On a chilly summer day, AllFetch is pleased to announce the release of new Product Bundles & Discount+. This version 1.2 comes with the most-requested features, significant UI improvements, price adjustment that we can’t wait to share with you!

You won’t want to miss out on these new changes. It’s sure to help you create appealing bundles, increase average order values and reduce your expenses. Check them out!

Update new features

1. Discount Rule 

To fulfill customers’ needs, we now offer two options in the Discount Rule section: Discount on Total Bundle and Discount on Each Product/ Variant. These improvements allow users to simply adjust various types of discounts and select which product variants get discounts.

Discount on Total Bundle 

If you select Discount on Total Bundle, the discount will be applied to all products on the bundle. Our app saves you time and effort by helping you to configure all item discounts for a sale off campaign with just one click. This function may be helpful for online merchants who want to move out a number of slow-selling products, overstock items, etc.

discount on total bundle

Discount on each Product/ Variant

Product Bundles & Discount+ 1.2 comes with the most requested features: Variant discount. Now you can set distinct discount types for each product or product option. It is an effective solution to boost sales of new products or a product variant with a limited amount left, or slow-moving variation products. 

discount on each product/variant

In case you choose All in Product Variant section of a product, the discount will be applied for all variants of that product.

apply discount for all product variants

For another choice, you can customize discounts for each variant of a product. Just choose the variant of the product you want and fill in the discount rate. 

apply discount for specific product variant

2. Show bundle on any page

It is now easier for you to display bundle everywhere, from product pages, homepage to any landing page. Each bundle will automatically generate different ID bundles in the div tag, which users can use to attach to the necessary locations on the store.

show product bundle on any page

Display Bundles on Homepage

Please accesses menu Themes -> Customize -> Add section ->  Bundle. After that, add Title and HTML as div tag including bundle id generated in each bundle. And don’t forget to click on Save button to save all changes.

Displaying Product Bundles on Homepage is more beneficial than you think. It maximizes the number of users viewing bundles and increases the number of orders also. 

display bundle on homepage

Display Bundles on Pages

Version 1.2 of Product Bundles and Discounts+ allows users to display bundles on any pages that they want. The bundles now can present on an existing page or a new customized page. It means that online merchants have more flexibility in how they set up their stores and make them unique. This update also enhances user experience and improves the online store interface. 

To display bundles on pages, please follow these steps. Firstly, you click on the Pages section. Then edit the existing page or create a new one by selecting the Add page. 

display bundles on pages

After that, adjust the Content part into HTML and then paste the bundle you want to display.

adjust content part into HTML

The interface will display as shown in the image below.

display as shown

Here are the Bundles displayed on the Page.

bundle display on pages

Update UX

Another thing you’ll notice when using the app’s latest version is the improvement in user experience. No need to worry about if you’re following the right steps anymore!

Right from your home dashboard, you can easily and quickly create product bundles, customize widgets and choose where to show your bundles.

update ux

New pricing plan

With this release, we also introduce our new pricing plans that simplify everything. We want to make sure that the app is actually useful for your business, so we won’t charge you a single penny if it’s not generating sales for your store.

The pay as you go pricing model is designed to help you easily grow and scale your business. You are billed based on your store revenue generated by bundles. Only pay for what you need to grow – no sales? Don’t pay. 

Rest assured that this app is totally free if you generate by app less than $250. 


That’s all the new updates that you should notice about the Product Bundles & Discounts+ app. Now you can experience the new version 1.2 and grab more sales with unlimited product bundles. Finally, just a gentle reminder: We are here, our dedicated customer support team, always ready to help you any time! 

Happy bundling!

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