Welcome Order Printer: PDF invoice version 2.0 with many useful updates that you should not miss out on. 

Order Printer: PDF invoice 2.0 is ready to help you automatically send emails with PDF attachments to customers, quickly adjust some elements in your unique invoices such as Paper size, HS code, Country of origin and Invoice number. Let’s check them out!

Powerful Email Automation 

Your customers are surely satisfied with an order confirmation email sending right after they make a purchase. It is an opportunity to promote your loyalty program, reducing post-purchase anxiety and reinforcing your brand’s reliability. Let Order Printer: PDF invoice 2.0 helps you win customers’ hearts by Email Automation function.

Our updated app, in particular, allows you to automatically send customers emails with PDF attachments when their orders are created, refunded, or fulfilled. Your consumers can easily print the PDF invoice that is attached to their receipt email. 

To activate this awesome tool in your online store, you firstly need to upgrade your account into Advanced.

Advanced pricing plan

And then click on the Email Automation section in the left sidebar.

email automation

You now can edit Email Automation with attached PDF invoice, PDF refund or PDF packing. For example, you can edit the PDF invoice attached in email automation by selecting INVOICE. 

About General Settings, you freely adjust some important information including:

  • Send customer reply to 
  • BBC email to
  • Send order email with tags
email automation outlook

You can even test this email automation by filling in Test email part and don’t forget to click on the Test email button on the upper right corner of the screen. 

Test email

Regarding to Email Content, you can easily alter some sections consisting of 

  • Custom PDF file name
  • Subject
  • Custom email message
email content

To save all changes, remember to click on the Save button. 

More Paper Sizes

Printing or exporting invoice is a frequent work of almost all businesses. However, have you ever considered the paper size of your invoice? Are your invoices in the default A4 paper size or in another customized size? The paper size requirement depends on your country of business residency. For example, letter size required in US and Canada, A4 required in Europe,…

After upgrading your Advanced account, you now have more choice of the paper size. Just go to Template section, click on a type of document you want (INVOICE, REFUND, PACKING), choose the Page Size you want. There are 6 options of page size including

  • A4 (Free)
  • A5 (Paid plan)
  • A6 (Paid plan)
  • Legal (Paid plan)
  • US Letter (Paid plan)
  • Tabloid (Paid plan)
paper size

To save all changes, please click on blue Save button. 

Custom Invoice Number 

The downside of Shopify is that it does not allow users to modify invoice numbers. Shopify order number will always start at #1001 and it can not be changed. In some countries, they have distinct invoicing number requirements which is hard for Shopify store owners to use the default one. 

However, it is now quick and easy for you to adjust the first invoice number in your way. Provided that you upgraded your Advanced account, you just need to follow 3 simple steps to modify your invoice number. 

Firstly, tap on the Settings section. And then fill in First Invoice Number you want. Finally, click on the Save button to finish. 

first invoice number

HS code and Country of origin

HS Code is an internationally standardized classification code of goods, used to determine the import and export tax rates of goods. To modify HS code, you go to Templates section, select Show editor.

show editor

After that, you click on Open Blocks icon and select Variables: Items.

variables items

In the next step, you choose HS code (paid plan), drag and drop it anywhere on your invoice.

HS code

Similarly, if you want to add Country of origin in your invoice, just scroll up the menu and select Country of origin part. You continue to drag and drop it anywhere on your invoice. 

country of origin

After designing your unique invoice, don’t forget to click on Save button to save all changes. 


That’s all about this release Order Printer: PDF invoice 2.0. Hope all these updates meet your demand and expectation. If you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team. We are here to listen and assist you any time! 

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