We were born to be curious. When you hear the mobile push notification ring on your phone, what are the chances that you will look at it? At least once? That is one example of how curiosity drives your action. Mobile push notifications for eCommerce uses just that to attract and keep repeat customers. 

In this blog, we will show you what mobile push notifications are? Why you should use them? Which notifications are usually used? And How to write a proper notification? That means everything you need to create the best push notification campaign for your ecommerce. So without taking any more time, let’s find out!

What is a mobile push notification?

what is a mobile push notfications

Push notifications on mobile look like SMS or mobile alerts in appearance. Merchants often send alerts to consumers who have previously downloaded your apps and installed them on their mobile devices.

Merchants use mobile push notifications for many purposes. They often use to advertise their products, inform customers about sale events, hot news, updates, fomo notifications, etc. The commons between these goals is that they are all activities that should be completed as soon as possible.

Mobile push notification’s benefits

mobile push notifications benefits

Boost customer engagement

It is difficult for merchants to keep their customers regularly engaged with their app. This is why you should use mobile push notifications.

Studies show that: 

  • Merchants increase apps engagement by 88% after using mobile push notifications.
  • 65% of users return to an app within 30 days after they turn on notifications.
  •  Sending mobile push notifications enhances app retention rates by 3 to 10 times.

Using mobile push notifications is a good way to drive people back to your website or mobile app and continue engaging with your content

Reach to customers regardless of time or place

At the same time, merchants use mobile push notifications to send many types of information. It will help increase brand awareness, customer retention and conversion rates.

Types of information are: 

  • Reminders: send to targeted customers who are close to completing an action such as start using trial or an uncompleted wishlist, etc.
  • Alerts: Upcoming events, special offers, vouchers, hot news or local weather predictions, up-to-date apps, etc.

Enhances brand consistency

A strong brand contributes to your company’s total value. It helps in strengthening the company’s position in the market, attracting higher-quality consumers, and increasing the price of your items.

Mobile push notifications, together with your specific app tone and design, will improve your brand consistency and bring your brand into customers consciousness.

To do this, merchants may continually remind customers of new activities, sale events, and campaigns by sending mobile push notifications.

Example of mobile push notifications

Cross sell & upsell notification

cross sell & up sell notifications

Every merchant wants clients to buy more products in a single purchase. That’s why they make bundles to put products together.

We frequently see a bundle that includes certain related items. A shirt, a pair of pants, a bag, a pair of shoes, a hat, and a watch. If a customer comes in to buy a shirt, they may end up buying your bundle.

Recommendations of similar goods or accessories are the type of mobile push notifications used to cross sell.

Re-engage notifications

Re-engage notifications

The aim of re-engaging mobile push notifications is to encourage and remind customers to use apps.

This type of mobile push notification is always used by some apps, such as games, learning apps, and health apps. When users complete tasks, applications will give them alerts to congratulate them. A gaming app, for example, may give notifications such as “Mission completed” or “Well done, you have won the match.”

Wishlist updating

wishlist updating

Wishlist updating is one of the most common uses of mobile push notifications. We often see this notification in the form like “Don’t forget, you have two striped shirts on your wishlist,” 

Merchants may use mobile push wishlist notification to keep consumers up to date on the products on their wishlist. Alternatively, merchants can create coupons within notifications to increase conversion rates.

Order update push notifications

order update push notifications

Merchants use this type of mobile push notification to keep customers up to date on the progress of their orders. Order confirmations, order progress updates, tracking information, and digital receipts are frequently included.

Merchants, for example, use these notifications to notify clients that their orders have been completed or to cancel orders. It appears that “Hooray! Order fulfilled” or “Sorry, we’re out of stock, order refused”.

Sale event notification

Sale event notification

In comparison to other forms of advertising, merchants use sale event mobile push notifications to directly inform customers.

Merchants may simply select which kind of clients they want to send notifications. For example, if a shop is having a Woman’s Day bundle offer, they can select options to send notifications to female clients. Merchants can save more money by using this than by running advertisements.

How to create high-converting mobile push notification for eCommerce?

Focus on your goal

Don’t forget to write an outline & set clear, concise goals represented by a specific number for your campaign. After that, you need to answer those questions to find out what you should send to customers; What do you want your customers to do? Are they signed up? What events do you want your customers to follow?

Choose your words to fit the frame

Customers read the notifications in just a blink of an eye. So, keep your message short, straight-forward and be very picky with what you send to your customers through notifications. Also while doing so, it is very important to frame the message in a way that the key information is discovered in the first few characters and keep the interest of your customer up front.

Create urgency

The aim of using mobile push notifications for eCommerce is to make the customer take action when you send the alert to them. The best way to make this happen is to create an urgent atmosphere and attract more attention with Fomo notifications, Hot news or Breaking news, etc.

Ready to use mobile push notifications?

Hopefully, this post has satisfied your curiosity and helped you understand what mobile notifications are and how to apply them in your business.

If you have any difficulties when creating your mobile app for your business or optimizing your mobile ecommerce, please feel free to contact us. Our dedicated team of mobile developers and ecommerce experts are here to help your business succeed.

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