It is clear that wholesale orders bring out lots of profits for business. However, serving both retail and wholesale customers in a store is very complicated and challenging. So that’s why many Shopify wholesale apps were born to help you simplify the difficulties. There are plenty of wholesale apps available on Shopify app store for you to choose from. And in this post, we will introduce to you Top 5 best Shopify wholesale apps that you should know

Wholesale – All in one

Wholesale - All in one

Wholesale – All In One app allows you to create Wholesale Pricing, Tiered/Volume Pricing for specific segments of products and customers. You can easily create discounts for VIP or wholesale customers. Moreover, it is also simple to apply the discount across your entire store, or for a specific collection, product or variant.

Key features

  • Manage wholesale customers by embedding Wholesale Signin page into your website 
  • Create various Customers Level Discounts and Catalog Level Discounts
  • Offer two checkout methods including Draft Order API and Coupon Code API
  • Set up special shipping rates and apply minimum order limits for all level of customers
  • Enable urgency by showcasing a fully-customizable, live countdown timer on every product

Pricing plans

pricing plan Wholesale - All in one

Wholesale Club

Wholesale Club

You can reward and incentivize your most lucrative customers with Wholesale Club by offering wholesale discounts straight on your Shopify site. Besides, Wholesale Club produces a variety of discount rates that are as granular as possible—right down to the product variant. 

Key features

  • Distribute your customers into different tiers and edit multiple tiers of prices in one screen 
  • Incentivize VIP customers to spend more by displaying how much more they need to purchase in order to get a better discount
  • Give certain customers the ability to create an unpaid order directly from their cart with net payment options
  • Get support for setup app
  • Integrate with Shopify POS

Pricing plans

pricing plan Wholesale Club

Wholesale Gorilla

wholesale gorila

Wholesale Gorilla app uses customer tags to offer discounts to customers who have signed in to your store. Tags can be created manually or automatically when a new customer signs up with the app. Merge wholesale and retail into your current Shopify store to simplify your life.

Key features

  • Create and customize wholesale shipping rules
  • Provide wholesale registration form to easily tag, activate and create customers
  • Offer net checkout so customers can checkout without paying
  • Various languages for displaying messages and pages
  • Easy to exclude and hide specific products/ collections

Pricing plans

pricing plan wholesale gorrila



With Wholesaler, you can easily select which customers should have access to wholesale prices. When approved wholesale customers log in, they are the only ones who can see wholesale product prices.

Simply add a tag connected with the wholesale group to the customer in the app admin interface to authorize wholesale customers. And you may even bulk assign the discount using the default importing option.

Moreover, you no longer worry about integrating with inventory management systems or various sales channels because there will be no variant duplication. Just set a fixed price or a percentage off the retail price, and you’re ready to go.

Key features

  • Offer net/ term checkout
  • Easy to manage inventory
  • Provide tax overrides for wholesalers
  • Update bulk product price
  • Integrate with MoonMail, MONEI Payments
  • Get dedicated support 

Pricing plans

pricing plans wholesaler

Wholesale & Custom Pricing

Wholesale & Custom Pricing

Wholesale & Custom Pricing app offers all you need in a Shopify wholesale app. It enables you to set up wholesale pricing, VIP pricing & volume discounts, and so on. Besides, you can experience advanced features including net orders and individual product pricing. 

Highlight features

  • Set up wholesale pricing and discounts 
  • Create wholesale order form with many utilities
  • Invoke Shipping and Tax Charges for Wholesale Orders
  • Showcase upsell offers to motivate wholesale shoppers buy more
  • Integrate with In Cart Upsell, Bulk Discounts Now, Preorder Now, Trackify X, Product Customizer

Pricing plans 

pricing plan


A Shopify wholesale app will be a useful tool helping you save time and effort in managing wholesale clients in your store. So, we hope this post about Top 5 best Shopify wholesale apps that you should know are helpful to you. If you have any questions, please comment in the box below or contact us via AllFetch live chat.

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