Best Shopify return apps are necessary for your Shopify store to build loyalty and create long-term customers. According to the New York Times, 91% of online buyers now read your return policy before placing a purchase. Therefore, it’s important that you quickly reply to your customers’ requests for convenient return options. 

There are a variety of return apps available to help you cope with return operations. It allows you to keep track of returned items, expand your return capacity, and save money on logistics. Here are the Top 5 Shopify return apps that will help you streamline your return process. Hope you will find the best app for your store in the list below. 

What are Returns in Shopify?

A return is a process of restoring to a supplier an item that a customer has purchased but believes it is defective or improper. The supplier then issues a refund, an exchange, or a gift card, and so on. Returns of items are a factor that influences a customer’s purchasing decision. Customers will be prone to abandoning their shopping carts at establishments with ambiguous or complicated return procedures. Because online shoppers have not seen the item before purchasing it, so they are more likely to return. 

It is clear that customers’ trust and loyalty are affected by return policies. Aside from product quality, the return policy is critical to encouraging customers to buy more and increasing long-term value for customers.

Top 5 best Shopify return apps

AfterShip Returns Center

AfterShip Returns Center shopify return apps

The AfterShip Returns Center app is one of the best Shopify return apps recommended by many online merchants. It distinguishes itself from other returns by allowing you to manage your profits and simplify the return process. Thus, your store can then increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This app provides a reputable portal to assist you in creating pre-paid labels, returning to the store, and using the customer’s preferred carrier. Customers can select one of three types of returns: returns, refunds, store credit, or exchange. Nonetheless, your Shopify store will have a limited dashboard that displays detailed information like status and returns. This visually appealing dashboard simplifies the handling of returns on your Shopify online store.

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AfterShip Returns Center price

Returns Management System

Returns Management System shopify return apps

The Returns Management System is not only a standard return support system, but it is also a full-fledged return management system. The best feature of this app is that it allows your customers to return multiple items at once rather than making numerous small requests. From there, your store can email customer return labels to them, or customers can create their own labels. Next, as a return management system, the app includes numerous graphical analysis reports. They provide detailed information on the most frequently returned items, the most common reasons for returns and so on.

Your customers can also provide photos of returned goods. This helps to keep track of the status of your products and avoid return fraud, which costs your store money. Moreover, the app includes other important return features such as automatic return label printing, pre-programmed custom reasons for returns, etc.

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Clicksit Return Center

Clicksit Return Center

Clicksit Return Center is also a good Shopify return app with a 4.8-star rating from over 300 customer reviews. One thing you should notice about this app is the CollectPlus system, which restricts your Shopify store’s quick return processing to shop owners in the United Kingdom. As a result, if you are from another country, this app is not for you.

However, for anyone in the United Kingdom, the Clicksit Return Center app provides excellent returns. Naturally, all of the apps on this list offer automatic returns, and Clicksit is no exception. However, it enables you to use the most flexible return policy; you can even design your own.

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clicksit price shopify return apps

Rich Returns

Rich Returns

The majority of Shopify Return Apps are country-specific. This app, on the other hand, is available worldwide. There are support teams located in Europe, the United States, and Canada to assist you in developing a strong, robust returns system that will help you build trust with your audience while providing a cost-effective way to support customers.

It supports a wide range of languages and currencies, and it works with over 50 couriers worldwide, allowing you and your customers to use the couriers of your choice. There is a lovely portal that is both visually appealing and user-friendly. All of the information you require is available on a single dashboard, making it simple to manage

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ShippyPro ‑ Labels and Returns

ShippyPro ‑ Labels and Returns

This is a one-stop shipping solution that lets you create shipping labels, track packages, and manage returns all in one place. It can really help you save time in your fulfillment and return processes for your store. The app can connect your site to couriers all over the world. This allows you to save up to 18% on shipping costs. And, if you sell on other marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and others, you can link them all together.

When dealing with returns, you can book them with your preferred courier through the app and then send the label to the customer to affix to the returns.

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ShippyPro ‑ Labels and Returns price


Above are top 5 best Shopify return apps that streamline your return process. We hope you can select the best app for your Shopify store. Some apps only work in certain countries so make sure the app you choose will work where you operate your business. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via AllFetch live chat or comment in the box below. Our customer support team will reply as soon as possible. 

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