It is now so simple for anybody to start and expand an online business to sell something, yet not everyone is successful. To start and grow your e-commerce business, you must have three things: hot-selling items, marketing abilities, and a strong will to succeed. That’s why we are here with out top 15 Shopify trending products in 2022

In this list, you’ll find 15 Shopify trending products that will spark new business ideas—or provide inspiration for new products to add to your existing online store. Each product category is meant for a distinct audience, so we’re also sharing relevant marketing tips for reaching new customers.

Let’s get right into it!

Shoes and sneakers – Shopify trending products

Shoes and sneakers-Shopify trending products

People are always in need of shoes; school children need shoes, factory workers need shoes, and athletes need shoes as well. This rising demand makes the shoe industry have grown over a century, and be one of the best performing products in 2021 despite the pandemic. 

The global market for shoes and sneakers is approximately $365.5 billion. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities for merchants to start selling shoes on Shopify. You can concentrate on children’s shoes, flats and heels for ladies, or sneakers for youngsters. Shoes may be sold at any time of year, but especially during the holiday season.

How to start selling?

You may begin selling shoes online by creating a Shopify store. After creating an online store, you need to choose shoe brands with high demand to start your business. Do not overlook vintage shoes, and find European, Scandinavian, or Brazilian brands. Shoes made in these regions are usually made with higher-quality materials and have higher selling price. Finally, optimize your photographs and provide a descriptive description for your items before launching your business.

How to market?

The market of shoes is huge, you can easily engage your new customers by running Google, Facebook or Instagram advertisements. Collaborating with KoLs or stylists to review and PR your products is also a good idea to market.

Toys – Shopify trending products

Toys-Shopify trending products

Toys not only entertain children, but they also improve cognitive behavior, have an educational function, and distract kids while their parents are working from home. 

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the Toys industry’s market is expected to rise from $141.08 billion in 2021 to $230.64 billion by 2028, making Toys one of the most profitable product niches on Shopify.

Here are incredible Toy’s search volume on Google:

  • Lego toys had over 76 million searches 
  • Barbie dolls received 45 million searches
  • Nintendo received 30 million searches

Merchants also sell product lines including baby sharks, board games, puzzles, sport toys, building blocks, etc. 

How to start selling

So, the toy market is an interesting one. But how can you start a toy online store on Shopify? To begin, merchants need to identify the best theme for your toys store, such as Toytown or Kids Life. Following that, you should use vibrant images, create a detailed product description, and use a lot of color, particularly brilliant colors, to marvel at the kids.

How to market

How to market toys

Remember, merchants must balance their marketing ideas in order to satisfy both parents and their children. Note that children are your target customers, but their parents are the ones who buy it. 

To engage customers, you can create a video to showcase how to play the toys with some adorable music, and upload it on social media such as Youtube or Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc. Besides, merchants can consider running Facebook and Instagram advertisements to get more customers.

Decorative bottles – Shopify trending products

Decorative bottles - shopify trending products

The next item on the list is a rising star. Decorative bottles, which are often reviewed by lifestyle and travel bloggers, are growing popular in the e-commerce market. There are several decorative bottles, such as vases, urns, and jars, that may be used to decorate and add a more beautiful look to your house.

How to start selling

Craft, Decora, and Woodle are ideal craft themes for selling decorative bottles on Shopify. Many categories and items filters are required because decorative bottles have many different shapes, colors and designs.

How to market?

Best place to sell decorative bottles is on social media where people love sharing pictures of beautiful craft. You can post photos and tips on how to use your items to showcase the design and benefit of your products. Following that, it is a good idea to work with lifestyle or travel bloggers to review your products, so you can promote to their audience. 

Fashion sunglasses – Shopify trending products

Fashion sunglasses - shopify trending products

Sunglasses are considered high-end fashion items. Their market share in the luxury fashion items business has grown fast over the last decade and is predicted to reach $177.8 billion by 2022. This is the reason why merchants are jumping to Shopify to start their sunglasses business.

How to start selling

Fashionable themes are the best suit for selling sunglasses on Shopify. Dawn, Be Yours, Spark are one of the most suitable fashion themes

There are many different kinds of sunglasses that you can start selling online, such as aviators, wayfarers, and butterfly sunglasses. When deciding what sort of sunglasses to sell on Shopify, consider the UV protection %, polarization, tinting, and frame type, then write a detailed description about the product features and add some fantastic images of your beautiful sunglasses to your online store to get started.

How to market?

Engaging your customers by running advertisements on Google will be the best idea because sunglasses receive millions of searches per month. Writing a blog or tutorial about how to mix and match sunglasses with costumes, or contact with beauty bloggers to promote your items.

Reusable water bottles – Shopify trending products

Reuseable water bottles shopify trending products

People are starting to live a healthier life-style and are becoming more aware of the environmental threats caused by non-reusable water bottles, which has created additional opportunities for the reusable water bottle industry to expand. This product’s market is worth $8.2 billion in 2020, and it is predicted to increase at a rate of 4% until 2028, making it a potential market for merchants to start their business.

How to start selling

To start selling reusable water bottles on Shopify, you will need a good theme to showcase your items to your visitors. Venue and Full Bottle provide merchants with a mega-menu, a homepage gallery, a responsive layout, wishlist, quick-view, SEO-friendly code, and many features to design your Shopify online store. 

How to market?

To market your products, you can show customers how beneficial this product is by sponsoring an eco-friendly event, collaborating with travel or lifestyle bloggers to promote your products, or creating postings on social media such as Facebook or Instagram and using them in advertisements.

Office chairs – Shopify trending products

Office chairs - Shopify trending products

During the pandemic, there is a boom in office chair sales, which is very understandable because everyone is working from home, so they need a comfortable office chair to work more efficiently. There are different types of chairs, such as big and tall chairs, kneeling ergonomic chairs, guest chairs, etc. Making the category of office chairs quite large for merchants to start their online business on Shopify.

Choosing the wrong office chairs will most probably cause you to suffer from backaches, spend more days off, and do inefficient work so that clients are very concerned about the details and materials of your product.

How to start selling

To start a business on Shopify, you may need the best themes for your items; the ArtFurniture and Furni themes are great options. Next, mention the benefits and features of your office chairs, and remember to attach photographs and videos to showcase your items.

How to market?

How to market office chairs

Targeted customers based on who will buy your products. Individual and company consumers are the two types of clients that will purchase your stuff. Individual clients can be targeted via Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns, or by forming partnerships with lifestyle bloggers or influencers to promote your items. Consider reaching out directly to company clients or running LinkedIn advertisements.

GPS navigation systems – Shopify trending products

GPS navigation system shopify trending products

Our next best-selling item on Shopify is a technological product, GPS navigation devices, which are growing increasingly crucial in our lives and are expected to reach $1.2 billion by 2023, making it a goldmine worth exploring.

There are 5 types of GPS navigation systems that business’s owners can choose to start selling on Shopify:

– Street navigation systems (sat-nav)

– Sports GPS systems and watches

– PDA based systems

– Phone with GPS

– GPS child locator watch

How to start selling GPS

How to start selling?

Themes such as Electro, Digital World, and Phono are ideal for selling technological items. Select one of these themes to create your own Shopify online store.

How to market?

Advertising this popular product on Google might be profitable. Otherwise, business owners can use Facebook and Instagram advertisements to promote Sport GPS systems or locator watches to children and students. On the other hand, filming how GPS can help in our modern living will showcase to your customers the benefit of using this technological product.

Digital artwork – Shopify trending products

Digital artworks - Shopify trending products

Almost everything is now digitized. We use computers instead of birds to transmit mail, smartphones to communicate, and social media to share images and videos. Art, like everything else, has started to go digital. The art industry has a total worth of over $14 billion, making it a perfect business to start on Shopify.

How to start selling?

Artz, Viola, and LeArts are suitable Shopify themes for artworks. Business owners may choose one of these themes to customize their online store. Your store needs features to design detailed categories and filters so that customers can easily find what they want when visiting your store.

We will tell more about how to start selling digital art on Shopify with more detailed instructions in this video

How to market

Next step, you must promote your items and companies. By collaborating with other artists, you can reach a bigger audience and capture the interest of certain individuals. Consider participating in metaverse events to display your collection, conduct virtual events, participate in art events, and communicate with other individuals in the metaverse. Participating in NFT groups is also a fantastic idea; join a network and create friends and contacts to continue advertising your brand in the NFT sector.

More methods to successful selling digital art on Shopify: 

Motor vehicle part – Shopify trending products

Motor vehicle parts - Shopify trending products

Motor vehicle parts have consistently been among the best-selling items on Shopify. As estimated , the market for these products is valued at $4355,18 billion in 2021 and will continue to expand. This has created several opportunities for merchants to establish a new business selling these things on Shopify’s online shop.

How to start selling

To begin, like with any other Shopify store, you must first select a suitable theme. The greatest themes for motor vehicle parts are Aero, Azirspares, and Chromium.

How to market

Promoting your items on Google may be profitable. However, you might think about filming installation videos and live-action instructions, launching a vehicle blog, sponsoring car builds or car exhibitions, and cross-promoting with other automotive firms.

Purses and handbags – Shopify trending products

Purses and handbags - Shopify trending products

If you are looking for the best Shopify trending products in the fashion industry to start an online business, purses and handbags are very ideal. This product’s market is worth $50 billion in 2021 and it keeps growing steadily.

How to start selling

A wrong bag can draw attention from your beautiful outfit. Before buying handbags or purses, customers will be concerned about their Brand, Cost, Design, Size, Versatility, Colour. So if you are pretending to start a business to sell purses and handbags online on Shopify, detailize your products and write descriptions to give your customers more information.

You can choose among the best fashion Shopify themes such as Shella, Modular, Turbo, etc to give your online store a perfect outlooks. 

How to market

How to market bags

To get customers for your online business, you should think about running Facebook and Instagram advertisements. Beside, contact with some influencers and Kols to promote your brand and products to reach their audiences. By doing this, it will give you more customers.

Kitchen towels – Shopify trending products

Kitchen towels - Shopify trending products

The booming in sales of home furniture have been forecasted as people have to stay at home or work from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and kitchen towels are not out of this trend. In 2021, the global kitchen towel market reached a value of $15.1 Billion and it is expected to reach $22.3 Billion by 2027. 

How to start selling

Many different designs, colors and sizes provide customers with plenty of choices. But merchants need to create a detailed category, sorts and filters your products so that customers can directly come to what they are looking for. Cooksy, Cooky and Kitool are ideal themes for you to start selling kitchen towels on Shopify. 

How to market

Merchants can easily reach individual customers by running Facebook and Instagram advertisements. Otherwise, merchants get in touch with some business customers like restaurants or traveling companies by contacting directly or running Linkedin advertisements.

Projectors – Shopify trending products

Projectors-Shopify trending products

Projector is such a strange product to be in this list. But do you know it’s market is worth $1.5 billion in 2020 and it is estimated to reach $1.9 billion by 2025?

Projectors also get around half a million searches per month. People also find other types of these products such as “mini Projectors” or “projectors for home”. This will give merchants opportunities to start new business on Shopify and target different customers based on the type of the projectors they want.

How to start selling

Electro, Digital World and E-com are the best themes. These themes provide many features like  Product, Category, Bootstrap frameworks, slideshows, responsive layouts, etc. You can choose one of them to start your online business on Shopify

How to market

Depending on the product’s search volume on Google, it’s a good way to start selling projectors by running google advertisements. You can target people searching for projectors, mini projectors and 4k projectors. Creating videos and FAQ about how to set up and use projectors will promote your products and your stores.

Pens and pencils – Shopify trending products

Pens and pencils-Shopify trending products

The next trending product is very familiar. Pens and pencils are becoming one of the Shopify trending products in this year. Surprisingly, “pens” generates 673,000 monthly searches, whereas “pencil” receives 550,000 monthly searches. The increased search volume of these items on Shopify is mostly due to the introduction of new and inventive multi-purpose pens and pencils.

How to start selling

First step, you must customize a Shopify theme suitable for your online business. Merchants can choose among Artista, Kingdom and Atlantic to find the best suitable. After that, you can customize and make a category of your products depending on its colors, shapes, brands and usages.

How to market

The next step is to run adverts on Facebook, Instagram, or Google to sell pens and pencils online. However, if you want to sell to high-end customers, you must impress them with the design or branding of your items. Partnering with KoLs, KoCs, and lifestyle bloggers to review and promote your items to these targeted audiences.

Phone and tablet case – Shopify trending products

Phones and tablets - Shopify trending products

Smartphones and tablets are crucial goods in our daily lives, and they are more than simply the latest technology, which is why we use cases to protect and decorate our phones and tablets. The case market is quite large, estimated to be worth $21.4 billion, and it is continually expanding as more people purchase these things for themselves.

How to start selling

With a few simple steps, business owners can quickly begin selling phone and tablet cases on Shopify. You may create your own store by using one of these themes: Phono, Limupa, or Amanto for mobile and accessories. Before you can sell products, you must first decide which phone model to focus on. There are several phone models to pick from, including the iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi Redmi, and others. After you’ve decided on your items, you should consider employing a designer or using specialized phones case online design on third-party applications.

How to market

One of the best ways to promote your phone and tablet case is running advertisements on Facebook or Instagram. You can start with uploading photos and collections of your products on social media posts, then you can choose the best post to start promoting. Otherwise, using Google Ads is also a good idea to engage new customers. 

Fidget spinners – Shopify trending products

Fidget spinners - Shopify trending products

The Fidget Spinner is a very popular product, and it is well-known for helping those who have difficulty focusing or those who need to release nervous energy, worry, or anxiety. However, it is also a popular toy among adults and children due to its low cost and ability to provide a satisfying, sensory, and enjoyable experience.

How to start selling

To begin selling fidget spinners, business owners must choose Shopify themes for your online store. You may select from Toytown, Kids Life, and Baby Planet, which are the best Shopify themes for selling toys.

How to market

You may easily market fidget spinners by running adverts on Facebook and Instagram. You may also film video unboxings and fidget spinner games and submit them to YouTube or social media.

Ready to start selling?

There you have it; 15 Shopify trending products that you can consider to start selling this 2022. While there are many more high-demand products to find, we hope this article has helped you narrow it down and find your perfect niche market for your e-commerce business

If you have any questions about launching a new business on Shopify, feel free to contact us, our team is here to assist. From design through expansion, we have many e-commerce tools to help you make your business a success.

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