You have already created your Shopify account and you are working hard to get your store ready for launch. Yet until you learn how to create a Shopify coming soon page, you are missing out on a great opportunity to get your brand awareness up. Instead of waiting for the official store launches, you can start building your customer base in advance.

Done right, a well-designed Shopify coming soon page can be a highly effective tool to create the buzz about your brand and build a group of hungry customers willing to click “Buy Now” at launch.

In this article, we will show you amazing tips to make a high-converting Shopify coming soon page, as well as the inspiring examples of coming soon page Shopify. 

Let’s start! 

What is Shopify coming soon page and its benefits?

Shopify coming soon page

A coming soon Shopify page, also known as a pre-launch/under-construction page is a separate landing page that tells prospects about your brand and gives them a date on which your website is ready for launch.

More than a temporary destination, a Shopify open soon page offers you the flexibility to:

  • Get a head start on marketing: It is a single page and not an entire website, so it is easy for you to create a coming soon page in less than a few hours. With this page, you can “go to market” quickly by letting people know about your business or products. 
  • Build an email list to launch: You can use the coming soon page for Shopify as an effective lead generation tool that captures all the prospective customers. So, with confidence, hundreds even thousands of them will be paying attention to the day your Shopify store launches.
  • Get early feedback: Show your concept in front of would-be customers, gather your feedback to inform how you build out your idea.

Rather than putting off marketing until you can officially open your shop door to the world, Shopify store coming soon page can let you get a head start, build and promote your store in parallel, and ensure you have audiences to launch to.

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How to create a Shopify Coming Soon Page?

If you are owning a Shopify store, but you don’t know how to create your own Shopify coming soon page, below are 2 common methods to help you. Both of them will support you to build your Shopify store coming soon at your own space and publish it in a couple of clicks when you are ready.

Use your Shopify password page as your coming soon page

Shopify coming soon page 2

The fastest way to create a pre-launch page is by leveraging your Shopify password page. By default, most of these pages come with the basic features of a coming soon page. If you just want a simple placeholder page to let people know about your business and build your email list, Shopify Coming Soon page is the suitable choice for you.

Step #1:Log into your Shopify dashboard

Firstly, you log in to your Shopify account to enter the Shopify dashboard.

Log into your Shopify dashboard

Step #2: Edit the password page

After that, you go to Online store on the sidebar menu, choose Theme and click on Customized. Following, you click on the drop-down arrow and select Others.

Edit password page

Then you select {/} Password, and your site will load a coming soon page that you may edit.


You can now customize the body content, header and footer of the coming soon page. It is easy to adjust placeholders for text and headlines on a webpage with a few clicks. In addition, you may modify the call-to-action by including some fields or social network buttons if necessary.

coming soon page

Publish a “coming soon” version of your theme

Another simple way to create your coming soon Shopify page is creating two different versions: One is a “coming soon” version that you temporarily publish as the centre of your pre-launch marketing campaign, and a “working” version that you will continue to prepare for your official launch. Just duplicate your theme, rename it, and set one is the “coming soon” version, one another is “working version”. 

The “coming soon” version can be a single page which includes product photos, CTA button, an explainer video, social proof, and more. 

Shopify coming soon page

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5 Tips to optimize your Shopify Coming Soon page

Your Shopify coming soon page can be short and straight to the point, or a detailed landing page that helps you achieve multiple goals. It depends on whether you need a temporary placeholder page or a strategic destination for a longer-term pre-launch marketing campaign.

Whether your purpose is what, most effective Shopify coming soon pages corporate the below objectives: 

Describe what is “coming soon” and when

optimize Shopify comming soon page

Not only generate hype around your idea, but a Shopify coming soon page can also gauge demand for your upcoming items by seeing how people react to it, even before it is available to buy. These valuable feedbacks can inform how you develop your product, determine your positioning, and design your website better.

Furthermore, you can give your audiences a concrete timeline for your launch, either by showing your launch date or even a countdown timer.

Build your pre-launch audiences

If you are driving people to a page without anything available to buy immediately, you should make sure that you have a plan to keep them from going away. This is where you can use your Shopify coming soon page as an effective tool to capture your potential customers. In most cases, this means building an email list, but it can also mean building a retargeting audience or accepting pre-orders.

To encourage your page visitors to join your email list, you can offer them an incentive:
– Early bird pricing
– Exclusive discounts or freebies with time-limited
– Valuable content

Create your strong brand presence

Shopify coming soon page best practices

Make sure you show impressively your brand by using large, bold fonts and a contrasting colour for the brand name, for example, together with a powerful headline. Rather than just throw up your logo and email capture, you can inspire users with a simple and clear value proposition.

More interestingly, your website visitors may get amused by realizing that there is someone there who is investing time and energy to show their problems. So, showing some behind the scenes can be an effective passive selling tactic and a great way to boost credibility. 

Let potential customers connect with you

Feedback is valuable, and you don’t need to wait until your store goes live to collect it. Opening a way of communication via email, social media or live chat is a great way to unwrap customer concerns, convince visitors to join 1-on-1 conversations, and get honest opinions about your concept.

Make it easy for visitors to share

If your prospects love your idea, they might share it with their friends or networks. Especially, by including social sharing buttons and even with some incentives (such as a discount or contest entry), you can motivate them to share your Shopify coming soon page with others. 

Shopify coming soon page inspiration examples

If you are still wondering how to create a Shopify coming soon landing page, let take a look at the following pre-launch marketing example. Each one takes a different approach, but there are key lessons that are worth learning from. 

Harry’s: Generate leads and reach more with rewards

Shopify coming soon page example

One of the most celebrated examples of an effective Shopify coming soon page is Harry’s pre-launch marketing campaign that captured over 100,000 emails through referrals. Specifically, subscribers would receive increasingly better rewards for the more subscribers they referred. Both referrers and referees only need email addresses to take the offer. 

Think about how you can leverage the thank you page or thank you email to create an opt-in flow that incentivizes new subscribers to take further action to get greater rewards.

Popov Leather: Accept pre-orders for a coming soon product

Shopify coming page example 2

Not just new businesses but also established brands can also use Shopify coming soon pages to market products that are not available to sell now. In the case of Popov Leather, they showed a new wallet on their online store using the Shopify preorder app and quickly exceeded their funding goal.

For you, to gauge demand for a new product, you can collect emails on a “coming soon” page for this product. The more you understand your potential customers’ needs, the better you can sell your products to them.

GNARBOX: Choose your giveaway products wisely

A giveaway or contest can quickly grow your email list, but when your products are not ready to sell, how can you offer them as a prize? Don’t worry! You can do what GNARBOX did and offer an item that you don’t sell, but your target customer would also buy.

GNARBOX’s product is a rugged backup device for professional photo and video editors. The prize for your giveaway, however, was a DJI drone camera, a product they knew their target customers would like to have. Along with other list building techniques, they captured 20,000 qualified subscribers to launch their products to.

Final Words

As we have already said, coming soon pages are entirely optional and not every online business will create one. However, for those who want to run a pre-launch marketing campaign, a Shopify coming soon page can help build excitement around your brand before you open your digital door to the world. In this way, once your store is ready to launch, you will surely have a group of potential customers who are interested and willing to buy your products.

Hopefully, these above instructions will help you know more about Shopify coming pages and its importance for your e-commerce store. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below to share with us your experience or any trouble occurring with your coming soon page in Shopify. We are always here to help you!

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