As we mentioned in the previous blog: What is Google Shopping? How to set up Google Merchant Center for Shopify?, we’ve discussed Google Shopping benefits and how to have a correct Google Merchant – Shopify setup. And the next move is uploading your products to Google Merchant Center and promoting your goods. However, if you’ve tried to submit your Shopify products to meet Google requirements, you will feel it’s pretty complicated. Similarly, having high-efficiency advertising campaigns on Google Ads is a difficult task that requires store owners to always keep track of their statistics. That is why many Shopify app developers provide a wide range of apps that help Shopify users have better uploading and advertising product experience. So today, we’ll show you the top 11 of the best Google Shopping app for Shopify to help you find the suitable Shopify app Google Shopping with ease.

In order to help you focus on the most important app details, here are 5 factors that will be discussed on this topic:

  • Developers 
  • Price
  • Rating
  • Highlighted features
  • Why you should use it?

#App 1: AllFetch Google Shopping (free Shopify app Google Shopping)

AllFetch Google Shopping
Source: Shopify

Developers: AllFetch

Price: Free

Highlighted features:

  • Use Content API for Shopping to push product data
  • Assign products to Google Shopping values 
  • Multiple filters
  • Edit products in bulk or one by one
  • Email notifications
  • Live chat support

Why should use it?

We announce this app first because AllFetch is the official Partner of Google so that you can totally trust in its product quality. The good news is that it’s totally free and still provides many essential features. The most important one is that AllFetch’s app allows you to filter products in multiple tags. For example, you can filter goods that have the same product type and age group at the same time. This helps you group your products faster to have a better listing product experience. Additionally, with the app, you’re able to edit all elements of your products in bulk to save your time and receive product status.

#App 2: Feed for Google Shopping 

Feed For Google Shopping
(Source: Shopify)

Developers: Simprosys InfoMedia 

Price: From $4.99/month. 21-day free trial

Rating: 4.9/5 – 1881 reviews

Highlighted features: 

  • Allow customers to assign more values for products in bulk or one by one 
  • Instant Syncing when having any changes
  • Filtering to find products easier
  • Automatically submit the second image when the first one is not approved
  • Enable to include all variants
  • Integrate with Google, Bing, Facebook

Why you should use it?

Simprosys InfoMedia’s provides you with multiple amazing features. Firstly, not like other apps when you can only find your products by search names, this app will help you find your goods easily with advanced filters based on Google attributes. Secondly, after you filter successfully the products you want, you can add additional values like Google Product Categories, Gender, Custom Labels, etc. Last but not least, when using this app, you will not have to submit a feed URL and other settings for your product feed.

#App 3: Google Shopping Feed

Google Shopping Feed
(Source: Shopify)

Developers: AdWords Robot

Price: $7/month. 14-day free trial. Additional fees may apply

Rating: 5/5 – 223 reviews

Highlighted features: 

  • Add the variants with their own photos 
  • Show all variants in the feed
  • Out of stock products won’t be shown
  • Sync Custom labels, Google Product Category, etc from Shopify Shopping App 
  • Create different feeds for different currencies 

Why you should use it?

The most unique feature of Google Shopping Feed by AdWords Robot is that the app allows you to advertise your products in many countries by creating feeds with each currency with each specific nation. Besides this feature, you can upload all the product variants like color, size, material, etc and each product variant has its own image. And don’t worry if your products are out of stock because AdWords Robot will automatically disable those goods on the feed for you.

#App 4: Smart Google Shopping Feeds

Smart Google Shopping Feeds
(Source: Shopify)

Developers: Webrex Studio

Price: Free plan available 

Rating: 5/5 – 42 reviews

Highlighted features:

  • Include all variants
  • VIP customer support
  • Synchronize products automatically
  • Filter products
  • Receive reports about feed status on mails
  • Edit title to have more sales

Why you should use it?

Webrex Studio’s app is the first Shopify app Google Shopping in this list that has a free plan for its customers. Even on the free plan, you still have 24/7 support, so don’t need to worry if you have any problems. Besides some basic features like syncing all products and their variants from Shopify, the app allows you to change the title of your goods for better SEO on Google Shopping. 

#App 5: Easy Google Shopping Feed 

Easy Google Shopping Feed
(Source: Shopify)

Developers: AdNabu

Price: Free plan available 

Rating: 4.8/5 – 56 reviews

Highlighted features:

  • Support Tax and Shipping settings 
  • Give each your product a score to have better performance in Google Shopping
  • Choose to show all variants or one
  • Product review integration 
  • Map meta fields to Google Shopping values
  • Work in many countries

Why you should use it?

If you want to improve your Google Shopping feed performance day by day, this app is for you. To be specific, AdNabu will calculate the scores of your products and those scores based on 5 main elements here:

  1. Search volume of keywords in title and description.
  2. Photo quality and size
  3. Sale price and promotions of products
  4. Feed values’ length
  5. Use of recommended fields for specific Google Product Categories. 

This feature will help you know what are your pros and cons of your feed, therefore, you can optimize your feed easier. 

In terms of Google Shopping Feed, you will have all features to help you edit your products in Google Shopping to fit your needs. Those features are:

  1. Choose all variants or one, SEO description, or SEO title. 
  2. Assign custom labels, color, pattern, etc
  3. Edit in bulk

Turning to Tax and Shipping settings, AdNabu’s app automatically sets your Shipping rates in Google Marchant Center based on your settings from Shopify and creates tax rates for every state in the USA.  

#App 6: Google Shopping Feed and Actions

Google Shopping Feed and Actions
(Source: Shopify)

Developers: Cedcommerce

Price: Free plan available 

Rating: 5/5 – 464 reviews

Highlighted features:

  • 24/7 chat support (call support for the highest-paid plan)
  • Product filtering 
  • Order management
  • Enhanced eCommerce tracking 
  • Set up goals 

Why you should use it?

If you desire to optimize your Google Shopping feed on both Google Ads and Google Merchant Center, Cedcommerce’s app will help you do that. 

With Google Merchant Center, the app allows you to filter your goods to list and submit your product quicker, and of course, you can edit in bulk or one by one like other apps above. Furthermore, order information form Google Shopping will be imported to Shopify to make a better fulfillment process, and also update order tracking details from Shopify to Google Shopping.

With Google Ads, you can set up your goals to track conversion rates and the overall situation of your Shopify store. Besides that, the app helps you track the revenue created through Google Ads associated with enhanced eCommerce data. 

Additionally, you will get the call support which is not a common feature when using the diamond plan ($99/month).

#App 7: DataFeedWatch Shopping Feed 

DataFeedWWatch Shopping Feed
(Source: Shopify)

Developers: DataFeedWatch

Price: From $3/month. 15-day free trial

Rating: 4.6/5 – 124 reviews

Highlighted features:

  • Set complex rules to map your product data
  • Edit attributes like title, description, URL
  • Disable out of stock products 
  • More than 1000 shopping channels 
  • Automated Google Search Ads

Why you should use it?

One of the best advantages of the apps is the mapping feature. With this feature, you can easily create more rules to help you submit products faster. For example, you can set Shopify products that having adult tags will automatically be assigned to the adult age group on Google Shopping. Moreover, DataFeedWatch’s app will help you improve your Text Ads campaigns by creating an automatic process.

Mapping feature
Mapping feature (Source: Shopify)

#App 8: Google Shopping, Facebook Feed

Google Shopping Facebook Feed
(Source: Shopify)

Developers: Socialhead

Price: Free

Rating: 4.2/5 – 33 reviews

Highlighted features: 

  • Add more values to products in bulk or one by one
  • Filter a collection 
  • 1 click syncing
  • All variants on titles available 
  • Live chat support

Why you should use it?

This app is the second Shopify app Google Shopping on the list that will provide you with all their features on the free plan. With this free app, you can have all the basic features to help you submit your products faster like assigning values, showing all variants on product titles, etc. 

Although not allowing you to filter on all categories, the app still helps you filter your goods based on collections if you want to change anything. Furthermore, you will get live chat support when using this app, so please feel free to contact the support team when you have any problems.

#App 9: Google Shopping ShoppingFeeder

Google Shopping ShoppingFeeder
(Source: Shopify)

Developers: ShoppingFeeder 

Price: Free plan available

Rating: 4.7/5 – 278 reviews

Highlighted features: 

  • Mapping attributes 
  • List all variants
  • Work in many countries
  • Add more values to products
  • Work on 300+ channels

Why you should use it?

ShoppingFeeder allows you to set rules to map your product elements faster, therefore, you won’t have to assign for new products that are synced to the app. The key point of this Shopify app Google Shopping is that you will be able to experience this feature even on a free plan. 

Besides that, you don’t need other apps to list your products in different countries and channels because the app will support all of that for you.

#App 10: Google Shopping Feed & Ads

Google Shopping Feed and Ads
(Source: Shopify)

Developers: Sales & Orders 

Price: Free plan available

Rating: 4.6/5 – 23 reviews

Highlighted features: 

  • Seamless connection process
  • Analytics
  • Support managing Google Shopping campaigns

Why you should use it?

Tracking directly daily your Google Shopping campaigns’ performance is what you can do with the Sales & Orders’ app. To be specific, the app helps you see many types of statistics like conversion rates, clicks, impressions, etc to help you keep track of your feed situation. 

You can see more details on those photos:

Product statistics
Product statistics (Source: Shopify)

#App 11: Google Ads & Google Shopping

Google Ads and Google Shopping
(Source: Shopify)

Developers: Clever Ecommerce

Price: Free plan available

Rating: 4.3/5 – 1500 reviews

Highlighted features: 

  • Support Google Adwords Search and Google Retargeting campaigns 
  • Enable to control your costs on Google Ads
  • Support seasonal campaigns 
  • Display banners on your ads
  • Generate keywords 

Why you should use it?

If you want to optimize your advertising campaigns on Google Ads, Clever Ecommerce’s app will help you do that easily. With its features like keywords generation, retargeting Google Ads, and showing banners on your ads, you just need to your business information to the app, it will do the rest. 

Moreover, on the premium plan, Clever Ecmmerce’s app also supports you list your products on Google Merchant Center, and you will weekly get a report to view your Google Ads performance.

Do you find your own Shopify app Google Shopping?

After the top 11 best Google Shopping apps for Shopify 2022, we hope you can find a suitable app for your own to help you sell more products on Google Shopping. 

If you have any apps that can be listed in this topic, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

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