On the chilly spring day, we are so excited to announce the release of AllFetch Xero Integration 1.3. This latest app version comes with advanced features to keep your accounting books clean and transparent.  

Without further ado, let’s walk through all the new features now! 

Shopify payout synchronization

Don’t force yourself through the headache of reconciling. We’ve got you covered!

AllFetch Xero Integration 1.3 powers you to sync Shopify payouts as Xero bank transactions in a matter of minutes. With this feature, your Shopify payout will be synced to Xero in the form of a received transaction. Hence, you just need one click only to reconcile. 

AllFetch Xero Integration 1.3 - Transaction

Take it easy to select which accounts your gross sales, gross adjustments and payout fees are synced through. Then select the bank account that you want to sync the payout fee. We made it a fast, convenient and hassle free solution to keep your books clean and simplify your reconciliation. 

Synchronization settings

Mapping product with corresponding sales account in Xero

In the previous version, when you sync data from Shopify to Xero, all the products are categorized into only one sales account that you set up in the app. 

But now, you can map products with corresponding sales accounts in Xero by ticking on “Use Xero product sales accounts”. It becomes easier than ever to track sales volume of products in multiple sales accounts. Enjoy all correct and transparent data that keep your accounting cycle as smooth as silk. 

Invoice in Xero

Partial payments & partial refund synchronization 

We have got many queries from customers about syncing partial payments and partial refunds to Xero. And in this updated version, we bring it into action. 

No worries about missing data or finding it hard to track partial refunds, there will be a suffix at the end of the credit note so you can easily recognize it. For example, your partial refunds will be shown as below. 

  • Shopify – C1001 
  • Shopify – C1001-1
Partial payments & partial refund synchronization 

In terms of partial payments, they will be synced to Xero with the same order ID in the payment reference so you can easily notice them. Here is an example of 2 partial payments in Xero: 

  • Shopify – 1001 | 5487297724665
  • Shopify – 1001 | 8439275923436

Multi currencies synchronization 

Have you ever been frustrated by currency mismatches between Shopify orders and Xero synced invoices? We feel you. From now, you can be assured that the price is displayed accurately and consistently across two platforms. Keep in mind that the currencies in Shopify and Xero must be configured the same one. Otherwise, data synced to Xero will be shown in Xero’s default currency.

New Pricing Update 

Along with the latest version of AllFetch SEO Image Compression, the pricing plan has been updated so that both our current customers and new ones can get the most out of the app.

For new users 

In this updated version 1.3, we put the free plan on the table so our potential customers can try it out. And if your business has a modest amount of orders per month and just requires basic synchronization features, our free plan is your best match. 

For current users

With current users who installed and subscribed to paid plans no later than 18th March 2022, please note that the pricing update does not affect your current recurring charge. Your current plan will be upgraded to the corresponding new plans with more benefits for you. Be sure to make the most out of the new features for the same price!

Read more about Which Xero Integration app plan is suitable for our business? 

Final words 

We hope that you will enjoy this version update. Without honest feedback of our beloved customers, we can not make AllFetch Xero Integration 1.3 possible. Thank you guys a lot for great suggestions! If you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to let us know via live chat or send an email to [email protected] 

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