Christmas and New Year holidays are over but don’t get too comfortable. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it may be a great chance for your business to keep driving seasonal sales. 

With total spending on Valentine’s Day in the United States alone reaching 21+ billion dollars last year, this romantic season is really a big business. Don’t let your brand be left behind, it’s the right time to turn up the heat on Valentine’s Day Marketing plan. 

Let’s look through the latest trends, ideas, slogans, and examples below to maximize your revenue this Valentine’s Day. 

Valentine’s Day Ecommerce Statistics

It is obvious that the pandemic disrupted many aspects of our daily life; however, there remains lots of buzz surrounding Valentine’s Day. In 2021, Americans spent a total of $21.8 billion on Valentine gifts. Men spent an average of $231 which is more than twice as much as women. Surprisingly, Australia is the top country spending the highest costs for Valentine gifts and services. 

Valentine Statistics

It is undoubted that people tend to shop online for Valentine’s gifts due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2021, the online channels took up about 38% of all purchases in that season. Chocolates and flowers are still the most common gifts that are exchanged on Valentine’s Day. Apart from that, shoppers also search for other items symbolizing love affairs. Here are products relating to Valentine’s gifts that will rise in demand this season. 

  • Accessories such as watches, jewelry, necklace, rings
  • Candies
  • Celebration or dinner at home 
  • Couple clothes
  • Gift cards
  • Customized presents 

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas

Valentine’s Day is no longer just a day for couples. More people are now buying loving presents for their friends, family members, pets and even for themselves. More than a simple celebration, this most romantic day of the year offers a great opportunity to boost your online sales. 

Sounds interesting? Join me as I take you through 5 great marketing ideas to make your way into the heart of your customers this Valentine’s day. 

Give Your Site a Romantic Look

For online shoppers, visuals play an important part in influencing purchase decisions. And there is nothing more impressive than decorating your online store with romantic effects and creating a loving atmosphere. By that means, you can bring the Valentine spirit to your website and inspire customers to make purchases. 

Want to give your online store a Valentine look by showing stunning love effects? This is when you should think about Super Effects: Valentine Boost app. No need for complicated editing on the theme, you can keep your store up to date year-round with various effects, animations, and decorations available. 

Valentine Effects

Re-engage with your Past Holiday Shoppers

It costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. Thus, it will be more affordable to retain your current customers for driving sales this Valentine’s Day. Bear in mind that Christmas and New Year holidays are just over and you can re-engage with your past holiday shoppers to earn repeat purchases. 

A popular channel that you can use to re-engage customers is through Facebook Retargeting Ads. Facebook enables merchants to upload the email list and phone number of current customers to retarget them via Facebook Ads. Simply go to Facebook Ads Manager > Create a custom audience > upload your customer list file.

Facebook Retargeting Ads

Another way to get your customers informed of Valentine’s deals in your store is by sending them promotional emails. With a Valentine email, you are able to approach your customers in a more personal way, keep them updated with special offers and direct them to the product detail pages.  

Valentine's Day email

Make sure that email is filled with love-spirit design and sweet words that pique recipients’ interest and, as a result, enhance conversion rates.

Create Valentine’s Day Bundles Offers

On this special day for lovers, people tend to search for items in pairs or combos and expect a discount. Just capitalize the chance by creating product bundles with attached discounts like Free Gift bundle, Quantity Break bundle, Multiple product bundles, and so on.

You can add an appealing bundle title and message to grab buyers’ attention. For example, Valentine Bundle, Valentine gift set, Love & Romance set, Bundle for lovers, etc.

Valentine Bundle Offer

Bundling target products with slow-selling ones at a reasonable price is beneficial for both you and shoppers. While you can win more sales and quickly clear out unwanted stocks, customers get more products at an affordable price.

For some people who prefer to make their own gift set for her or him, the best offer will be a Mix & Match bundle. With this kind of bundle, customers can easily create their unique pack and get a discount from available options.

Valentine Mix & Match bundle

If you want to create any kind of bundles like above, try out AllFetch Product Bundle app for Free now.

One of many people’s favorite things on holidays is the limited edition. It doesn’t get any better than offering Valentine’s Day-themed merchandise. If you can’t do it, make it easier on yourself by gathering some relevant goods and placing them in the Special Valentine Collections. Remember to show that Special Valentine Collection on the navigation menu so everyone who enters your website can easily navigate it.

Valentine Collection

Build Trust with Valentine’s Day Shoppers using Social Proof

Social media is the fastest transmission line that brings you closer to target customers. Don’t focus on your website only. To leverage sales, it is necessary to promote your Valentine campaign on other channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Show your customers that you’re ready for Valentine’s Day and encourage them to get into the spirit of the holiday. You can start off with refreshing content about hot Valentine deals, customer feedback. Adding a romantic look to your company’s social media profiles also makes it more appealing to customers and increases the engagement rate.

Valentine social post

Besides, displaying the Instagram feed on your website is also a smart take to build trust and drive conversions. You can upload feedback photos on Instagram feed as a social proof marketing method. The product tags feature enables merchants to pinpoint products on every post so customers can easily add to the cart without going to product detail pages.

Shoppable Instagram Feed

If you wish to convert visitors into your customers and followers, the Shoppable Instagram Feed app makes it easy to turn that desire into reality.

Share the Love by Giving Back

Sharing is caring. Valentine’s Day is now not just for couples; organizing a Valentine’s fundraiser with a local charity could be a fantastic way to spread love to others. By adding a donation option to your online business, you can inform customers about your charity initiative and encourage them to engage in. This action not only shows your social responsibility but is also good for brand awareness.

Valentine’s Day Marketing Examples

Need inspiring store examples? Let’s take a look at the successful moves of some brands below and see if you can learn from them.

Oat & Mill

Oat & Mill is a vegan ice cream brand based in Canada. It has won lots of customers’ hearts by offering shoppers the option to send someone Valentine’s gift hint. Shoppers may save and send a collection of Valentine’s Day emojis from Oat & Mill via text or instant message. What makes Oat & Mill stand out is its fun design element.

Oat & Mill


STRIPPD is a brand selling dietary supplements that are loved for its minimalist design and appealing images. It made a small but cute change on the website to celebrate the most romantic day of the year. The email subscription pop-up got a new look to match the vibe of Valentine’s day.



When it comes to the creative and eye-catching banner for Valentine’s Day, Doritos stands out from the crowd with its Ketchup Roses. This website will surely grab your attention with bright colors and distinctive images, and keep it by making the site easy to read with short, clear messages. If you don’t know how to make Doritos Ketchup Roses, they even have a video on how to make them.


Valentine’s Day Marketing Slogan

A catchy slogan for your Valentine’s Day Marketing campaign entices customers’ attention and motivates them to shop.

Following are some Valentine’s Day Marketing slogans that are highly recommended:

  • Red warning! It’s February 14th! We’re ready to serve you with the best Valentine’s day sale ever!
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, our discounts are BACK, especially for YOU!
  • Love, Kisses, and Valentine’s Wishes to you
  • Better than chocolate: any item from our website is – 30% OFF JUST with the [promo code]
  • Last Cupid’s call! Become our customer and catch your 25% subscription discount.
  • 10%, 30%, 40% OFF on new arrivals! Yeah, just because it’s V-DAY!!!
  • Buy one [product] and get one free now!
  • Total clearance till the end of February. Happy Valentine’s day from us to you!

You can apply these slogans for the message on your banner, email subject line, proactive chat messages, etc. Simply touch customers’ hearts with sweet words and they award you sales.

Want more Valentine’s Day marketing strategies?

Valentine’s Day is coming very soon. Don’t miss the chance to boost the bottom line on this romantic season. All you need now is to have a Valentine’s Day marketing plan ready as soon as possible to stay ahead of the competition.

If you want more detailed and customized marketing strategies for your brand, feel free to contact us via live chat or send an email to [email protected]. Our dedicated expert team is here to help you.

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