St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. While it is the ideal time to enjoy culture, food, and drinks, you do not have to be a restaurant or bar owner to make this day memorable for your consumers.

This article shows you top 5 St. Patrick’s Day marketing ideas to boost your sales and get revenue from this upcoming holiday. From creating a festive atmosphere on your website to sending email promotions, this article will bring practical tips and tricks that you’d want to try!

What does St. Patrick’s Day mean for ecommerce businesses?

According to the latest consumer spending data from NRF, St. Patrick’s Day is a promising event for all the merchants to engage with their customers and boost store sales. Americans spend an average of $38.9, for a total of $5.14 billion on the holiday in 2021. 

What does St. Patrick’s Day mean for ecommerce businesses?

While 13 million pints of Guinness are consumed worldwide on St. Patrick’s Day, you don’t have to run a restaurant or a bar to take advantage of this day. Let’s explore 5 Patrick’s day marketing ideas and get your store ready for this holiday. 

St. Patrick’s day marketing ideas (+ The tools you need)

Go Green on your online store

The best way to showcase your St. Patrick’s Day spirit is to… well, show them. As green is the main theme color for St. Patrick’s Day, you can sparingly use it to create a festive atmosphere on your online store while staying true to your brand.

St.Patrick's day online store

Here are St. Patrick’s Day ideas to integrate ‘Green’ into your website and get your customers into the mood of buying:

  • Create a St. Patrick’s Day version of your logo with festive additions, such as shamrocks, leprechauns, and the color green. 
  • Tweak your product images with icons and symbols of St. Patrick’s day.
  • Decorate your homepage with holiday-themed images and banners with St. Patty’s phrases like ‘Lucky’, ‘Leprechaun’.
St.Patrick's day website

Pick a lucky winner on a social media contest

One of the main themes on St. Patrick’s Day is, of course, luck. Thus, there’s no better way to boost your brand awareness and sales this holiday by holding social media contests. The opportunities here are endless. Here are just a few things you should keep in mind when organizing your giveaway contest: 

Pick an adequate prize for your St. Patrick’s Day giveaway

Offer participants a chance to win a sample of your best selling products, St. Patrick’s Day-themed collection, a gift box, or a discount voucher. 

Design your St. Patrick’s Day giveaway

Set up competition dates, rules, and terms and conditions to make the contest easy and fun to join. You could ask any question related to this holiday and encourage your followers to answer. For example, what are their favorite St. Patrick’s Day traditions, or experiences of Ireland? You can even be more personal and ask for your follower’s childhood memories with St. Patrick’s Day. It is a great way to create an emotional connection and build a stronger relationship with the brand.

Design your St. Patrick’s Day giveaway

The traditional costumes with green are the clothes that many people choose to wear on St. Patrick’s day. So, it is a great idea to create a “Best St. Patrick’s Day outfit” contest where customers can post images wearing or using your green-themed products with your hashtags. Ask your followers to share their outfits to their Instagram Story and tag your brand. 

Otherwise, it can be a tag-to-win contest according to which customers should leave a comment or tag their friends under your post to have a chance to win. The more engaging and fun, the better. 

In the following example, you can see how a hair products shop engaged its followers and celebrated St. Patrick’s Day.

St.Patrick's day social media contest

Come up with St. Patrick’s Day collections

Another Patrick’s Day marketing idea is to create special designs or collections for this day. By offering limited edition designs or products which are only available during this season, you can increase a sense of exclusivity or urgency when selling them.

Come up with St. Patrick’s Day collections

If you have a fashion brand, things go easier because you can create a collection of green-toned outfits and put it at the top of the category. If you’re working in other businesses, no problem, you can also create another collection featuring St. Patrick’s Day and containing shamrocks or some iconic symbols of St. Patrick’s Day.

Don’t forget to showcase your collection by posting it on your product category and social media channels.

Run St. Patrick’s day promotion 

Another obvious place to start is by providing a discount or special promotion for St. Patrick’s Day. Take a look at your inventory and decide which products you need to run a promotion. Then come up with the idea to create a landing page or themed promotion.

For example, you can:

  • Take a 17% discount on selected products. St.Patrick’s Day is celebrated on 17th March, so this is a good way to show the relevance.
  • Attach a symbol of St.Patrick’s Day such as shamrock to your selected products and include a discount.

On this special day, people tend to wear green costumes and choose green items together. Take this chance by creating a discounted product bundle such as Free Gift bundle, Quantity Break bundle, Multiple-product bundle, etc. Running a promotion with selected products which have the low-selling speed at a reasonable price is beneficial for both business’s owners and customers. While merchants can win more and more sales and quickly clear your inventory, customers can get their goods at a suitable price.

You can also change bundle titles and messages to make it more appealing to your customers. For example, Shamrock Bundle, St.Patrick’s Day bundle or Lucky Charming bundle may be great ones.

Run St.Patrick's day promotion

Don’t forget about holiday-themed emails

Email Marketing is always a good option for business’s owners to re-engage or re-marketing your old customers. Sending your customers emails that introduce the new Go Green collection, or special coupons and vouchers on St. Patrick’s Day is great way to boost your sales. You can also send good wishes to your customers if you want to remind them to remember your business.

Don’t forget about holiday-themed emails

Time to get lucky

You don’t have to be Irish to have fun on St. Patrick’s Day. So take advantage of the opportunities this holiday offers to increase your brand awareness and boost your store sales!

If you want to “get the green” on or around March 17th, you need to act early (read: now) and take these St. Patrick’s day marketing ideas into action! What are your plans for St. Patrick’s Day? Leave a comment below and feel free to contact us if you need any help!

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