Affiliate marketing is a prominent way for promoting your brand and increasing revenue. Since we live in a digital era, the majority of customer buying decisions are largely influenced by key opinion leaders (KOLs) or Internet influencers. Many online shops have found that working with influencers and using affiliate links to reach new customers has proven to be successful. 

Therefore, using Shopify affiliate apps will be a good solution for making affiliate marketing much easier. Let’s check out this post to see which of the Top 7 best Shopify affiliate apps in 2022 is your favorite.

Affiliatly Affiliate Marketing

Affiliatly Affiliate Marketing shopify affiliate app

Affiliatly Affiliate Marketing is a good Shopify affiliate app for starting your affiliate marketing program. With this app, you can track both mobile and desktop visitors and experience a wide range of functions and tracking methods at an affordable price. 

To begin with, it is simple for you to automatically sync coupon codes from Affiliatly to your Shopify store. In addition, you can easily track orders by link, coupon, QR, email, SKU or tag & monitor the performance of your affiliates. 

Highlight features

  • Make it simple to set up a suitable affiliate marketing program 
  • Manage your affiliate performances and view statistics 
  • Select the rule of how affiliates generate earnings – per user visit, as a percentage of the price of the order, or as a flat rate per purchase
  • Various customization options for your affiliate program
  • Pay your affiliates with store credit via gift cards
  • 16 different languages available

UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing

UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing

UpPromote app is an automated all-in-one affiliate and influencer marketing solution. With this app, you can build a professional affiliate campaign and easily approach potential affiliates. One of the outstanding points of the app is that you easily track every click, order from affiliates with various tracking methods.

Besides, UpPromote gives you access to customize the program to match your brand and take full control of how affiliates refer to your business. Many users also expressed satisfaction with the app’s quality and customer service.

Highlight features

  • Set up unlimited affiliate marketing programs with different commision offers
  • Attract more ambassadors by offering product commission, auto-tier commission, commissions on order values
  • Assist affiliates to access promotion resources including affiliate links, coupons, brand’s media assets
  • Manage affiliates and track performance in detailed analytics 
  • Multiple languages available 
  • Easily sync affiliate contacts with Shopify customers

Refersion: Affiliate Marketing

Refersion: Affiliate Marketing shopify affiliate app

Refersion is a fully-featured affiliate and influencer marketing platform. It will help you recruit, track, and pay affiliates and influencers through an intuitive, user-friendly affiliate marketing platform. 

What makes Refersion outstanding is its fast processing speed. For newbies, there will be a Start Guide in app assisting you to connect your store, add branding and adjust your commission and payment settings in less than 10 minutes.

If you do not know where to find new affiliates and influencers, it will no longer be a big deal. Refersion enables you to access its rapidly growing network of qualified affiliates and publishers ready to market your products. 

Highlight features

  • Create unlimited offers using various commission types
  • Easily track orders with referral links, coupons, emails, or SKUs from your dashboard
  • Create unique coupon codes for affiliates to track affiliate sales
  • Adjust affiliate marketing offer for individual products 
  • Reach out to more new new affiliates and influencers in the Refersion Marketplace for free
  • Integrate with OneClickUpsell, Carthook,  Klaviyo,  ReCharge, Bold Recurring Order,  Paypal

Omnistar Affiliate Software

Omnistar Affiliate Software

Are you searching for a way to make your Shopify store go viral? And do you want to lower bounce rates while increasing sales? Omnistar Affiliate Software may be what you need. This app makes it easy for you to increase sales through the creation of a referral program. Thus you can manage an affiliate and referral marketing campaign much easier than ever.

Highlight features

  • Easy to use and integrate your store with the app
  • Offer various free marketing tool such as banners, social media sharing widgets, etc
  • User friendly dashboard
  • Easy to track and export sales data and affiliate records
  • Send out customer feedback emails
  • Enable exit intent and timed popups

Instant Traffic & Ads

Instant Traffic & Ads shopify affiliate app

Instant Traffic & Ads is also considered one of the best Shopify affiliate apps. It allows you to display your products as product suggestions (advertisements) in other Shopify stores, including product name, short description, price, and image. In exchange, you merely have to show adverts from other stores on your own. Besides, you can design ads by optimizing their fonts, text color, background, and more.

Advertisements appear in the lower right corner of the screen as short notifications that last 30 seconds and can be closed at any time. Moreover, it is so simple to target customers by physical location and by devices. From that, you can select to display ads for specific audiences based on various features.

Highlight features

  • Showcase your products as advertisements in other stores, boost impressions and drive traffic to your store when people click on the ads
  • Set up and display your ads in less than 5 minutes
  • Exclude specific products from your store
  • Target specific audience to display ads
  • Offer Google Ads and Facebook Ads Feature

Automizely Referral & Rewards

Automizely Referral & Rewards

Automizely Referral & Rewards allows you to set up referral programs in 1 click. Instead of partnering with influencers, you can turn your customers into ambassadors. Get them to refer and promote your brand to their friends, family, and acquaintances. So it makes word of mouth marketing much more effective than ever.

In addition, you can easily reach new customers through your existing customers via interactive popups, referral programs, email marketing, and reward coupons. Rocketing your sales by rewarding both your advocate and referred customers. So customers will be more likely to make repeat purchases on your store with redeemable rewards.

Highlight features

  • Easy to set up referral program
  • Boost sales with interactive popups, referral programs, email marketing, and reward coupons
  • Customize rewards amount to match your marketing goals
  • Add a loyalty and rewards program into your Shopify store
  • Measure and track performance via referral campaign analytics

LeadDyno Affiliate Marketing

LeadDyno Affiliate Marketing

WIth LeadDyno Affiliate Marketing, you can automatically invite your customers to your program and convert existing customers into affiliates. Besides, it is also convenient to send them automatic follow-up emails with new product offerings and other important updates once they’ve signed up.

One of the app’s primary benefits is that, in addition to tracking the number of clicks, leads, and sales, you can also use it to track your other marketing efforts. This means that paid ads, social media, and email marketing can all be tracked from a single dashboard. With this actionable data, allocating your marketing budget to the most effective campaigns becomes much easier.

Highlight features

  • Offer branded affiliate management portal website
  • Easy to create own commission plan and setup Multi-Level Marketing
  • Easily Onboard Affiliates
  • Provide various tools to engage your affiliates and grow your program
  • Automate your affiliate marketing activities


Best Shopify affiliate apps will be a useful tool that you should not neglect in order to save money and time marketing your brand. We hope you found this post about the Top 7 best Shopify affiliates apps in 2022 to be useful. If you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments section or contact us via live chat. Our customer support team will reply to you as soon as possible. 

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