Have you ever wondered what would happen if your consumers got lost in your online store and couldn’t find the products they were looking for? If this happens, you will lose conversions, sales, and customers. That’s why you need a perfect mobile navigation menu to help your business succeed.

In this article, we will explain what a mobile navigation menu is, as well as its purposes and best practices. Moreover, we have 3 best navigation menu designs for you to start your e-commerce online. Let’s get started right away!

What is the mobile navigation menu?

What is the mobile navigation menu

Navigation has been described as the backbone system of your online store by designers and writers. The navigation is the way through which your users will go from one point or menu to another. This is how they will discover the site and interact with your items.

Your navigation menu should be the first thing to impress your customers with its logical and easy-to-use when they visit your website.

What are the functions of the mobile navigation menu?

A good mobile navigation menu not only brings value for customers, but also generates more sales and revenue for merchants. 

Navigation menu is a map to show customers where they need to go on their experiment journey. It is the quickest and most convenient way for shoppers to access their desired categories. Furthermore, it might save clients a lot of time because they know exactly where they need to go. 

By optimizing the navigation menu, merchants can improve the customer’s experience. Therefore, it will increase conversion rate and drive more sales.

Things to consider when optimizing your mobile navigation menu

The difference between mobile navigation menu and desktop screen is the sreen’s size. This is also the biggest challenge for merchants when optimizing navigation menus for their mobile ecommerce stores.

Desktop has a wider screen in comparison to mobile screen, it can adapt and showcase almost 7 menus. This will lead your customers to their desired items and make the customer’s journey much more enjoyable. However, merchants cannot adapt all desktop menu settings to mobile. Trying to copy the same number of menu options on mobile will have bad effects. Your store will look like chaos on user’s screens, unlogical and unreadable. Thus, merchants need to find a way to design perfect mobile navigation menu functions to fit mobile appearances.

Best practices for mobile navigation menu

Best practices for mobile navigation menu

Simple and concise

Navigation is a map for your website, so it needs to be simple and concise. Customers need to know what happens if they click on the navigation menu. Every mistake in the navigation leads to a wrong place and can have a huge bad effect on the customer’s experience. 

Easy to read

Customers need to understand where your link leads them to. Everything should be understandable for customers. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that fonts and text size are easy to read and understand. The best size for your fonts is up to 16px, bigger size can not adapt to the mobile screen.

Click buttons and icons

This is an important factor for mobile menu navigation. The icons and buttons need to be installed a minimum of 10 mm size. With this size, customers will have the biggest chance to successfully tap the button on the first try.

Everyone wants to have the smoothest and most comfortable experience when using mobile navigation. Don’t waste your customers’ time with a small or an inconvenient button. 

Avoid clutter and provide visual hierarchy

Do not make your navigation complicated or unlogical. If there is a visual cluttering content, customers may have a cognitive overload and tend to leave your store. Therefore, visual hierarchy should be clear and straight-forward.

It’s very important that the UI layout, the content and even the navigation work together to guide the user’s eyes around the screen. This includes having the content maintain a certain hierarchy, analyzing the proximity between elements and allowing plenty of empty space for visual relief.

3 Best mobile navigation menu designs (examples included)

Top and bottom navigation.

Top and bottom navigation.

This menu style has a bar at the top or bottom of the screen with less than 4 icons to represent the menu items.


Customers may easily understand the visual signals provided by the icons. As icons are used, there will be more space for more menu options.

Furthermore, bottom navigation is convenient for both right and left handers since it is located in an easy-to-reach area on the mobile screen.


Customers will have difficulty selecting their preferred menu if merchants use more than 5 icons to represent the menu options. There is a chance that they will click incorrectly and disrupt the consumer experience.

Card navigation.

Card navigation.

Card navigations consist of square or rectangular-shaped boxes that include pictures and a text label. This is one of the most popular menu items among customers. They always prefer menus with photos since they are more understandable than text.


Customers will find the menu design to be comfortable, and the page they are seeking for will be easy to discover.

Very simple to adjust and easily adapt to different screen sizes.


However, card navigation may cause problems for both merchants and customers. It’s a huge workload when updating sites, and a large number of cards will make it difficult for customers to find specific information among the cards.

Hamburger navigation.

Hamburger navigation.

This style of menu appears in either the top-left or top-right corner. Merchants can utilize hamburger menus to hide their huge navigation. As a result, customers will have more room to enjoy their mobile shopping experience.


This type of navigation is very common so that customers can instantly identify the menu icons

It makes your menu look smaller. This means there is more room for merchants to showcase their online store’s functions.

Hamburgers will make customers feel comfortable instead of overwhelmed by a multitude of many items.


Customers may need to take a few more steps to access their desired menu. Furthermore, the menu icon is positioned in a hard-to-reach area.

It’s time to customize your mobile navigation menu

Customizing your mobile navigation menu is an important objective for all eCommerce stores, especially when more and more people are using their phones to go shopping online. Hopefully, through this article, we can help you to choose the best mobile navigation menu for your successful business.

If you have any trouble in customizing your mobile navigation menu , please feel free to contact us. Our dedicated team of mobile ecommerce experts are here to help you with:

Now, with our useful knowledge and examples about mobile navigation menu. It’s time to start customizing and designing the best navigation for your online store. Don’t forget to contact us if you have any trouble. Goodluck!

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