A popular marketing practice that helps to better engage potential customers is sending a newsletter. Most companies now use newsletters to communicate with their customers about new products, special offers, and other items. But how can you know if your newsletter strategy is effective? We need tools to be able to measure the impact of this marketing activity, just like any other marketing tactic.

And the best Shopify newsletter apps were created to assist you in automating the newsletter submission process and providing the metrics you need to evaluate a campaign’s effectiveness. In this article, we will recommend you top 6 best Shopify newsletter apps to grow your subscribers in 2022.

What is a newsletter in the Shopify store?

A newsletter is a type of email marketing that involves sending out emails, e-newsletters, electronic catalogs, and so on to customers. It’s an effective way to market products, promote branding, and grow your business. To put it another way, newsletters stimulate the interaction between firms and customers. 

Newsletters are becoming increasingly popular in business since they may quickly transmit messages, connect with customers, and communicate with them. This is also an excellent way for enterprises to successfully notify customers about upcoming events, bypassing the restrictions of traditional channels. Besides, a newsletter is also a fantastic way to obtain feedback from regular visitors.

3 reasons why you need best Shopify newsletter apps

Grow email list

Shopify newsletter app allows you to include subscription tools on your website. It provides pop-up, game-driven forms to encourage your clients to complete the sign-up form. Besides, these apps provide all you need to send emails to your contacts automatically.

Furthermore, Shopify newsletter apps let you build a list of leads that you can send to your newsletter on a regular basis. In other words, the apps will be able to automatically add new subscriptions to the email list. The more mailing lists you have, the more customers engage with the information you send out.

Increase brand awareness

Using a newsletter on a regular basis, similar to a press release, will create reader expectations. It’s like waiting for the monthly newspaper to arrive on time. Whether it’s a daily newsletter or a weekly aggregation, viewers will develop the habit of receiving news.

If you are interested in the content of a business, you will continue to subscribe to the news and wait for the next email from that one. Developing the habit of those who subscribe to such information will assist them in effectively and positively recognizing your brand.

Boost engagement 

In general, the newsletter includes information that you have previously posted. Many stores create summaries that include links to good articles that are already on the website. In this way, they encourage recipients to return to the company website and become more engaged with company information.

Top 6 best Shopify newsletter apps

Automizely Emails & Pop Up

Automizely Emails & Pop Up

Automizely Emails & Pop Up app offers favorite pop-ups, exit attempts, or discounts to stimulate your customers to leave email. It builds up an ideal email list for your newsletters, as well as higher conversion rates.

In addition to collecting emails via pop-ups, Automizely will send out automated emails such as welcome emails, thank you emails, and so on. Not only that, but it will constantly collect email addresses for you when new customers visit your online store. Discount stickers and a countdown timer instill a sense of urgency in customers, prompting them to act quickly.

Rating and Reviews

4.9 /5 stars – 3757 reviews

Bare Silk wrote “Super fast and helpful customer service. The app is also extremely easy to use, it has been a great addition to my site. Thank you!” – posted on September 15, 2021

Newsletters by Promo.ai

Newsletters by Promo.ai

Newsletter by Promo.ai is one of the periodic newsletter apps that provides a wide range of beautiful marketing email topics for your store. Promo.ai has suitable designs for marketing purposes regardless of how big or small the event is. To begin, the app allows you to quickly convert your Shopify store content into great news. This demonstrates how simple it is to use and has an intuitive control panel. Naturally, all newsletters generated by the app are branded with your store’s logo, color, and image.

With the customizable template editor, you can tailor the newsletter theme to your specific needs. Additionally, the app integrates with third-party marketing apps such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Onmisend, Klaviyo, and others. This means you can download newsletters and distribute them via these platforms.

Rating and Reviews

4.7 /5 stars – 32 reviews

Creedance and Co wrote “I have only just downloaded this app to my shopify tonight and have already sent out my first newsletter. It was so easy, I didn’t have to think too much on what kind of content to put in it which would do my head in. The templates are amazing and easy to edit, and it has made me feel so much more confident in sending newsletters to our subscribers. I highly recommend this app…” – posted on June 15, 2021

ONE+ Email Marketing & Pop-Ups

ONE+ Email Marketing & Pop-Ups

To collect email lists of potential customers, ONE+ Email Marketing & Pop-Ups enables you to employ a variety of techniques such as exit intent, gamification, and discounts. What makes this app unique is the combination of social proof and automated newsletters, which has assisted thousands of Shopify stores in driving successful sales and growing email marketing lists. Besides, the display of a pop-up window, combined with FOMO, contributes to the sense of urgency that customers leave emails immediately.

Rating and Reviews

5/5 stars – 599 reviews

Moon Bell wrote “This is really a great application which is like and cheaper than MailChimp with all business integrations needed with less price Excellent customer support through email and phone and specially though inbox” – posted on September 7, 2021

Popup | Email Popup & Sign Up

Popup | Email Popup & Sign Up

As a way to increase sales and reduce cart abandonment, this app displays pop-ups with a unique coupon or coupon code to your customers. Following that, if email addresses are successfully collected via a pop-up, the app will automatically send welcome emails to those who subscribe.

Furthermore, Popup | Email Popup & Sign Up optimizes your store’s product and location with pop-ups and survey panels to help you gather social proof from your customers. That means you can learn about your customers’ purchasing habits and tailor your newsletter to get the best results. Besides that, you can control the frequency of pop-ups or newsletters to avoid annoying customers while providing the best possible buying experience.

Rating and Reviews

4.4 /5 stars – 611 reviews

Shooga body scrub wrote “This was so easy to install and start using. I emailed a question and got a response so quickly. And I really appreciate that actual people respond!…” – posted on September 7, 2021

Thank You Email Marketing Tool

thank you email marketing tool

Thank You Email Marketing Tool helps you maintain the relationship between your store and your customers with completely automated newsletters, thank you emails, and email marketing. The app, in particular, provides four email campaigns with eye-catching designs and valuable content. It includes news orders, newsletters, new customers, and completed orders. Besides, you can also fully schedule time frames for sending newsletters to registered customers. 

For example, you set the email delivery time to 20 minutes (it can be customized between 0 and 60 minutes), and the email will be sent automatically during that time while you do other things.

Rating and Reviews

4.3 /5 stars – 158 reviews

Outbreak Readiness wrote “I used this app to add some value to my page. It really helped and was user friendly. It was great and I would definitely recommend t to my friends and co workers” – posted on March 23 2020

Privy ‑ Pop Ups, Email, & SMS

privy pop ups

Privy enables you to quickly grow customer lists and conversion rates by using pop-ups, compelling newsletters, cart abandonment emails, and other features. One outstanding point of the app is helping you grow your email list with robust targeting capabilities. It is easy to deliver the right message to the right visitor in your store by targeting. You can target groups of customers based on device type, shopping cart value, page URL, traffic type, and so on.

Furthermore, this app allows you to send newsletters with a professional and appealing appearance. You can also sync contacts with third-party platforms such as MailChimp and Klaviyo. 

Rating and Reviews

4.6 /5 stars – 24625 reviews

All Pro Diesel Services wrote “This app has been amazing so far, we already seeing lots of conversions and we just started using the app. Definitely recommend going through the onboarding call, so much good information!” – posted on September 10, 2021


Until now, sending newsletters has remained an effective method of transmitting information and maintaining a relationship between the customer and the store. Therefore, the best Shopify newsletter apps are critical to assisting you in building and growing better mailing lists.

Just begin by trying out the free versions of the above-mentioned apps to find the best one for you. I hope you enjoy the top six best Shopify newsletter apps recommended in this article. And stay tuned for our next reviews soon!

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