Have you found any fabulous Shopify store and wondered what kind of Shopify themes that they are using to build it? The problem is, there are thousands of themes, how can you find out the right one? Luckily, there is an effective way to find out which Shopify template a store is using: Using a Shopify theme detector. It can help you duplicate a site theme you really like. All you need is just a URL link of the store in question with the browser of your choice. 

Overview of store by Shopify theme detector

A theme is a template that determines the way that your online store looks and feels. Different themes have different styles and layouts and offer a different experience for your customers. 

For example, if you’re selling products for kids, then you probably want your online store to look cute and colorful. On the other hand, if you’re selling electronics, then you might wish your online store to look energetic and sleek. 

Overview of store by Shopify theme detector

A skillful Shopify theme can save you a ton of time and effort on coding and designing an all-winning online store. If you don’t have a budget or skills on building a fully-fledged site, you can take advantage of SEO-friendly and responsive templates.

According to Forbes, a good user experience has the potential to increase your store’s conversion rate by 400%. So don’t mind spending some time finding the right look.

So, let’s see where you can get a Shopify theme for your store.

Where can you get a Shopify theme? 

The first place you should visit is the official Shopify Theme Store. It offers a huge variety of both free and paid themes there that you can try at your store. 

Shopify team develops free themes there, and third-party partners develop the paid ones. And, of course, you will also get awesome support from Shopify even when using their free themes.

Where can you get a Shopify theme

To find themes that have specific features, such as the number of products, layout style,… you can click “Search” at the top of the page. You can even filter more with a particular purpose. 

Another place that you can get Shopify themes is Themeforest. There are so many paid options for you to choose from there. The paid themes there are often cheaper compared to the Shopify Theme Store. 

Shopify themes and templates

We have a list of the Best Shopify Themes Free & Premium, so you don’t have to look for them anywhere else. 

What would you do to detect your best fit theme for your store?

Here are some reasons you would want to detect a Shopify theme:

Choose the best fit theme for your online store

There are hundreds of themes on the Shopify Theme Store as well as on the other sites; you just can’t know what to choose. Looking at other successful stores with the same industry can inspire you in designing your website. 

Spy on competitors by Shopify theme detector

When you look at your competitors’ website, you will get a general idea of how people are representing their businesses. There are lessons and opportunities in this. You can get a standard look or stand out from the crowd with your theme. When you notice a new change or trend in your industry website design, you will adjust more quickly too.

Adjust your budget

If you already find out your favorite theme, you would know how much it cost too. Since a theme is often associated with the beginning phase of your business, it is an important part that you can increase or decrease in the budget. Seeing the performance that other stores get with the same amount of money can show you how to adjust your budget wisely. This task also saves you hours of development.

What is a Shopify theme detector

With a Shopify theme checker, you can know which theme is using. The magic tool can give us results on:

  • Whether the site is using Shopify theme or not
  • Name of the theme
  • Pricing 
  • Plugin or app list

How to find out what Shopify theme a website is using?

Method 1: Find out by checking the page source

  • In Chrome, you can right-click and choose “view page source” or press Ctrl+u.
How to find out what Shopify theme a website is using

Then, in the tab of the code appearing, you can find or press Ctrl+f, search “shopify.theme” to find out the code listing the name of the theme. You can see the Shopify theme’s name is “Live – Theme 2”.

Shopify theme’s name is “Live - Theme 2”

So, the theme you want is not on the theme listing on Shopify Theme Store. 

There is another way to check what themes are using in the Shopify store or not is through the ID in the page source. In case your store’s theme is generated by Shopify, you will see the number. For example, it will appear like “theme_store_id”:568. If you see “theme_store_id”:null instead of a number, then the theme you are using is not Shopify’s theme.

If you can see the number, you can google it with the keyword “shopify theme + number”, then you will be guided and taken to the page for that Shopify theme. In this situation, if you search on Google: “Shopify theme 568”, it will show that the theme “Symmetry”. To see page source in another browser, please refer to the following keystrokes: 

  • Edge: Ctrl + u
  • Firefox: Ctrl + u
  • Safari: Cmd + Opt + u

Right after you open up a source code page in those browsers, you can follow the similar steps as they are listed under Chrome to find out the name of any store’s theme. 

Method 2: Using Shop Theme Detector extensions on the Chrome Web Store 

There are some Chrome extensions that you can use for finding which theme a store is using with just a click. You can discover the Shopify theme’s name, best selling products, plugins, and apps that competitors are using, even where they get their traffic and more.

It is simple to install. Head to the Chrome Web Store, search for the name, and download the extension. Once installed, visit the store you would like to inspect and click on the extension. Even if the theme’s title doesn’t contain the original name, the tool can still include a link to take you directly to the theme’s Shopify page.

  • Shopify App/Theme Detector by Fera.ai
Shopify App/Theme Detector by Fera.ai

The first app on the list is the most popular one – Shopify App/Theme Detector by Fera.ai. – an open-source code extension built by Fera.ai helps you see the theme and apps a Shopify store is using (if the theme is not entirely customed).

It also has many positive feedbacks from users, who reported that this app is convenient and easy to use. 

Shopify Theme Detector

The second one is about the Shopify Theme Detector extension. Shopify Theme Detector Extension is developed by shopthemedetector.com and has been using by over 5,000 users all over the world. This app is entirely compatible with your device and is built with MegaMenu 2017 – v2. 

Additionally, you will see that installing these extensions is very simple. After finding your favorite website, all you need to do is to press on the tool icon; then you will get an answer in seconds. They both give you a hand in building your beautiful website.

Best Shopify themes for your business

Shopify theme for Fashion and Apparel Businesses: STREAMLINE 

Best Shopify themes for your business
  • Price: $180
  • Theme styles: Core, Luxe, Hype
  • Theme developer: Archetype Themes
  • Style and substance: Streamline features a handy sticky checkout, so customers’ carts are always in reach. You’ll also find built-in advanced product filtering so that customers can sort by brand, type, color, or size on the collection page.

Shopify theme for Jewelry and Accessory Businesses: DISTRICT 

Have a featured product or collection you’d like to highlight? District can help you put the limelight on a recent release or flagship product with a prominent home page video or slideshow. You can also catch customers’ attention with a built-in banner or pop-up modal.

Shopify theme for Jewelry and Accessory Businesses: DISTRICT

Price: $160

Theme styles: District, Energy, Coast

Theme developer: Style Hatch

Shopify theme for Houseware and Home/garden Businesses: ARTISAN 

Do your business blend products and complimentary services? Artisan lets you create a simple contact form that should perfectly suit your business needs. This Shopify theme also includes elegantly designed tables so you can feature products, services, or both side-by-side.

Shopify theme for Houseware and Home/garden Businesses: ARTISAN
  • Price: $180
  • Theme styles: Barcelona, Phoenix, Victoria
  • Theme developer: Out of the Sandbox

Shopify theme for Health and Beauty businesses: ENVY

Envy’s clean aesthetic has the perfect layout for differentiating flagship products (or products on sale) from your other collections. And, you can capture emails with the built-in marketing popup or point your customers in the right direction with a banner.

Shopify theme for Health and Beauty businesses: ENVY
  • Price: $180
  • Theme styles: Copenhagen, Oslo, Gothenburg, Stockholm
  • Theme developer: WeTheme

Shopify theme for Art and Photography Businesses: CALIFORNIA

A Shopify theme for the prolific artists (or just the organized ones),  California sports a slim, simple design with advanced product filtering and a home page collection grid, so you can feature products from multiple collections for easy browsing.

Shopify theme for Art and Photography Businesses: CALIFORNIA
  • Price: $180
  • Theme styles: California, Cartomaps, Sundays, Kentia
  • Theme developer: Small Victories

Shopify Theme for Electronics Businesses: EMPIRE 

If you’re looking to build an Electronics eCommerce store, then Empire is the one for you. This theme is an Amazon-inspired theme optimized for large catalogs. 

Shopify Theme for Electronics Businesses: EMPIRE

Developers also designed it to make your store look great on all devices.

  • Price: $180
  • Theme styles: Graphic, Supply, Industrial 
  • Theme developer: Pixel Union 

Wrapping up 

Here are the quickest and easiest ways to use Shopify theme detectors and find the theme that your competitors are using. 

Let’s take time considering all the favorite themes that you like carefully and choose the best one! Good luck with your business! 

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