If you have a blog, business Facebook page or any existing websites and would like to sell something on. Shopify Lite will be the most suitable affordable option for you. However, not many people know about Shopify Lite and its amazing benefits. Let’s check out this post to figure out the answer.

What is Shopify Lite?

Shopify Lite is a plan for merchants who want to sell directly (via POS Lite) or add a Buy Button to an existing website. It allows you to create a simple eCommerce store within minutes on the Facebook Business page or an existing website. With Shopify Lite, you get access to features like viewing reports, issuing gift cards and splitting invoices, and more. However, you cannot build a full online store with Shopify Lite.

Shopify Lite

You may use the Shopify Admin to manage your business using Shopify Lite. The Buy Button and Shopify POS Lite sales channels are also included in Shopify Lite. Also, you can enjoy a bunch of cool features of Shopify Lite, as below:

  • Overview dashboard
  • Finances reports
  • Customer profiles
  • Order management
  • Product management 
  • Mobile POS and hardware accessories
  • Email carts
  • QR code product details
  • In-store inventory
  • Gift cards
  • Split bill
  • Custom discounts and discount codes

Shopify Lite pricing

The Shopify Lite plan is the most affordable of all Shopify plans. Shopify Lite costs $9.00 USD/month (Billed every 30 days). A 14-day free trial is available if you simply want to try out features.

Outstanding advantages of Shopify Lite

Increase your sales with Buy button

With just a few clicks, you can quickly turn your website into an online store. Shopify Lite allows you to present your products in your own unique way by using embed code. Customers can buy products on your site via the Buy button and check out easily. 

You may customize the buttons to match any website theme, and you can even use shopping carts to provide a secure checkout. Your Shopify Lite dashboard also keeps track of inventory and sales, so you only have to use one interface to manage your whole online sales system.

increase your sales with buy button in Shopify Lite

Integrate with POS in Shopify Lite

POS features in Shopify Lite are best known for meeting the most versatile retail POS for unifying in-store and online sales. It is extremely helpful for omnichannel selling. Shopify POS features help merchants reduce abandonment cart rates by reminding customers of their in-store favorites with email carts. Besides, it accelerates online customers to come to the store and increases sales by upsell method at pickup. There will be no big deal if in-store inventory is limited. Customers can buy in-store and get the products shipped thanks to the support of Shopify POS.

Sell at events, fairs, pop-ups, and anywhere your business takes you. Shopify point of sale app makes it easy to accept payments with your iOS or Android devices. Get rid of lineups and earn sales right away. The Shopify POS app and mobile card readers help you to serve customers faster and check out from any location.

Shopify POS

The following are some of the features of the iOS app:

  • Product library
  • Order management
  • Customer library
  • Discounts, taxes and tips
  • Analytics and reports 

Create invoices, get paid 

You may send email invoices to clients from your Shopify admin account, which is extremely useful for wholesalers and custom orders. Select a current client or create a new customer for the bill, then either add existing products from the inventory library or create custom items.

create invoice, get paid

When you send an invoice through email, the buyer clicks a link that leads them to your Shopify checkout page to pay.

You can also manually enter card information on the invoice page by clicking the ‘Pay with credit card button, which launches a virtual terminal page. This is useful for making payments over the phone, such as securing a reservation or deposit.

Is Shopify Lite right for you?  

Shopify Lite is the best choice for individuals who already have a website and want to start selling things without having to build a new one, or for those who want to sell products over Facebook using a live chat module, or for anyone who wants to sell products offline using a regular POS system. 

Hope this post is easy to understand and helpful to you. If you have any questions, please leave comments or contact us via AllFetch live chat! Our customer support team is willing to help you at any time! 

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