place to gain more profit. Besides, customers also go online more often than before, thus owning an online store is necessary.

The very effective way to attract more people to your website is to have a better online place and carry out good marketing strategies. Using social media as a place to interact with customers is a good idea as well. Moreover, online ads are also highly recommended. 

Most importantly, in case you have a good financial base, create yourself a website as an online store or connect with some other eCommerce sites, such as Amazon, to make good use of the current online customers. The content and SEO strategies are also important to attract more furniture buyers to your stores. 

Keep in mind that the furniture industry is so special, to start a furniture business, the content is really important, customers will prefer the pictures and review more because furniture costs them a lot and they love to look at them than read them. So, investing more time and effort on the content, mainly the photo design, is an ideal option.

drive traffic to your online furniture store
How to start a furniture business: attract more traffic

Step 5: Turn store visitors into your customers

This will depend a lot on the design of your store, furniture and the way you market your products. Of course, there will be some drawbacks when using online platforms in the furniture industry, it is still worth it to start an online store because you will have more chances to communicate and sell to customers. 

Moreover, when somebody comes and visits your store, try to make them experience the most comfortable buying journey. This will surely make their good first impression on your store and quickly turn them into the real customers. 

How do furniture stores use Marketing tools?

It will be an advantage when you already have store visitors, using some below-the-line marketing strategies such as posters or leaflets to encourage them to visit your online furniture stores for more discount and wider choices will be a good idea.

There are some common tips to turn your website visitors into real customers, including:

  • Understand your selling points: This means you understand your strength and build a suitable plan to make your business more successful. Your selling point will surely be an attractive point to your customers and make your furniture brand more special. 
  • Build an email list: This task requires time and effort because you will have to find ways to collect customer data. It will be more important to collect suitable data that can be used in the future. 
  • Social proof: This will play a role in building trust and connection between users. Your products will be highly evaluated when they contribute their value to society.
  • Blog: This is a common way among many industries. Honestly, blogging is regarded as a good way to collect customer data. Normally, it is often attached to the website where customers can sooner or later click on the products that the blog introduces.

Successful furniture businesses


It is one of the best furniture brands in the world which operates in over 50 countries worldwide. One of the contributions to its success is the large online presence of IKEA where people can even experience online shopping as if they were standing at IKEA stores. Another impressive strategy of IKEA is that they have a really intriguing decoration at the brick-and-mortar stores so that many people love to spend time at IKEA stores.

IKEA home furnishings
How to start a furniture business: IKEA

Ashley HomeStore

This is another big brand in the furniture industry which was founded in 1997. The brand has many stores located in other countries and it is highly recommended by many people worldwide.

Ashley HomeStore
How to start a furniture business: Ashley HomeStore


Kartell is an Italian furniture company which mainly sells and makes contemporary furniture. It has a really long history and was founded in 1949. One of its special features is the diversity in styles and colors. It mainly focuses on creativity so no doubt that Kartell is the leader in furniture design.

Kartell furniture company
How to start a furniture business: Kartell

4 Key trends in the furniture industry 202

According to some trustworthy surveys, there are 4 highlighted trends in the furniture industry in 2022, let’s take a look at them.

  • Eco-friendly furniture: More and more people foster higher awareness of the environment because of the pollution problems nowadays. Therefore, environment and sustainability are viral and important topics in every industry, no doubt that furniture is no exception. In order to improve the life that we are living in, customers expect more eco-friendly household furniture with some special features, such as using recycled materials and sustainable woods.
Eco friendly furniture trend
How to start a furniture business: Eco-friendly furniture
  • Furniture for flexible workspaces: People working more and they tend to choose workplace furniture with flexible functions and flexible size. This means it becomes neat and you can move them easily when needed. Besides, the workplace design of the furniture will surely attract your customers.
  • Home decor furniture is trendy nowadays: People love to decorate their own living places because the house is the main place that they spend most of their time in. Besides, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the ways people work. In other words, there are more homeworkers nowadays. People tend to telecommute to ensure their healthy life and create more family bonds, hence more needs to decorate the house as an ideal place for working and living.
Home decor furniture
How to start a furniture business: Home decoration furniture

Online furniture sales: The Covid pandemic has changed the way we go shopping. People tend to avoid the crowd and spend less time going out because they have to work from home and take care of their health. Therefore, online store sales become more popular than ever. Besides, there is a rise in online shopping in the furniture industry and it is expected to grow significantly. The online market is so potential because merchants and business owners can connect with customers worldwide. Besides, using online marketing can help your stores attract more customers as well.


Now, you already know how to start a furniture business with the below steps:

  • # 1: Find your niche
  • # 2: Find your suppliers
  • # 3: Find a selling platform
  • # 4: Drive traffic to your online store
  • # 5: Turn store visitors into your customers

The furniture industry is popular and regarded as an indispensable industry because people use furniture on a daily basis. If you want to start your own online furniture business, Shopify is an ideal eCommerce platform for you. In case you have any questions about this topic, feel free to drop us in the comment box. We are always willing to support you.

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