High search ranking plays important role in boosting the traffic and conversion rate of an online store. However, not many businesses know how to optimize their Shopify site and earn better search engines. Fortunately, the Shopify App Store includes a number of SEO apps that you can use to optimize your store for search rankings and drive more organic traffic.

And in this article, I’ll introduce to you Top 7 best Shopify search engines apps to keep your store ranking high in search results. Let’s get started. 

What is search engine optimization (SEO)? 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of implementing a variety of adaptation techniques to align your website with specific search terms related to your brand’s store. The better the optimization process, the higher your website will rank on search engines results page (SERP when someone searches for a specific topic and its related keywords. On a daily basis, people conduct over 5.8 billion online searches. Even without the assistance of an SEO booster, a well-optimized Shopify page can generate significant organic traffic simply by being favored in Google search results.

Top 7 best Shopify search engines apps 

AVADA SEO: Image Optimizer

AVADA SEO shopify search engines apps

AVADA SEO includes a 404 broken link fixing mechanism as well as SEO analysis. Therefore, you can improve how you place your keywords, product descriptions, and other elements to significantly increase your Shopify traffic. The app is also updated on a regular basis. A PNG to JPG converter is currently in development. 

Besides, this app also allows you to verify your website authority with Google Search Console, Bing, Pinterest, Yandex Webmaster Tools, Baidu, Alexa and Norton Safe Web. It has a free plan with many impressive features that are ready to boost your Shopify store’s search rankings.

Pricing plans

price avada seo


favseo shopify search engines apps

FavSEO allows you to edit, analyze, and optimize the Title Tag and Meta Description of all Products, Collections, and Pages from a single place. Besides, you can discover new keyword opportunities, submit the sitemap, and track keyword rankings in Google after connecting to Google Webmaster Tools. 

The app will tell you which products lack SEO functionality. And it will assist you in getting them to rank higher in Google services such as Google Search Console, Google Webmaster Tools, and Google Analytics. If you have any problems while using FavSEO, live chat support is available to assist you.

Other useful features include the bulk title editor and the well-organized dashboard are friendly to beginners. Especially, both the SEO score analyzer and the keyword suggestion features are available in the free plan.

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SEO Optimizer: All‑in‑one SEO

SEO Optimizer: All‑in‑one SEO

SEO Optimizer: All-in-one SEO does an excellent job of refreshing the SEO optimization process on a daily basis. It constantly monitors Google’s practices and updates the app’s functionality accordingly. If a fully automated process is important to you, SEO Optimizer: All-in-one SEO app may be your best bet. Moreover, this app combines text and image optimization to better your store’s search ranking.

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reload seo shopify serach engines apps

ReloadSEO is a useful tool for growing your search traffic and boosting search engines ranking. It helps you cover backlink checking, competitor analysis, keyword research and content optimization. With ReloadSEO, you can get trustworthy, up-to-date information about a specific keyword. Moreover, this app tracks keyword rankings for desktop and mobile in over 170 countries, making it ideal for stores with a global customer base.

Its other functions do not reinvent the wheel or provide a wide range of options, but they cover the essentials well enough. The main selling point of Reload SEO is its smart spying capability, which is extremely useful to have in your toolkit.

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Schema Plus for SEO

Schema Plus for SEO

Schema Plus for SEO adds advanced markup code to your website, allowing it to be indexed more quickly and efficiently by search engines. It essentially improves crawlers’ understanding of your store’s content. In addition, this translates to more efficient connectivity to search terms and can bring your site to relevant people at a faster rate.

With Schema Plus for SEO, the app will also add rich content to your site, allowing descriptions and product reviews from your store to appear in search results. It means that in the Google search results preview section, you’ll see condensed information like 5/5 stars and how many reviews your store has.

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Smart SEO

smart seo shopify search engines apps

The Smart SEO app is what you need to ensure your meta tags and alt tags are in good shape. It includes a number of templates, and all you have to do is choose one to begin increasing your traffic. Following your selection, the app will take over the optimization process and get your store on its way to ranking higher in search engine results.

This app is especially useful if you run a multi-language store, as it has a dedicated function for optimizing multi-language meta tags. Smart SEO is also very good at sorting out structured data as it relates to Google in particular. The app will generate JSON-LD data for each product without requiring you to be familiar with the corresponding coding languages, JavaScript and Liquid. Furthermore, it will manage your sitemap support, scan your website on a regular basis for broken links, and automatically fix issues.

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SEO Booster ‑ SEO Marketing

seo booster shopify search engines apps

In just a few minutes, SEO Booster – SEO Marketing will have your store Google optimized and ready to go. The most powerful feature of this app is that it goes beyond managing your SEO keywords. Because they apply to general statistics and optimizes them for specific geographical areas. The app is a true all-rounder, covering automatic alt text management, link fixes, and bulk management.

Besides, SEO Booster – SEO Marketing also detects duplicate content on your store’s website and quickly resolves related issues. It offers a free plan available for you to experience and 24/7 live chat support.

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Keep in mind that even if you use the best SEO apps, you should not neglect your other marketing efforts. SEO optimization is most effective when combined with other aspects of business marketing that are effective on their own. Understanding your target audience and bringing them to your Shopify store via many channels as possible are part of this.

We hope you enjoy this post about Top 7 best Shopify search engines apps to optimize your site. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via AllFetch live chat. 

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