Activating sticky add to cart button is one of effective way to increase your store conversion rate and thereby improves sales. By making cart more visible on the website, your customers can easily add products to cart and have better shopping experience.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the release of Advanced Sticky Add to Cart 1.2 with many advanced features. In this up-to-date version, we bring out a quick Add to cart function, various Button animation in Sticky bar and Mini cart, more action options in Sticky cart. Let’s see how helpful they are!

Quick Add To Cart 

Quick Add to cart is totally a new feature in Advanced Sticky Add to Cart version 1.2. It is used to shorten the buying process. Customers now can add many products to their carts at the same time, with the variants and quantities they desire, from any page on the website. 

All you need to do is to hover the product they like > click on add to cart button > select variants and quantity > press add to cart

Button animation

Button animation in Sticky Bar

Sticky bar is helpful to remind customers of a hot deal and stimulate them to buy. If the CTA buttons on the sticky bar are animated, they will be much more appealing. Meeting the request of many app users, this updated version of Advanced Sticky Add to Cart offers button animation with various types and flexible adjustments.

You can set up the button animation happens “when hover on buttons” or “always except hover on”. Making your button dance with different animations types, including Pulse and Shrink, Shake, Bouncing and Tada.

Button animation in sticky bar

Button animation in Mini cart

In the original version of Advanced Sticky Add To Cart, the app only offers Mini cart types adjustment. But in version 1.2, you can let your mini cart appear impressively with 4 animation options, as below:

  • No animation
  • Slide right – left
  • Slide up – down
  • Fade in – Fade out

To set up button animation in Mini cart, please follow below steps;

Step 1: Select Mini cart section in the left-side menu navigation

Step 2: Click on the Edit button

Step 3: From Mini cart shows/hides animation section, select your desired animation

Step 4: Press Save button 

Button animation in mini cart

More action options in Sticky Cart

To determine what the next page will display after customers click on the sticky cart, you can select one out of three options in button actions. There are 3 options:

  • Open mini cart
  • Go to cart page (new)
  • Go to checkout page

Go to cart page is a new one updated in version 1.2 of Advanced Sticky Add To Cart. It’s up to you for choosing which action. 

To make this change, you need to go to Sticky cart > Edit > Button Action > Save 

More action options in sticky cart

New pricing plan 

The latest version 1.2 of Advanced Sticky Add To Cart app brings out more excitement with quick add to cart, button animation and more action options in Sticky cart. Accompanying these updated advanced features, AllFetch has adjusted the pricing plan. 

So do you want to see this amazing feature in actions?, please sign up for the Advanced plan. Enjoy your 7-day free trial before committing to a paid plan. Find out more about our new pricing model below and choose the best suitable one for your business

FreeAdvanced – $5.99
Unlimited clicksUnlimited clicks
Sticky Add to Cart barAll Free features, plus
Sticky cartCollection add to cart
Mini cartQuick ATC with quantity & variant selector
Analytic ReportButton animation
Full customizationMini cart animation
Live-chat support


That’s all the new updates you should notice about the Advanced Sticky Add To Cart 1.2. With the latest app version, you can now motivate your consumers to add to cart with a far more appealing CTA button animation. We are here, our dedicated customer support team, always ready to help you any time! 

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