As we all know, with the recent acquisition of OneSaas by Intuit QuickBooks, this app (now called OneSaas by Quickbooks) no longer works for Xero users. These customers will now have to quickly research and investigate alternatives. 

It may be a tough situation once OneSaas ends their support at the end of July, 2021. Don’t worry! We get your back! In our recent article, we showed you why Xero Integration by AllFetch is a proper alternative solution for OneSaas!

If you are still confused about whether your data will be affected when transiting over to a new Xero connector app, this article is for you! Below are best practices that you should follow to avoid duplicated data synchronization when migrating your data from OneSaas to AllFetch Xero Integration app.

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Tip 1: Change Shopify order prefix to avoid duplicated invoices

The normal workflow of Xero connected apps, like OneSaas, is when an order is created in Shopify, an invoice will be generated in Xero. 

The invoice number that is synced by Onesaas is formatted as “Invoice + order number”. For example: If you have an order “1001” in Shopify, your order will be retrieved into OneSaas with the invoice number “Invoice 1001” and sent to Xero accordingly. Meanwhile, when you sync this order to Xero with the AllFetch app, the invoice number would be “Shopify – 1001”. 

If you sync your historical order data with AllFetch Xero Integration app or have some orders updates, the invoices may be duplicated with your previous OneSaas’ invoices that you have made on Xero. 

To avoid invoices duplication, please don’t sync the invoices that were synced by OneSaas before. In some necessary cases, when you still need to sync them, please change the Shopify prefix as below:

From your Shopify store admin dashboard, go to Settings > General > Standards and formats > EDIT ORDER ID FORMAT (OPTIONAL).

Then change your Shopify prefix form from “#” to “Invoice” 

change Shopify order prefix


If you cannot change the order prefix, and in case your invoices are duplicated, you can easily void them by following the steps below:

Step 1: Go to “Invoices” dashboard in Xero

Make sure that your invoices have to be in Awaiting Approval/Payment status. If not, please “remove and redo” the payment transactions of those invoices.

Step 2: Click on the invoice and void it 

void invoice on Xero

Tip 2: Merge contacts to remove duplicates on Xero

Xero requires a customer record to be specified when a sales invoice is created. OneSaas and AllFetch use different methods to sync contacts.

During the migration process from OneSaaS to AllFetch Xero Integration, you may unintentionally add more than one contact for the same customer.

In this case, please merge old synced contacts (synced by OneSaas) to new synced contacts (synced by our app). After merging successfully, there will be no duplicated contact anymore. No transactions are deleted.

All customer information including name, email address, phone number, contact address will be accurately synced to Xero.

merge contact on Xero

Feel free to contact us via [email protected] if you have any questions when merging your contacts. We are here to help you!

Tip 3: Sync Products SKU with Xero AllFetch Integration 

In order for sales to accurately integrate with Xero, we expect that you have all of your Shopify items set up with unique SKUs. With Xero Integration app by AllFetch, you have the option to match your Shopify product ID to Product item code in Xero. Also, our app also supports you to sync Shopify variants SKU code to Xero. 

Product item code on Xero

In case you have already used the SKU synchronization features of OneSaas, please sign up for our Standard plan to use our similar feature. In this way, you can avoid duplicating existing products. 

Product SKU synchronization feature

After syncing your Product ID/SKU variant to Xero, every change in the Shopify product data will be accurately reflected on Xero.

Ready to migrate from OneSaas to Xero Integration By AllFetch? 

With the end of OneSaas support for Xero users, now it is time to investigate which Shopify Xero connector app is right for you based on your business’s needs and start planning your transition away from OneSaas.

As an official Xero partner, we proudly bring a reliable solution to seamlessly sync your store data to Xero. No worry about duplicated data! Relieve the headaches of accounting tasks and keep focused on growing your business!

Have any questions when transitioning from OneSaas to an alternative app? Feel free to contact us via live chat on the right corner of the website or drop your comments below! We are more than happy to help!

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