An online customer comes to your eCommerce store, adds a product to their cart, and completes a purchase. Then with the Shopify order status page, you thank them for shopping and finish the selling process. However, do you know that you can have an opportunity to tee up additional sales to this customer by optimizing the order status page in Shopify?

Let’s jump into 7 amazing tips below and you are likely to know how you can do that!

Overview of Shopify Order Status page

The eCommerce customer journey does not end once they complete their checkout process. Normally, the Shopify order status page which is shown after checkout is often ignored when it comes to store optimization.

Shoppers can visit some of the website pages, but all of them see the order status page after finishing their purchases. 

Also, customers can visit the Shopify order status page to keep track of order fulfillment. When you update the order and shipping statuses, you can automatically send customers Shopify order status page URL by email or SMS text. 

The type of notification your customer receives depends on the checkout process. For example, if your customer enters their email address and phone numbers, they receive email and SMS text notifications.

Three types of Shopify Order Status page

By default, the shopify order page shows confirmation of the order, shipping confirmation, and shipment update. This page also includes a link to continue shopping in your store.

Also, for each type of order, the Shopify order page may have some adjustments.

#1 Shopify order status page with a supported carrier

In case you ship through a supported carrier, the order status page Shopify will be updated in real-time and the shipping location will be shown on a map. 

Orders with a supported carrier
Source: Shopify

When the status of the shipment changes, the Shopify order status page updates with below possible statuses:

  • Confirmed: Order is created, but you haven’t shipped or fulfilled the order yet. It is a good time to capture payment. 
  • On its way: You mark the order as fulfilled or partially fulfilled in your Shopify store admin, and the shipment is in transit. 
  • Out for delivery: The shipment arrived in your customer’s area and will be delivered to your customer soon.
  • Attempted delivery: The carrier tried to deliver the shipment to the destination address, but was unsuccessful.

#2 Shopify order status page with an unsupported carrier

Orders with an unsupported carrier

If you use an unsupported shipping carrier, the Shopify order status page includes a tracking number that links to the website of the carrier. From this, your customer can get more information about the order status. However, the order status is not shown, and the pin on the map does not update in real-time. 

#3 Shopify order status page with multiple shipments or carriers

The Shopify order status page works with partial fulfilments, even when they are made through different shipping carriers. Shopify adds new sections on the Shopify order page for multiple fulfilments. 

Tips to sell more with Shopify order status page

The cost of acquiring a new customer is increasing now. With a high number of brands going online and the range of available products, the market becomes more competitive than ever before. So, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on acquiring this one customer, why do we get just one sale? 

There is a lot more you can do to turn your Shopify order status page into an opportunity for getting sales. 

1. Show customized messages with next steps

Show customized messages
Source: Thank You Page Upsell Shopify app 

One of the easiest ways to improve your order status page is personalizing messages. Instead of showing the default text on the page, you can display a customized message, including your name to thank customers for their purchases. In this way, you can show that there are real people behind the brand and make your brand-friendly in the customers’ eyes. 

Additionally, on the Shopify order status page, you can also include a description of the next steps for what customers can expect. For instance, you can let customers know if you will send shipping information via email, or order status updates via email, etc. that they should look forward. It not only builds customer anticipations but also gives people an idea of what’s next. 

2. Connect with social media

Shopify Order Status page: Connect with social media
Source: Thank You Page Customizer Shopify app 

A customer typically most trust your brand right after they complete their purchases. If they don’t believe you, they are not willing to provide payment information to get your products. So, it is the proper time for you to encourage customers to share their purchases with friends and followers by adding social media buttons to the order status page. This will help you get more word-of-mouth promotions, which grow your sales.

3. Add a video to speak to your customers

Using a video is an effective way to thank the shopper for trusting your brands and making a purchase. You can also use the video to tell customers about the order and shipping status or ask customers to share their feedback.

A useful tip for you is making the embedded video as personalized as possible. You can add a human touch to it by showing customers a quick behind the scene of the product they purchased or the faces behind the brand. It is a great way to win their trust.

4. Upsell your products

Shopify Order Status page: Upsell your products
Source: ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell Shopify app 

The clear indication of the customer’s interest and preferences is their purchases. You can use this data to optimize your Shopify thank you page with upsell campaigns. Showing product collections that well match the customer’s interests and their spending power is an effective way to encourage your customers to buy more.

5. Offer coupons and promotions

Shopify Order Status page: Offer coupons and promotions
Source: Post Purchase Checkout Upsell Shopify app

Most online customers are often looking for better deals and discounts on the products they love. Now think about a situation where a person walks into your physical store. They are checking out a T-shirt which they find a little expensive. However, when you approach them with a deal that says they can get another T-shirt at 30% off on their next purchase, they suddenly feel more satisfied buying the T-shirt in their hand.

Using your Shopify thank you page to do precisely this. You can provide your customers with a special coupon to reward them for their business, and give them the incentive to come back to your store. This coupon can be for your entire store, or specific to related products based on their purchase. It will also go a long way to increase the customer lifetime value and is a nice little gift at the end of the transaction.

6. Show newsletter signup form

One of the most effective ways to market to potential customers and existing customers is by sending emails. This is the reason why most online stores motivate you to sign up for their newsletters. You can then use the email to send customer updates about your products, special promotions, and more.

7. Make a time-sensitive offer popup

Shopify Order Status page: Make a time-sensitive offer popup
Source: ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell Shopify ap

You have been using popups on your store page to promote deals, new products, or show the newsletter signup form. Why not apply the same logic on your Shopify order status page to keep your customers stay longer on your page and incentivize them to make a follow-up purchase.

Utilizing the popup to offer a time-sensitive discount for related products is an effective way to nudge customers towards a purchase. You can also use this opportunity to encourage them to purchase the items in their previous wishlist at a discounted price.

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Final words

There is no one approach to optimize the Shopify order status page to sell more products. You can use all the options listed above or select to test one after the other to see what your shoppers mostly interact with. 

After all, a successful optimization of the Shopify order page can help you get more interactions, conversions, and sales – so don’t forget to optimize it continuously! 

Are you using your Shopify order status page to sell more? What is the strategy that helps you to turn your new customers into repeat customers almost immediately? We ‘d love to know your tip! 

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