The changes in customer behavior during and after the Covid-19 pandemic can bring us many business opportunities, especially in eCommerce. That is why today we’ll share with you the top 10 amazing Shopify store ideas during the Covid-19 pandemic.

So how Covid-19 pandemic has changed consumer behavior?

Until the end of August, the world has witnessed more than 24 million Covid-19 cases and 800 thousand deaths due to this disease, and the number of cases is still increasing. This makes many countries have promulgated the social distance. Besides that, the world also has experienced one of the most terrible recessions since the 1930s.

And in terms of people’s lives, we can see the Covid-19 pandemic has changed how we live in many different ways like shopping, eating, and working. And of course, the shift of consumer behavior is one of the most important changes that all businesses will care about because it will transform the industry’s future. 

So what are the priorities of customers during the Covid-19 pandemic and what behaviors have changed? 

At first, let’s see the bar chart below: 

Accenture Covid-19 consumer research
Accenture Covid-19 consumer research (Source:

From the above bar chart, we can give a quick conclusion about the transformation of how customers are buying:

  • Only buy and focus on the most basic needs
  • Pay more attention to health and shop more health improvement products 
  • Support local stores like neighborhood businesses
  • Purchase brands that they’ve already known and trusted
  • Care more about relatives and shop more for them 

So based on those changes, here are the top 10 brilliant Shopify store ideas during the Covid-19 pandemic that we think would be profitable during and after the pandemic. 

Top 10 brilliant Shopify store ideas during Covid-19 pandemic 

There’s some information that will be discussed below to help you understand more about the ideas:

  • About the product
  • Why sell this?
  • What are the potential customers?

#Idea 1: Basic Clothing Store 

To begin with, we start with the first business idea that we think is simplest on the list of top 10 Shopify store ideas.

About the product: 

Of course, everybody knows what clothing is, but on this topic, we’re suggesting you sell basic clothes. You can easily understand that basic clothes are clothes that don’t have too much texture and color and can be used on many occasions. 

Why sell basic clothes?

  • Consumers are wanting to buy clothes that they can use every day, not just a dress or a vest only for a special occasion. 
  • You can easily design your products and start selling instantly. Due to apps like Printful and Printify, the progress of designing and shipping your custom-made clothing has been simplified and shortened. 
  • You’ll feel super satisfied when you see people are wearing your designs and all the ideas are giving you more income. 

What are your potential customers?

We believe that individuals of all ages will love to buy basic clothing like one-color t-shirts and pants. However, if you only have a chance to focus on one particular market, young generations should be your target. 

#Idea 2: Organic Food and Drink Store

Organic food store example
Organic food store example (Source: Veestro)

About the product: 

“Organic food is food produced by methods complying with the standards of organic farming” (source: Wikipedia), and it has been common to food consumers around the world. 

Why sell organic food?

  • During the Covid-19 pandemic, people are more and more concerned about their health, so food and drink made from organic ingredients are what people really need. 
  • Organic food is known as high-quality products, so their prices can be very high. Therefore, you can make a big profit by reducing production expenses and selling at high prices.  

So if you’re having a source of producing organic ingredients, don’t waste it down. 

What are the potential customers?

Organic food is quite expensive, so if you have a low budget for marketing, try to only advertise your products to workers who have a high income. 

*) Note: Providing subscription services can be one of the effective ways to help you have better revenue. 

#Idea 3: Dietary Supplement Store

About the product: 

A dietary supplement is a manufactured product intended to supplement the diet to provide users with nutrients. It’s a product related to medicine, so you have to have a certain knowledge about products to sell it. So selling dietary supplements can be one of the Shopify store ideas that you need to take deep research.

Why sell dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements will help users have more nutrients like vitamins and minerals that help them to fight against Covid-19. As a result, people are willing to buy supplements if you offer them good-quality products. 

What are the potential customers?

Like organic food, dietary supplement prices are quite high, so adults with stable finances would be the right market for you. 

*) Note: Vitamin C is proven that is one of the most important organic molecules that help creates a strong immune system.

#Idea 4: Online Course Store

shopify online course store ideas

About the product:

In the Covid-19 pandemic, most of all academies and classes have been shut down, so people are no more able to take an offline class. As a result, online studying is one of the most effective solutions that help learners to still absorb more knowledge. An online course here can only be a lesson that lasted from 4 to 8 hours or can separate into many lessons on different days. 

Why sell online courses?

  • During the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of unemployed people is unprecedented high, so the skills and knowledge that learned from online courses will help them quickly get their jobs back. 
  • If you teach an online course based on the knowledge that you’ve already known, the cost will be almost zero. 

What are the potential customers?

Individuals, especially unemployed, who want to learn new skills and have more knowledge in a short period of time would be your first priority. Besides that, maybe people who have a lot of leisure time and want to learn something new could be your customers 

*) Note: With this type of store, it will better if you collaborate with someone who is also an expert in a field related to your online course. 

#Idea 5: Freelancer store

About the product: 

Nowadays, everybody knows what freelancer is, and this kind of job is becoming more popular. Freelancers can be writers, graphic designers, developers, etc, and each one could have one or two specialties.

Why start a freelancer store?

  • Because freelancers do not belong to any organization, they’ve had many chances to experience working anywhere they want before. Therefore, working from home is not an obstacle.
  • The number of eCommerce stores is growing more than ever, so the need for freelancers who help store owners to developer their stores could increase similarly. 

What are the potential customers?

It is obvious that your potential customers are people who own an online store, especially a new one. 

#Idea 6: Art store

shopify art store ideas
(Source: Shopify)

About the product: 

Because of the development of technology, now arts and crafts can be both physical and digital products. So whether you’re a photographer, musician, or painter, there is a wide range of ways to start an online business and turn your masterpieces into a source of revenue.

If photography or painting is your forte, you can sell your works as prints, canvases, and framed posters by using third-party apps like Printify or Printful. Besides that, you can also offer your customers with digital goods like mobile and desktop backgrounds. 

Turning to music, if you’re a musician or a producer, you can sell your songs, beats, samples, etc as digital downloads. 

Why sell your art?

  • People are working from home, and many of them might need some masterpieces as inspirations for them to work better. 
  • If you want to bring your works to people’s lives while also have income, it’s your opportunity to make it a reality.

What are the potential customers?

Who doesn’t love art? This is why your promising consumers can be anyone around the world, so let’s try to create more amazing masterpieces to make your dream come true. 

#Idea 7: Accessories store

About the product:

Accessories here can be anything you can imagine but in this topic, we will mainly focus on kitchen accessories and working accessories. For simple understanding, those types of accessories would help users to have a better experience in cooking and working. 

There’re some examples of kitchen accessories: utensils & gadgets, cutting boards, knives, etc

And about working accessories: pen holders, mouse & keyboard, chair support, etc. 

Why sell accessories?

  • As mentioned above, people are becoming more careful about their health, so more and more people will want to cook for themselves because they can control what they put into their food. Moreover, almost everybody is working from home now, so homemade food could be a suitable option. 
  • All workers want to have the best working experience when they work from home. 

What are the potential customers?

We think that the most potential market here is people who are working from home. Besides that, maybe housewives who really need kitchen tools can be a promising market that you want to put your efforts on. 

#Idea 8: Podcast, video, or blog store

shopify podcast store ideas
(Source: Unsplash)

About the product:

The definition of podcasts, videos, and blogs is no longer strange to people, so in this section, we will discuss is how you can make money by making podcasts, videos, and blogging. Here are our suggestions:

  • Selling products that align with your audiences.
  • Making paid reviews/promotions for brands
  • Participating in an affiliate program for another company and making a commission every time you sell their products. 
  • Selling subscriptions 

Especially with podcasts, if you want to promote that, consider inviting some influencers as guests on your show. Similarly, having famous people in your videos is a big factor that will attract more followers. 

Why start a podcast, video, or blog store?

  • All podcasts, videos, and blogs are three of the fastest ways for people to have more information, knowledge, even fun. So it can become promising channels that you don’t want to miss. 
  • In recent days, collaborating with influencers is easier than ever due to the appearance of some third-party companies and apps that provide influencer marketing services. 

What are the potential customers?

It’s hard to determine the right market because your followers will depend on your content. However, you should try to create your content that is suitable for some specific audiences to keep your topics from getting too rambling.

#Idea 9: Handmade good store

Handmade good store example
Handmade good store example (Source: Bebemoss)

About the product:

If you have a skillful person, don’t hesitate to make some handmade products to sell them. Handmade goods can be many types of products like toys, accessories, blankets, etc.

Why sell handmade products?

  • As discussed at the beginning, consumers are preferring to support local businesses, so if you’re having good high-quality products, it’s your chance to sell for people around you. 
  • Turning your passion into income sounds like one of the most interesting experiences that you can miss in your life. 

What are the potential customers?

To be honest, we believe anybody can be your customers, and the right market can be contingent on what you will sell. So focusing on making good products is your first priority if you want to sell effectively. 

#Idea 10: Home decor store

About the product: 

Nowadays, home decorations are becoming increasingly diverse. People are decorating their houses with artworks, trees, and even sneaker connections. 

Why sell home decorations?

  • During the Covid-19 pandemic, individuals are spending most of their time in homes, so a beautiful house can be an inspiration for them to work from home or simply have a good time with their families in leisure time. 
  • Thanks to some dropshipping suppliers like Oberlo, it’s easier for you to have many kinds of home decor products to add to your store.  

Read more about: Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps

What are the potential customers?

Most of the people love to see their homes and their rooms become more delightful, so as some types of products we discussed above, the suitable market should be based on your kinds of goods. 

Do you find out the best Shopify store idea?

The Covid-19 pandemic is creating bad consequences for people’s lives and including yours. However, it’s also open for you many opportunities and ideas to start your own stores as the top 10 Shopify store ideas we mentioned earlier. 

If you want to build a perfect Shopify store, let’s check some relative topics below:

So why don’t try to turn those ideas into your online businesses today? 

If you have another idea, please comment below to let us know. 

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